Oliver Francis - bulma Lyrics

I took her in the chilling squad but she didn't yeah
Ridin lynard skinnard pourin out the liquor yeah
Since a youngin I been chillin with some bitches
Smokin out my mama house
Had to burn the incense
That bitch eat the butt and my bitch eat some fruit
My bitch got the gat and all she smoke is boof
Shawty mix the syrup in the soda
Ass so fat got them titties like bulma
Champagne glass sippin act when I roll up
Polo caps
Smell the pack when we roll up
I got some act in the sack
I bought it back in the day
Some of your people they fake
I tell them all to they face
Cutlass rollin up
Sippin vitamin water and smokin on some purple stuff
Polo caps
Smell the pack
Yeah you know its us
Ash tray full of cigarette butts and honey berry guts
Tendency of mixing hennessy with them prescription drugs
Run up in the kwik-e-mart and tell apu to stick em up
Counting guap for a bad bitch riding shotgun
Cloudgang make it rain had to pull the top up
Cloudboys throwin shade
I needa grip the yopper
Cloudboys switchin lanes can't nobody stop us
Young kevin costner
Lil pill popper
And they love it when that ho call me big papa
And her hair down
Imma pull the roof down
Yeah we make it rain and we smoke a fuckin boof blunt
That bitch said she love me but she don't
So I drown my sorrows in the styrofoam
Pop a xanax and I feel at home
My feet lift off the ground and then I start to float
We sippin purple and we blowin purple smoke
Yeah I pass it to your bitch and she choke
Bitch I'm smokin boof and sippin fours
Diamonds on my wrist I swear they glows
Bitch I'm smokin boof and sippin fours
Diamonds on my wrist I swear they glows

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