Oleta Adams - Rhythm Of Life Lyrics

Climbin' every mountain, always killing me
Count the cost as days go by
Monday I've got Friday on my mind
Why don't we make love
Instead of making plans

Mother nature, father time
Maybe it's the family of man
Angels cry when they hear that tune
It's sleepless nights for the man in the moon

And it's the rhythm of life
My mind's made up
Lucy's sign is a Chinese dragon
Oh, oh, she's got luck
The rhythm of life is the force of habit
Oh, oh, the rhythm of life

Give the girl a future
Give her what she needs
Teach her life's a long flat road
Maybe she'll have better luck than me
Works so hard like he's still in school
His pockets are jammed, but this man's a fool

Within the rhythm of life
My mind's made up
Lucy's sign is a Chinese dragon
Oh, oh-oh, she's got luck
The rhythm of life is a force of habit
Yeah-yeah, oh, the rhythm of life
Rhythm of life

Oh, when out of sight is out of mind
Shut your mouth, I'm doing fine
Mama's goin' back in time

Within the rhythm of life
(Life goes on)
It's goin' on and on, hey yeah
(The rhythm of life goes on)

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Oleta Adams Rhythm Of Life Comments
  1. Martin Nightingale

    Not heard this before by Oleta Adams .

  2. Beun007

    Nice voice...

  3. MightyMite

    I totally forgot about this song! I was on the phone on hold and this song came on.
    Good song. But I can't listen to it if I'm feeling down.

  4. superciukk

    what a memories early 90's....

  5. Andre Luiz Loy Rasquinho

    Voice wonderfulllllllllllllllll love love love

  6. Biddy Bop

    Reminds me of when we first had MTV - ❤️ Oleta

  7. griffitz100

    one of the best songs of all time!!

  8. Tracie Brown

    Still listening to this in 2019. Who remembers CD 101.9

    Zaphi Maguma

    I'm here as well

  9. mista cansa

    My fave song by oleta adams

  10. Shivadasa

    Thank you for uploading this! So nice to finally the MV for the song.

  11. Silvia Rivas

    ya no existen divas asi que lastima

  12. Silvia Rivas

    se paso que bella voz soulfull!!!

  13. Knumbugs

    Like number thousand!

  14. Motherfucker Jones

    This is literally one of the greatest songs ever.
    Knowing the words to this song and meeting others who know it is almost like a religious experience.

    I raise a toast to all who acknowledge the genius and beauty of the Rhythm Of Life.

  15. Gummygoo

    Cant wait for the possible, most likely, re-release of the Seeds Of Love album by Tears For Fears due to its 30th anniversary. Apparently, according to roomers, Roland is supposed to be singing this song on it :))) but... again thats only according to roomers so no-one really knows yet!

  16. Gummygoo

    2:03 hello Roland <3

    honestly... this song is so gorgeous. this song was supposed to be on the seeds of love album! but it didnt make it into the final result... i cant remember why, i remember watching an interview and Roland talking about it

  17. Eedle Mesh

    Can I just say I am a 31 year old white English woman, my mum used to play me this when I was little, along with Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Alexander O'Neal, etc. it never gets old, I truly believe mainstream media is racist and ignorant. Much love to all you African Americans, you get shafted all the time because you're black. Everyone steals your music and wants to be you, and they never give you any credit.

  18. jorgehomem debem

    top ! top ! top ! very very very good

  19. Stuart Branson - Theme Composer

    Awesome tune , thanks !

  20. funkyswede62

    @ 2.03 Roland Orzabal who produced this track.

  21. Steve Hickling

    That production and oh that voice. Wonderful

  22. Dee Pee

    Wow, I just forgot how much I love this track so many memories and boy what vocals .. beautiful track

  23. C.J. McELEAVY

    It’s sleepless nights for the man moon!

    Classic Oleta.

  24. DJ Crystal

    This is my jam. ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE...…….

  25. Ana Dominguez

    Precioso tema y con la presencia y apoyo de Roland mucho más!!Felicidades!!

  26. Malcolm Clarke

    Fantastic voice. Great song.

  27. Knickertwist Copperby

    Oleta and Roland - a perfect combo.. I had no idea that he had written this with Nicky Holland - we used to wind down to this at the end of our Step (exercise) class - gorgeous!

  28. Maja Jaspaert

    The best Singer of all times,amazing voise.... love her!! GREETS FROM begium

  29. Marcos Paulo

    Morena linda linda linda linda linda

  30. katlego tshiloane


  31. tina d


  32. Richard Coles

    I miss this type of music sooooo much..what the hell has happened to the music industry.

    Stuart Branson - Theme Composer

    Since this exact year 1990, music has gone down the shitter and never recovered. The 80's were amazing for every single genre of music 😎

    Michael Sinski

    The music industry does not exist anymore Richard. All we have now is manufactured rubbish.

    As Oleta eloquently sings it; "It's the rhythm of life". 😪😪😪😪

    Coach B

    😭...what the hell happened to the music industry ? I miss this too. 90' s we're a unique time for music.


    Garbage! All garbage!

  33. tekno race

    great song !!!!!!
    great singer

  34. Puleng Matlala

    Eeish this women!
    She is in a legue of her own

  35. Ana Santiago de Hinojosa

    Oleta "the voice" Adams!! Fantastic

  36. Abs Stock

    Wish I could sing like Oleta (wow) woman in chains is one of my all time faves too, beautiful natural voices from both xx

  37. Tina Jane Oxnam

    I've heard a faster version of it & I gotta say it's crap. This one's better by oleta and roland orzabal.

  38. Solar Radio

    This is the Dope folks !

  39. Dé Medeiros

    amazing Oleta adams, beautiful song

  40. Steven Haynes

    Absolutely love everything about this track.Remember playing this as a DJ back in the day..... hearing it now......timeless...!!

  41. Martin Uhlemann

    OMG. Love it

  42. JessM

    Holy shit it's Roland! 2:03


    Jess M i absolutely loved this when it came out, haven't heard it for years and this is the first time I've seen the video and wtf! Roland?!?!?! Brilliant!!

    anDrew R

    taza98 Roland got her in the game

  43. hansucho1

    Wonderful. Adorable.yeah

  44. Alicia santía

    lo mas hermoso que escuche, mi ultimo gran hallazgoooo!!!

  45. Mario PC Repairs

    It can't get better than this, Oleta Adams, Regina Belle... best of the best

  46. TheDaddyO44

    Still sounds great now

    Tiziano Sorgesa


  47. Cora De Vries

    amazing Voice.

  48. Doctor Doom

    Smooth groove!!!!!!

  49. Kush I

    Touching until the words fade - encaptivating.

  50. Dineo Mokgosi

    This song is so underrated!

    Richard Coles

    Dineo Mokgosi Trevor Nelson dropped this tune a few weeks back on the Radio...awesome track.

    Antoinette Farrell


  51. AuldReekieVibes

    Oleta... you are right up there. What wonderful, meaningful soul music; nourishing, enriching the human spirit, in our otherwise tragically broken mad world, perverted by the construct of money and power... Here's to evolution, here's to human emancipation, here's to the flowering of Our potential!
    Amen & Awomen

    Wim Nijland

    AuldReekieVibes true spoken and so right

  52. Ivaylo Terziyski

    I wonder how come one didn't like this ... bizarre.

  53. Beruwela

    Oleta has an amazing voice, and she had the luck having an amazing songwritter (Roland Orzabal). 

    Knickertwist Copperby

    Don't forget Nicky Holland..


    But Keep Your Mind !    X


    T n A shus is a womon ! Let Go !


    She is a Force !  Cd die in her voice !  

  57. MrRabson55

    One of the best songs ever recorded...

  58. chelseafc1957

    would happily spend my last hour slow dancing with Oleta Adams and die a happy man.

  59. lola

    j'adore !

  60. shathens orzabal smith

    que genial que roland y oleta canten juntos juntos hacen una poderosa y unica voz,

  61. MrLoopholeUK

    Still sounds amazing!

  62. BlabioRJ

    Voices like this are hard to find... Ms Adams is unique!

  63. Donna Maree Rouillon

    This lady got me through a hard and confusing separation. Angels cry when she sings her tune. Amazing voice. Amazing song.

  64. Carol Anande

    Beautiful, I miss these kind of videos full of meaning.

  65. Lawrence Ngobeni

    Orzabal,the white guy who brought soul and jazz to pop music in the early '90s,loved his Tears for Fears.


    mid eighties


    Beautiful music. Feel good everytime I hear this..

  67. plgmediaTV

    Simply amazing!

  68. scooteraus1

    Just superb. Great quality. Best track from the album, even all these years on.
    Thanks for the upload

  69. claire cauchi

    Vraie Artiste ! Vraie Talent !
    Vraie Musique !
    True Singer ! True Talent !
    True Music !

  70. Newton Henriques Magalhães Júnior

    I bought the CD after listening to GET HERE. I was mesmerized by her voice way back when in 1992 when I moved to the US... Listening to the whole album I discovered this gem... One of my favorite songs ever...

  71. Dumisani Kekana

    This is best video ever

  72. bunarbashi

    This track is fabulous! Oleta really deserves laurels as much as its songwriters (Holland & Orzabal). Thank you very much for this hq video!