Old Dominion - Never Be Sorry Lyrics

We swung our feet off of the edge of the moon
We got that high for a minute
Sometimes forever gets away from you
No matter how hard you grip it

Sorry the sky fell down
Sorry I don't know why
All we do is apologize

Oh but I'll never be sorry for my hands in the pockets
Of your hoodie, called you "Sugar" just to make you smile
And I'll never be sorry for the shoes that I bought you
In Chicago, we were walking down the Miracle Mile
Oh I, oh I

I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry for loving you
I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry for loving you

Sometimes two people end up victims of love
It don't work out like you planned it
Just 'cause we couldn't get the stars to line up
Don't mean we leave empty-handed

Sorry the sun came up
Sorry the second verse
Just wasn't as sweet as the first

Oh but I'll never be sorry for that night in Santa Barbara
We got locked out of your car in the pouring rain
And I'll never be sorry for missing the party
'Cause the way your body looked in that dress blew me away
Oh I, oh I

I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry for loving you
I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry for loving you

Oh I, oh I

I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry, baby
I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry for loving you

Yeah, I'll never be sorry for my hands in the pockets
Of your hoodie, called you "Sugar" just to make you smile
Yeah, I'll never be sorry for the shoes that I bought you
In Chicago, we were walking down the Miracle Mile
Oh I, oh I

I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry for loving you
I'll never be sorry, I'll never be sorry
I'll never be sorry for loving you
I'll never be sorry

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Old Dominion Never Be Sorry Comments
  1. Jay Foreman

    There is active domestic terrorism in rural California and many victims left to violations of there human rights someone will respond and I will be the first speaker to address the crude and unexceptable manner of local FBI and police I need someone to investigate before fatalities sky rocket

  2. Savanna Brunson

    I'll Never Be Sorry that i watched this! Ill Never Be Sorry i love Old Dominion

  3. Kobe Esteban

    I went to your concert at the California Mid-State fair in 2019 the day this came out and you were AWESOME!!

  4. Casey Campbell

    This is my cousin song


    Its actually the magnificent mile in Chicago, not the miracle mile lol, but thats ok great song!

  6. C.B Evans

    Makes a #workout feels soooo#good😍 this band #rocks hard!!

  7. Joyce King

    This song makes me feel so good!

  8. itzamma hinojos

    sounds like "I'll be around" by the spinners

  9. Alayna Olson

    I went to your concert in Montana

  10. Rachel Dickson

    Hi Old Dominion, loving the groove of this song! 💖 Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

  11. Arace Highmore

    Musica de puta madre!!**

  12. Leah

    Their music is timeless, always relevant, you just want to blast it and dance. Just easy. 😊

  13. TwirkingBanana 2002

    Old Dominion is going places. *Mark my words*

  14. Kathy Hardee

    If I could only turn back time made a big mistake. Dang wish he would quit telling me he loves me makes it harder to leave. Fantastic Group

  15. Mitty 960

    Love the song honestly but the lyrics are delayed

  16. Barbara Johnson

    Love this Song

  17. Nicole Renee

    I’ll never be sorry!! 💃😘 Old Dominion always writes the perfect songs!

  18. KingAg89 Lax

    Love old dominion

  19. J. Hall

    This is freaking awesome..

  20. Gottisanidiot

    Wow. Such a catchy tune. Makes me wanna MOVE! Not country at all. They have such great range for a band.

  21. T M

    IK Girl...i will Never be sorry for seeing how “beautiful you looked our first morning”. For so many smiles you gave me. For how well you loved me. For how you looked at me. I will never be sorry for missing you everyday. Great song guys!

  22. Travis A

    Love this song. Never be sorry. Ha whoa

  23. Jarvis Hunlin

    Heard this at the #RockinRiverFest2019

  24. Banjoes Nongbet

    I typed New Old Dominion songs..

  25. kellie hunter

    Never be sorry!

  26. Davin Lawson

    Not even a country music fan. But this man and Dan + Shay are making a new wave


    That's it. It's not country. It's quite unigue!

  27. Dom Shaheen

    Oh no, no, no. :)

  28. Capsketball12 :

    Keep making these masterpieces

  29. Darlene Cullington

    Great job, and a nice shout out to Santa Barbara, my hometown! Saw Stapleton at the SB Bowl...amazing concert. When you gonna play here?

  30. Katie _checkers

    ive replayed this song 100 timed if not more 😌 love it! keep it up

  31. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    The Best Old Dominion loving these Song's ❤❤🎶🎶🎶

  32. Rodney Pearce

    This song has just made me an Old Dominion fan. Love it!!!!

  33. Amiaya Sterns

    Could you stop dropping hot music... my storage can’t handle it😂

  34. Spurs and racks Outdoors

    I have to say I think that’s gay as shit

  35. Katrina Staley

    They just don’t make a bad song. But can anyone else totally hear Adam Levine singing this? Especially the chorus.

  36. H sock

    Never ever

  37. Samuel Rodríguez

    Yea but wuts da best song of old dominion? Awnser that boiiiii

    Katie _checkers

    Samuel Rodríguez all of them

  38. Barbara Johnson

    Love this song.. Sexy Voice ❤

  39. Chi Town

    Just when I thought they couldn't make a song better than One Man Band, they go ahead and release this one. Too good.

  40. Steve Holt

    lyrics are behind, I need to sing along bros ;-)

  41. ShaansLife tm

    This song is fooking fire 🔥🔥

  42. Clara Montes

    I swear this album is going to be the best!! ❤️❤️

  43. marlina robles

    Love this 😁

  44. David Sheppard

    I’ll never be sorry for loving Old Dominion! You guys are on the money! Sweeeeet....👌👍😎

    Mary Fields


  45. David Sheppard


  46. Scott Lussier

    Dang ain't going to lie I finally got to check it out at 0207 it's cool as h e l l 🔥👽

  47. Stargazer

    Wowza!! Absolutely love it!

  48. Mr DuKKy738

    The wait for a new song was worth it

  49. Andre Francis

    They can never disappoint

  50. Felicia somes

    All the words just fix this is a good feeling song I like this one

  51. Michael Reale

    Anyone els get maroon 5 vibes?

  52. Michael Sacaccio

    wow, a new sound for me. Very good. thanks

  53. En FueGeaux

    Kinda getting some Maroon 5 vibes from the best of this song.....no?

    Kevin Gray

    My thoughts exactly! Still love Old Dominion

  54. Jennifer Dijames

    Sounds good guys.

  55. Laurel Dalle Ave

    I’ll never be sorry for listening to Old Dominion.🤗

  56. mbl722

    I feel a bit of a Maroon 5 influence, I like it!

  57. Marley

    Wow needed to hear this me and my bf have been going through a tough time, but I shouldn't forget all the memories we've shared and how I hope to never be sorry for loving him

  58. Jeremy Davis


  59. Sophie M

    Congarts on 200k ❤ this song

  60. Meghan Castro

    This is not what I was expecting....and I am totally okay with that!

  61. micheledon

    I love it u are my favorite band see u again for the 5 time in Providence RI♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  62. Shawn Hamilton

    Can't wait till OD comes back to Pa. Took my 11 year old for her birthday she loved it. She loves OD. They make Great music. Can't wait to hear more from them!!

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    I'd rather hear of an 11 year old at a talented concert like old dominion than hear of an 11 year old at some shitty trashy concert of somebody they shouldn't know exists like gaga adeille demmy luveto celina gomes trashler swift trashyanna grande beybur millie cyres. Me and my husband are 25 and would not be caught dead letting our four young kids (they're three four six and nine months) we wouldn't be caught dead letting our kids know that any of these trashy classless talentless pop stars exist

  63. Heidi C

    WOW!!!!!! Another phenomenal song!!!! You guys are amazing. Great lyrics, great melody. I am going to your concert tomorrow at the Washington county fair. So frickin' excited!!!

  64. Mary Fields

    Another great song from the Masters of songwriting! They could write about digging a ditch and make it sweet! Love o.d. Yep just gets better...

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Can't get better when all of their stuff is equally perfect

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    And was make it sweet a kind of play on words whatever you call it to their song make it sweet

    Mary Fields

    @countrygirl countrymusiclover why yes it was! They are so awesome!

  65. Kat Rose

    Love it!!! Am I the only one who thinks it has a Maroon 5 feel to it!?

  66. BlewwpBlewwp

    Sorry but.. What's miracle mile? Is it new? Haha, Born & Raised in Chicago and I've never been on MIRACLE mile, but definitely MAG(nificent) MILE. lol Just saying...

    Pie Face

    Maybe too many syllables in magnificent idk lol


    @Pie Face haha i mean I totally get it, it was a good attempt anyway :P

  67. Rachel Wieberg

    What can I say.... OD never disappoints! Another #1 in my book!

  68. Carter Smith

    I am never disappointed when a new old dominion song comes out. This might be the best yet.

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Nope. All their stuff is equally their best


    countrygirl countrymusiclover u just have bad taste,

  69. HI- Shadow

    Muy buena canción, hagan más canciones así.

  70. Mauri Master


  71. SmartRsSoul

    Hello All,
    New Old Dominion fan here. Gonna see them for the first time in Manchester UK in October 19. I Can't wait :-)

    Are they good to see live ? The venue we are going to Albert Hall (Manchester) is small so I am hoping that will make it really nice.


    SmartRsSoul This will be the third time I’ve seen them in Manchester. First one was Manchester Academy with Thomas Rhett, Second one was Manchester Academy 2 and then this time will be Albert Hall. They put on a great show. You don’t be disappointed.


    Thank you. The Albert hall will be great, hopefully. Never been so gonna be new band and new venue :-)


    Yes. Saw them back in 2016.

  72. Enjoy Life And Keep Dancing

    Good message- never be SORRY for LOVING someone- Love Hard-Always do!

  73. Jessica Rushton

    My perfect birthday present your new song on my birthday

  74. Mamanda1

    You guys are thee best! Thank you for making music!

  75. Cameron Lauer

    Old Dominion or Luke Combs both amazing

  76. Rae FromMN

    I can’t love this enough!!! Bravo guys!!! Another amazing song!!

  77. Cade Stevens

    I can't wait to see them in September 😍!!!

  78. teriaki123


  79. Maria Kellogg

    Guess y’all dropping the whole album before it releases

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    You sound city

    Kerry Ray

    Maria Kellogg 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s funny 😋😋😋

  80. Kenneth Jackson


  81. Nikka P

    As a chicagoan I know this man didnt just call the Mag(nificent) mile the miricale mile 🙄😭

    ShaansLife tm

    Heh heh miracle mile is in Miami

    Brittany Jones

    It actually broke my heart. They legit need to re-do the song lol

    Rachael J

    @Brittany Jones Agree!!!!!!!!!


    @ShaansLife tm We have a Miracle Mile in Los Angeles too.


    It was a "miracle" for two lovers taking a "loving" trip together after the love was gone. Hmmm,  I think.  What I know is...it would be a "Miracle" to walk the "Magnificent Mile" with Old Dominion! LMAO!!!

  82. Belle Dickerson

    I can’t believe every song you drop I love more than the last one. It’s actually quite incredible. Keep it up guys. Love from the Noke.

  83. Andrew K

    BEST OLD DOMINION SONG EVER!!!!! Bet They Won’t Reply

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    They won't reply not They Won't Reply. Also they will never see these let alone respond. This isn't their best yet. Anything from as far back as shut me up and dirt on a road all the way to with the band make it sweet some people do and never be sorry and anything in between are all their best. In other words if it's an old dominion song it's equally as much their best as another of their songs

    Andrew K

    countrygirl countrymusiclover umm I like this the best take your opinion somewhere else and some people Do is one of thier worst songs in my opinion I hate slow songs and I get the meaning and all but it’s sooooooooo slow

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    @Andrew K fuck off disgusting troll. They can't make a worst song if they tried. I am allowed to have my opinion right here and am not gonna take it anywhere else.

    Andrew K

    Ahhh The Common Kid Have a Fun Buddy😀 Go Play With Your Diapers

  84. Todd Clark

    That's what I say as long as I can make you all smiles

  85. Robert Bond

    First 100”

  86. Rachel Thibideau

    Love this song so much

  87. Lavaneesh Sharma

    They just can’t make bad music

  88. April Marie

    Loving this ! Cant wait to see y'all in Evansville in November. Will be an awesome time !

    Jeff Lewis

    Nice pic

  89. Joey Powers

    Good song

  90. Anthony Nazer

    This song is so good. You guys make such good music. You guys are so awesome. I actually had the chance to see you guys in concert on may 8th in Halifax Nova Scotia . you guys rock

    I love country music and i will never be sorry that

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    As phenomenal as they are good is the best you can come up with??? Even great is too weak to use

    Anthony Nazer

    @countrygirl countrymusiclover i thought it was a good comment but i wouldnt mind some advice on how to make it better. Tell me how i could of made that better.

    Bnorvs 59

    Anthony Nazer I enjoyed your comment

  91. Ashellina Benson

    It’s sooo damn good!!!

  92. Michael Gory

    New favorite song❤🎸👍

  93. Amy Langridge

    Can never go wrong with Old Dominion!

  94. TBR Cosby

    Damn they don’t make a bad song

    Andrew K

    TBR Cosby except some people do


    Andrew K what’s wrong with some people do?
    It was actually a pretty popular song

    Andrew K

    NICHOLAS SPROW it’s way too slow


    Andrew K It’s called a love song for a reason

  95. 72214 14227


  96. L-E-W 77

    Love the music

  97. Sam Harp

    Woah I like this song a lot

  98. david shutak

    Every song keeps getting better and better👊🏻🤘🏻

    Fishermen Robert

    david shutak your right about

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    @Fishermen Robert you're not your. And they're wrong about that. All of their songs are equally perfection