Old Dominion - Dirt On A Road Lyrics

(What I need is a man, what I need is a man,
Who knows something about these things)

I know you got this little game you play
Whippin' round your pony tail
Like you know it's hot as hell
Gettin' all the fellas jealous
Cause you like to kiss and tell
Just to make my heart swell
Girl, you must not know me well
If you think I'll stand for that
Not reach out my hand for that
You drive me out of my mind with that
Ain't nobody got time for that so…
When you think you're good and ready,
You know right where you can get me
Light your number up on my cell

If you wanna rock with me, then I will roll
We can pick that lock and drive it like we stole it
With the radio up, edge of this town, little sundress, let your hair down
Driving me wild, girl just say go, I'll be on you
Like dirt on a road

(What I need is a man, what I need is a man,
Who knows something about these things)

My mama taught me how to treat a lady with respect
But what the heck did you expect with the perfume on your neck
Is smellin' all so good, peaches and cream
You're so fly you make a trout want to jump right out the stream
So, walk those little boots you're wearing
Over here to where I'm standing
Let's get to causing a scene…

If you wanna rock with me, then I will roll
We can pick that lock and drive it like we stole it
With the radio up, edge of this town, little sundress, let your hair down
Driving me wild, girl just say go, I'll be on you
Like dirt on a road

(What I need is a man, what I need is a man)
Like dirt on a road
(What I need is a man, what I need is a man)
Like dirt on a road
(What I need is a man, what I need is a man,
Who knows something about these things)

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Old Dominion Dirt On A Road Comments
  1. abigail3leigh

    This will always be my fave. No matter what anyone says. Love it

  2. Elizabeth

    I remember when my dad blasted this song one day in 2013. I was trying to find it on Apple Music today, and it wasn’t on there! This is probably the best song they’ve made, so authentic and talented. It always stuck to me.. from that day on we watched Old Dominion blow up. 💕☝🏽 fans since day 1.

  3. Gabrielle L

    Love this song, wish it was iTunes 😪

  4. Timothy Demarco

    love this song

  5. Beth Halpain

    UM FUCK!!! 😍😘💋💗

  6. Beth Halpain

    What i need is you...💋

  7. Beth Halpain


  8. Beth Halpain


  9. Beth Halpain


  10. cassady ledford

    Absolutely love Old Dominion! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  11. Tasha Knicely

    They were so awesome in concert! sad they didn't play this song!

  12. Samanatha Alleman

    love your country music

  13. CousinKill

    This is an abomination

  14. Kelly Finley

    Why don't more people like this song!?

  15. Ashley Breanna

    I love your other songs, & the main chorus in this song is good, but I don't like the digital recording/talking verses. Lean more towards traditional country & you'll go places <3 Loved seeing you at Target Field BOTH nights, & will be seeing you at the MN State Fair!

  16. Susie Herdecker

    I love this band. First song I heard was " break up with him"! Favorite song

  17. Jetta Williams

    Absolutely love Old Dominion!

  18. Ray Gaither

    Love it!!!  These guys sound great to my surprise.  I just saw an email saying they are joining Chesney, Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Cole Swindell at Arrowhead this summer.  
    WOW... too much fun!!!

  19. Nya G

    Yippee!!! This tickles my country and hip hop fancies! Pulling off a sound like this is insanely challenging! Great job!

  20. JoshuaRenaud

    My cousin is in this band! :D Trevor finally made it! (Hes the one driving in the end)

    Old Dominion Pictures

    JoshuaRenaud Trevor is an amazing man!!!

    Hunter Andrews

    Trevor is a big star now! Lol

  21. Jeff Crabtree

    Love, love. My favorite band:) Heather A

  22. Teresa Kimberlin

    Absolutely love these guys. Have to check out bands in town app . Want to see them SO BAD but on east coast. 👍🔥Guys are on fire.

  23. Mathew Borrego

    MTFS be hatin' ain't no body got time fo that! y'all do y'all's thing! Rock that shit!

  24. Stephen Gallegos

    These guys are awesome. Saw them at the NM state fair. My new favorite band

  25. d t

    @mnschneider your exactly right florida/Georgia line is crap
    its called country rap or CRAP

  26. Amber Campbell

    Love it

  27. Brent Jones



    It's a clip from Dukes of Hazzard. That's Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach)

  28. Phil Stevenson

    does anyone know the guitar chords for this song

  29. Adrienne Spillman

    LOVE this song! Heard it first on Sirius XM The Highway and I've been hooked ever since! Love Old Dominion!

  30. Ryan Peek

    If you don't like the song don't listen to it simple as that. There's no need in hating on it. These people put there whole life blood sweat an tears into making music for people and your gonna talk down about them? That's messed up

    Lance Gallardo

    Amen brother. They just have to move on down the road . . .

    Old Dominion Pictures

    Ryan Peek amen!!!

  31. The Tree of Liberty

    would be a good song without the annoying repeat of "What I need is a Man, What I need is a Man"

  32. Street driven gt500

    Awesome song.. Hope you guys continue to make great music

  33. Emily Meyers

    Love this song so much.!!! 

  34. lulionbowler

    This is such a polarizing song.  I personally enjoy it.  Seems the people who like "traditional" country hate it and ppl who like the newer variable sounds of country like it.  Keep doing your thing, guys.  I look forward to hearing more

  35. Paul Novak


  36. Ronnie Taylor

    If people don't like it screw them. They think they know what country music is but yet they don't have the talent to event get up for karaoke!!!! Keep doing yall and fuck the rest!!!

  37. Collin Hardy

    This is called crap for a reason

  38. Casey Johnson

    I love this

  39. Tim Mitchell

    Good job guys, very catchy and I like it!

  40. Thomas Wooten

    Great song!

  41. Tina Thibault

    Predicting this will be a number 1 song this summer! Love love love it! All u haters get a life!

  42. sankarastones

    Y'all straight up SUCK. How the hell do you call yourselves country?!?! PLEASE stop all future recording and burn the tracks you've already put down

    Paul Novak

    @Old Dominion heard it on Sirius XM Radio... Loved IT!!!


    +Kyle Nibling Well then screw you if you thinks this sucks! This is awesome!


    +Kyle nibling, don't like it don't listen to it

    Megan Carpenter

    +Kyle Nibling I have to say.... if you don't like it please don't listen to it. We don't need to know your opinion on a band we all happen to like. Please have a great holiday!

    Annette Brazen

    I agree...you guys are the best...We have seen you at County Concert in Ft Loramie..me and my besties fell in love with all you do...see you @ Hobart Arena in Troy in February!!!

  43. adam jackson

    Heard it on the radio in middlesboror ky loved it

  44. Chelsea Cornish

    i hope y'all make it big!

  45. chris kerkmann

    good song

  46. nick desousa


  47. Adrian Singleton

    love this song!!!

  48. James Allen

    Ain't no body got the for that! Haha so true

  49. James Allen

    Ain't no body got the for that! Haha so true

  50. deerejohn1953

    This song is the #1 reason why I've eliminated "The Highway" preset from the satellite radio in my truck.  Hearing this rap-autotune garbage was the last straw.  Keep your "hick-hop" off my COUNTRY radio.  Branch out and create your own genre so you can play Wiz Kalifa and Nikki Minaj along with this.  Thank God for Prime Country and Willie's Roadhouse. 


    tisk tisk, the amount off narrow minded people is appauling


    +PokettoMonsutaX Yeah

  51. Debbie Larsen

    I love this song. Congratulations on being #37 on Sirius Radio this morning.

  52. Adam Brosious

    what did I just watch? No wonder I can't stand country. Leave the rapping and butchering to the hip hop / r&b crowd.


    The fact that you searched for this and took the time to comment on it tells us all you secretly love it.

  53. Valerie Kinnick

    Love it, heard it on the Highway yesterday.

  54. Justin Rosen

    Awesome song! Love it!!!!

  55. wendy torok

    This is the kind of song I play while going for a drive...windows down and music blasting...having a great time! Absolutely love it!

  56. maryjane tribe

    love this song....

  57. Cassidy Jackson

    Worst. Song. Ever. All they`re doing is ruining country music! Country music isn`t for y`all to rap in! It was fine in Dirt Anthem by Jason Aldean. But that doesn`t mean continue it! WORST SONG EVER

  58. avillebeast17

    Sounds like Florida ga line and I love it! Perfect song! The rapping parts and the country is a great mix favorite song!!!!! No doubt one of the best songs I've heard!!

    Josh Matthews

    It sounds absolutely nothing like FGL.. Understand your country.

    Christopher Cordasco

    @Josh Matthews I think it does. Learn to recognize opinions and deal with it.


    Thank you Christopher! Haters these days!

  59. Glennon W

    0:58 Ain't nobody got time fo dat!!! lol

  60. Caleb Rowe

    Heard on the highway GREAT SONG

  61. AthenaSitaras

    hahaha peaches and cream!! 

  62. Deborah Holthus

    Love this song!!!! 

  63. S PK

    can you record a version of this song but WITHOUT the rap parts? I like the song until the rap parts.. 

  64. prettygirly0412

    Great song!!

  65. Nick Howard

    Heard on XM today! Please put on iTunes like Cam said

  66. Cam Friede

    Please put it on iTunes


    @***** or just buy it on iTunes for 99 cents ...

  67. Cam Friede

    Heard this on XM. Great song

  68. Christi Baeuerle

    Great song...