Old Crow Medicine Show - Hard To Tell Lyrics

Now the way things look around this town
Better find a pretty woman before the sun goes down
If you need a place to lay your head
Find a pretty little woman in a pretty big bed

You make like a fool, you stumble around
Better find you a woman before you buy another round
In like a lamb and out like a lion
One minute your laughin' the next you're cryin'

Its hard to tell, hard to tell
You gotta get a woman its hard to tell
Can't be sure, can't be sure
Is she gonna be your pretty little girl?
Your pretty little girl

Better cut your hair, comb that mop
Shine them shoes, wear tails and top
Trim that 'stache, don't be slow
You gonna need it where you got to go

Hit that trail ride that roan
and buck that limb when you get her back home
Buckle up boys don't think twice
and love that woman with all your might


Now she don't call and she don't write
You're home with your mother every Saturday night
You see her on the town, she don't see you
You oughta quit courtin' and take up booze

You gotta make it look like a big for-tune,
got Callico shorts and alligator shoes
There ain't no woman gonna waste her time,
waiting for a poor boy to drag her down


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Old Crow Medicine Show Hard To Tell Comments
  1. Spaceman1968


  2. Can Pasa

    Is this a cover song ?

  3. Joseph Lewis


  4. norman holland

    OOOOOH yes, Thats the MAX.. they certainly dont need percussion, a drummer would have a job to play with them?

  5. Holly Ambler

    Just saw them live tonight. My word.

  6. transcendentape

    Hell Yeah!

  7. Made In Network

    That's one of the best break downs I've ever heard.

  8. Txboy85A

    I love this song. I wish the sound guy turned up the vocal mics more.

  9. une

    I love how far they push each other...

  10. Francisco Vaz

    Country music on the head, fella!!!!! :)