Old 97's - Dance With Me Lyrics

Underneath the foreign stars
In a foreign place
Where they don't love you, I do
Turn in the pale moonlight
Your eyes are wide
And the band plays
Everybody wants you

He takes your hand, tenderly
And he whispers sweet surrender
Nothing, is how he feels about girls like you
With your flip flop smiles
And your big blue eyes on vacation

Dance with me into the ocean
Roll with me into the sea
Don't tell me the world is in trouble
Do you want to dance with me

Love changes hands
As the big waves crash
And the dream don't die but I do
Where were you when I needed you
Right now, the telephone just rings
I'm cannot find you

Dance with me into the ocean
Roll with me into the sea
Don't tell me the world is in trouble
Do you want to dance with me?
Oh, do you want to dance with me?

Underneath the foreign sun
With a foreign man who's gone
And almost forgotten
Drink everything you see
And remember us and wonder
If you will be forgiven

Dance with me into the ocean
Roll with me into the sea
Don't tell me the world is in trouble
Don't tell me the world is in trouble

Dance with me into the ocean
Roll with me into the sea
Don't tell me the world is in trouble
Do you want to dance with me
Do you want to dance with me
Oh, do you want to dance with me

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Old 97's Dance With Me Comments
  1. JS B

    Ryo Hazuki got in a huge qte fight there.

  2. jonnda

    The fight I think of to make my dreams come true, verses the harsh reality of what really happens when I want to ask a girl out... Nothing.

  3. concord327

    i have the same fantasy all the time

    Jeffrey Beckford

    The John Wick of nerds 😀😃😉


    Who doesn't? XD

  4. david porter

    Is this CAKE OR JUST A RIPOFF??!!

  5. Will Taylor

    his is homage to B Movies - Awesome!

  6. Mark S. Seghers

    if they showed a bit more of 1) the band and 2) tricia, this vid would be perfect!

  7. Kelly cortesi jones

    Want that dudes shirt

    Liam Allen

    Frack me as in fuck me

  8. Jeff Fordoutlaw

    Hilarious video :) love it

  9. Angel La Canfora

    The interior looks like the Palace Theater in Hollywood. Been there many times, remember meeting Grant Lee Philips on those very steps...

  10. Patrick Steven

    Great song. If you like this, check out some of my songs. Thx

  11. Minnesota SKOL

    they spelled "frak" wrong

  12. AntonioSaucedo22

    good stuff

  13. Marilyn Rioux

    Rhett Miller's voice gives me an eargasm.

  14. YouthBankSWC

    The voice of Shenmue man!

  15. Dan Doored Mestancik

    This is the best music video I have ever seen.

  16. Kira Mathews

    ive been lookin for this song forever

  17. Krwler


  18. Krwler

    @CJayStyles It's actually Warrior King

  19. abaverage

    its actually fort worth so don't go to Dallas

  20. Aliza Voit

    They are playin today in Dallas in the botanical gardens :) ima go see them

  21. TheCarrot11

    someone needs to put QTE triggers evertime he beats someone.

  22. TheCrazedMadman

    Cant remember the last time a music video kept my interest instead of just putting it on the background....awesome

  23. slovibond

    @crazedmongoose2003 Any nightclub in Plymouth City Centre on a Tuesday night.

  24. PorkSnorkle

    What is Tricia Helfer staring at? ahahahahahaha

  25. TheBourneBlogger

    Great song... Check me out for live performances of Old 97s

  26. Christian Frasher

    omg this is the saddest music video ever....battlestar galactica was such a good show too.

  27. diddymuck

    2:40 who's the taekwando guy?

  28. starkneked

    Sounds like CAKE....

  29. Erimyth

    @mook2u :OO!!! damn you're right... FAAYUUUUL!! xD

  30. moderndarkage

    those bouncers are mutha'frackers

  31. mook2u

    HAHA at 3:21 you can see the safety mat that the guy lands on

  32. Lexi

    Toadie from Neighbours!!! As a bouncer!

  33. Insomnizack

    @VIDSNCRAPProductions alchemists you mean?

  34. Michelle Collazo

    I just discovered old 97's and i'm in love!

  35. TylerMaple3009

    31 people don't want to dance with me

  36. thejodash

    its good to know that level 30 alchemists can kick ass, now lets see one get laid

  37. Steven O'Neal

    @crazedmongoose2003 not to mention the low quality bouncers. Beat up by a chubby nerd.

  38. 3509trevor

    @crazedmongoose2003 that's how exclusive it is lol

  39. piratekiller1985

    Perfectly choreographed fight sequence with an awesome song FTW!

  40. Darkchild0079

    dope :P

  41. rolicki

    i watched this movie stoned

  42. SuperMarkerComicBro

    this song always reminds me of the love of my life

  43. ragalfragle

    Guffffaahh! level 30 alchemists are n00bs! Guffaaahh!

  44. YzzleMate

    Aw, downer ending. Awesome video, though.

  45. Zed Gee

    ryo hazuki

  46. Anon Nymous

    An empty one.

  47. lazylank

    HAHA, the song was decent, but the video was great!

  48. GavWorm

    hell no.

  49. Dj Gizzo

    Corey J. Marshall i just got here via his website :D i want a qte version of this :)

    do you know where movie stars are?
    do you know anyone that can sign autographs?
    is this a bar where sailors go? lol

  50. sausagesausage

    That guy is the voice of Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue!

  51. Fletch

    very cool video...just caught in the corner of the calender page on music box's page....i actually wanted to know what happened to the guy, which is rare for a music video ha...good stuff!

  52. Rob Wilson

    Dont frak with a BSG fan!!

  53. Spudcrotchrot

    Meh. At least it's better than Satellite Rides.

  54. makasfleep

    the front man of the Old 97s, Rhett Miller, has got a new album out and its awesome

  55. Gaming with Josh

    i want tricia helfer moar!

  56. newshaaa

    nice song. nerd rage!

  57. Salfuran

    its a music video :\ doesnt mean their music is bad :|

  58. stonerkid2100

    this is proof that nerds can fight

    good song

  59. Quasimodo's Lump

    On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this video 11

  60. Julie Pham

    HAHAHA The best music video ever!

  61. Scorptilicus

    Great vid!

  62. rS17

    Is this where sailors hang out?

  63. LulaInwonderland

    haha FRACKING love this vid.

  64. HumpskiProductions

    Oh my god it's Corey Marshall!

  65. rain70

    Great video! Love BSG!

  66. Beanybag2

    Why don't you just record the music off this video?

  67. John

    Yeah that bloke is the english voice actor for Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue.

  68. sdas23

    El tipo que protagoniza el video, interpreta la voz de Ryo Hazuki en Shenmue (Versión Inglés)

  69. Intrepid Lancer

    I am super pissed off. I love this song, but I can't find a single free downloadable file for this song. Where's my iPod ownage at? S.o.B.!

  70. Lauren


  71. uh0hun

    does any body know who thet guy is that sings this!!!

  72. Andrea Fitch

    whats with people getting all pissed off..?

    ...its a friggin music video. its good music (whether u like rock or nto you knwo its better than like Metro Station or something) and its a funny usic video.


    not serious,

    love the song, love the video, keep rockin!

  73. chhart

    the song is ok, but the video is great and really works well with it.

  74. txtodd

    Exactly what you wouldn't expect! Genius!

  75. mofgo2001

    An enjoyable montage to Kill Bill vol. 1.

  76. stuart182

    love the song, but bit of a strange video. Would of liked to see more of the band in it. Rhett miller is a legend!

  77. ryanmbland

    The Blavens! Kickin' ass and taking names!

  78. mydlands

    Love the song, but it gets extra cool points for having Tricia in the video!

  79. joemdesign

    Go, Ryo! Go!

  80. Kelly Ellis

    I loved it! He looks out of shape & even has asthma, but can take everyone out!

  81. sfmallon

    Very funny!

  82. scarletvixen911

    Love the video and song!! I just wish the band was shown more. Old 97's ROCK!

  83. conijai

    That Corey Marshall dude ROCKS !!!!!!

  84. conijai

    That Corey Marshall dude ROCKS !!!!!!!