Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dirty & Stinkin' Lyrics


Yo, this ain't a Wu-Tang type slang, know what I'm sayin?
I wanna just represent the whole Clan
you know what I'm sayin?
The GZA, Prince Rakeem, you know what I'm sayin?, Ghostface Killah
Shallah Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Baby-U, Method Man, 12 O'Clock
Dirty O', 62nd Assassinater, know what I'm sayin?, style is coming

This recorded and it's dirty and it's stinkin', funkier than regular
Abuse, so I was thinkin' - about, droppin' this single on the charts
lettin ya know, hey! - the kid has heart, I never deny myself as being
Dope, but in my last jam, didn't slep on my notes
You thought that I was weak, huh?, let me speak
My rhymes come funkier than ya grandfathers feet, so listen mister
Don't you ever forget the rhyme is dirty, you couldn't even clean it
With Comet, for even more axe, some try Ajax
Only mix with the best, 48-tract-ya
I get down with the 8 sole sounds
Lyrics that be flowin' from miless around, so let the music
Shut ya ass up, then feel the uppercut, now I make ya fall to ya rutt

[62nd Assassin:]

Cabush!!!!, can I get up? - Oof!! - Crazy Stouf!!
Mad chamerz comin' at ya!, a 62nd Assassiner, strap into ya staminer
A hardcore freakin' avenor, tearin' up the vibe for set
Wit the mystery of Chess, -Boxin' at your mutherfuckin' text
Then ya slip, when I flip, only on that combatic shit
Rhymes comin straight from the fuckin' pits, so toggle up
Don't puddle up, better yet just duck, I'm callin all earth-forms
Huh!, I don't play games, I make pain, or migraines
Stick it to ya ass like pain's, who in the hell did, ever drop shit
Rammin' the mic, with 5 fingers of death, then bombed shit
Like big momma, ya long gone, along with desert storm
But have ya not heard, Word is bond


62nd Assassinator, comin' at a theatre near you
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yeah
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yo
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yes
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'
(I wanna tell ya somthin')

Yo!, Let me continue, verse number 2, style is wild, dirty stinkin
Like (? - doodoo), If ya hangin' around, ya change ya mind
It is a bad influence, but yo!, it's my rhyme
I sit down and I say to myself (self), yo
are you ready to top ya self?
I drop the single for you to get a dose of, As I lay back
Like a pillow on a sofa, gettin' paid?, yehhh!, right, would it?
Why asking me, G? what, what, what, what, you know me
My mouth is sugar, sweet as a honey bee, taste like a forty
Stinkin' like Old-E'!, but I drink Ol' English so I speak Ol' English
You gotta be Dirty and Stinkish, and if it's not, well I guess I'm not

The A-S-O-N my friends
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Baby
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yes
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', I said
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'

Over and over
Wu-Tang comin through ya town

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Ol' Dirty Bastard Dirty & Stinkin' Comments
  1. Phil Gonzales

    meth and odb due is underated.

  2. Tupenny

    "I said if you could just...go back" wheres that sample from?

  3. Vasya LuckyLuciano

    I'm James Bond, I love how I smell.
    I love all females whom I must to love absolute much.
    I love rap and hip-hop be cause of love.
    God is love and Love is God.
    I said it on my old shits.

  4. Scrawny

    Fuck J Love.

  5. Garret Byrne

    Absolute banger 2019, and still fresh and dirty as fuck


    48 tracks mixed down to two.................Lyrix ;)

  7. Carlos Gutierrez

    I read rhyme pattern he record this before he got locked up

  8. Tamer Khechen

    "Watch out for" that's prodigy voice !!!

  9. Ricardo Marley


  10. james mckay

    Nice scratching

  11. Jea-Olivier Lessard

    so how do we tell them we aint down with them techiniques ?????

  12. CARLOS Cotter


  13. Balázs Kiss

    74 police officer dislike this

  14. Ivan

    ODB number one!

  15. Vagner De Morais

    SP BRASIL odb monstro WU TANG WU TANG

    Ricardo Marley

    Podi crer morou Manooo !!!

  16. A A

    gay love more like, stop talking over the track dickhead

  17. R. Kh


  18. Mortyy VC

    1. Slim Shady
    2. Makaveli
    3. Dirt Dog
    Best ever to me. I love odb's delivery and style, Pac spoke truth and had strong words, and Em is just out of this world with the talent...
    R.I.P Dirt McDirt🐐🐐🐐

  19. christopher optimus prime

    It's about meeeeees

  20. Smoco Loco


  21. thodoris dermitzakis

    Olympians bastatds

  22. Eli Cordero

    Instrumental please

  23. Kelsey Joss

    j love much respect, I hope odbs alive, he is alive in all our hearts tho


    Where can i found this song without the whole "J love nigga"?????? that j love tag is fucking the song.

  25. Le Tobster

    Jlove Nword

  26. BGGaming 1

    Real HIP HOP

  27. toastmann1

    Best underground track ever...its not from this world

  28. Compeer Raa

    Ruined it with that Jluv shit over the top not even mixed in right..Re-upload the clean original.

  29. toopurge2

    fuck that guy jlove man..

  30. Faktum Stream1Beatz

    "Shit is stinkin like doodoo"

    "J-Love n***a!!"

    Faktum Stream1Beatz

    Good timing

  31. big karti

    come to poland big karti crime go on scene remake sing 36 chamberts odb so are yaa wu come's

  32. Dan Ascencio


  33. Florituary F.

    ODB can t Die ! J Love is great !

  34. Hannes OSTSEE

    ol dirty

  35. big karti

    eeejhhhh kid's have heart

  36. Masta Wu

    What a sick mix of Wu samples

  37. Faktum Stream1Beatz


  38. hippa2dahoppa2

    j love is stankin

  39. Sal Dv

    J love shut the fuck up !

  40. big karti

    made my flag soon

  41. big karti

    and crazy man

  42. Fab Kandy Nail blogging magzine

    this is Fire I miss ODB Rip yo But Mef is my Baby Daddy one Day sexy ass

  43. andy RAW? garlash

    throw yah dubs up!!

  44. Daniel Flannelly

    This is ODB.Stop talking of others please.

  45. Daniel Flannelly

    Cranks.This is a tune.Fine rapper.

  46. Bayos ASR

    Yo, let me continue, verse number two
    Style is wild, dirty and stinkin like doo-doo

  47. Antonny 08 guerreiro

    loco loco crasy wu tang

  48. Mukke inDeinOhr

    All in all, I think they're the best rappers from the Wu-clan!
    but anyway they are all legends...

  49. big karti

    and saiko killa

  50. Elihu Bernard

    who tf is jlove

    dojo west. tv

    do the knowledge son

  51. Jakaveli Moloch

    Rest N Peace

  52. Lyndon Thomas

    *27-748+48 INSYS NINSYSI :*37-++586:*$69369 ARZOB JINYEOBA PIMEUEIVWA UHINEYWIVWQ NOMAUNAUWUA GHYBONEYDKA IKONEUEOVWYS CRSIMSYEONS .Naswueovwyeona pinomruekvaSysocwua uhinwussa injinieunats GHUBINSUAIVA,deona SRAIM DUDUE INSYSIBAYDOBSE ..*48-+49(©[©{√¶💯㊗💯🈳🇰🇷🈹🈹🚹💶🇰🇷🈳💴💽🎦⛈㊗🇰🇷🈳💽💽:'(^_^=_=:-(:-!;-)B-)^_^:-!:O:-!:-$

  53. HybOj

    ...but I drink ol english so I speak ol english, gotta be dirty and stinkeous

  54. Talu Jean



    Ya fucking with the worst!

  55. Nipponisms

    What's the point of J Love putting his name in the middle of the track? He pulled the same shit on 16th Chamber, luckily RZA put it as extra on the European version of 8 Diagrams. At least do it at the end if at all.


    RZA putting it without "J LOVE NIGGA' I mean.


    Whats your point here... Please explain.. ;)

    David Alexis

    J love is the ducking man duck u meannnnnn

    Antonin Halik

    Yes, Sunny Valentine

  56. Rusty Shackleford

    That's odb's verse from the song "last call" with masts fuol.

  57. naberabi10

    what's the actual name when the hook says watch out fool??

  58. wickstarrr

    j-love used to bang out the iLL mixtapes back in the day so shut the fuck upppppp

    Faktum Stream1Beatz

    fuckin EXACTLY. none of these trolls have ever produced a beat that even came close to j-love, let alone a whole tape and becoming a wu affiliate

  59. Rocky Rockston

    J Love a new age troll xDDD Damn!

  60. Solomon Holly

    this beat is hot also method is hot

  61. A. Milenkovic

    ODB ♥ one of the Best Rapper in the World

    JimmY 2Lieche

    he s alive ?


    JimmY 2Lieche he died in 2004

  62. Laura Lupoi

    fuck j love

  63. jake baker

    Can you get on iTunes?

    R. J Patt

    +jake baker Fuck no! Well maybe but why not just use youtube to mp3 converter?

    Zahir Ali

    Use a converter

  64. Jozif Badmoon

    R.I.P ODB

  65. Makeya Makeya

    whey everyone hate j love?
    he is good rapper


    +Makeya Makeya He fucked up the song. (Why i hate)

    Wanky Hank's Frankly Dank Spank Bank

    fuck that biting ass nigga

  66. Ricer Garage

    Fuck J love

    Z M

    I'm too young sorry for my ignorance, but who's j-love and why are we pissed at him?


    @Ziad Al-Mangour he's an mc that takes good music and jibber jabbers his shitty dumb name allover the track to try and become famous !!!

  67. Randy Rodarte

    j love is a BITCH

  68. Randy Rodarte

    j love is a BITCH

  69. Dan SDMN

    in my life....forever!!!!

  70. esmifrado

    WTF!!! he died 10 years ago already????


    +Wu Tang 12 years go dumb fuck!


    +Christopher Haize 13.11.2004 - 13.11.2015 = 11 years dumbass


    This year it's 12 years dumb fuck!


    yes in november, but now is May


    it's 13 years dumbass ,, smh .. nigga can't count

  71. Kenan Mehmed

    Hey, dirrty yo l got that money !!!!


    +Kenan Mehmed He comes back to life to take yo money LMAO

  72. H-H Buenas Fumas B-Bamp

    En colombiano se escucha bien

  73. Leonor Silva

    Two of best. Rip ODB

  74. F E R H O D

    Love odb. Rip odb

  75. Clinton Mcfarlane

    Wu Tang Banger

  76. Dennis Hansen


  77. Moritz Z

    j love or whatever shut your goddamn mouth


    Moritz Z hahahaaaa

  78. RoBiN ToXoTeS

    alter die beats ficket min chopf!! hardcore shit! rip odb


    gell brutal alter

    Dorde Savic

    genau so muess es au sii bruder

  79. Gabi Sipos

    Az igazi rapppp:)

    Krank Records

    úgybizony dá!

    Lorant Laszlo

    De az àm! !!!....


    A legnagyobb király

  80. Yula

    Dope shit, rip odb

  81. asto1983


  82. 1871\

    an amizing beat ?!

  83. santhy KM

    Ol Dirty

  84. Michele Lombardo

    Dafuq is this beat!! o.O

  85. MagicalWafflez

    this song is great but fuck j love

  86. oldswampman


  87. Tymen

    because hes crying to every song he remixes

  88. rezvani21

    who is j love? and why does everyone hate him?

  89. killahkalli100

    R.I.P. ODB and Respekt alltime

  90. veranoosj

    Este tema merece un monumento!!Que grandes