Ol' Dirty Bastard - Cracker Jack Lyrics

"C'mon baby, c'mon c'mon baby" [repeats in background all throughout the song]

"You bitches can't do nothin" [repeats in background through intro]

[Intro: ODB]
It's Ol' Dirty Bastard and shit, know I'm sayin?
I wanna give a big shout out to my nigga Luke
KnowI'msayin? You know, you know, know
I wanna lock all the bitches down
I wanna lock all the bitches down from the North,
To East, to West, to South
I wanna.. help me put these bitches in my trance
I want y'all to suck my lizard
You bitches wanna fuck me when you smell my under-arm

I make yo' dick disappear
I ain't hearin anymore weird sounds in the ear
PSSSSSSS... you can't purr no more
You wanna kneal and suck dick? I'ma keep your throat sore
Bitches got herpes in ya ass
Every time you fuck a nigga, he dies fast
And you won't last
The pussy break down from a rash
It's hard for you to walk, cuz you stuck up in your ass
Don't ask me for no cash
You better not be tellin me to give them no cash
Ash, bash, crash, sad ass

[Chorus: ODB]
Give me a little of that Cracker Jack
You ain't caramel coated Cracker Jack
The surprise, bitch you gonna get waxed
This that shit, you can't do nothin about

Girls ain't pretty to me anymore
Cuz you ain't bein a real whore
Ooh, you ain't a real whore
[yells some crazy shit]
You can't say, wear nails anymore
You ain't givin up, a manicure
Suckin my dick is gonna be your chore
If you don't, you're punishment
You can't get off until ya suck my dick
Physically I operate your brain to function
Give me anything, that I wantin
And give me that, the money
Don't even know what happens naturally
Especially when I'm playin with the chemistry
You gonna keep dyin til you die from thirst
If you wanna die, you gotta drink my sperm
The other way to die, is eat a can of worms

[Chorus 3X]

[Outro: ODB]
Give me a little...
Yo, I love you girls cuz you wanna stick your tongue up in my ass
Or you can't taste, smell, touch or hear, or see
I got you in a smash, give me it!

[instrumental for next 58 seconds]

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Ol' Dirty Bastard Cracker Jack Comments
  1. Robert Woods

    "Sucking my d#%k is gonna be your chore" Classic album. Rest In Peace to the God!

  2. SSAG


  3. Emmanuel SAINT-MARC

    My ODB is true! 😕😞😢😭😍😘🤗👍🏼💪🏼👐🏼❤️❤️❤️

  4. Jacob Collins

    Trips down memory lane... Rip ODB ☝

  5. Pauly Da Conceicao

    Need an instrumental now!!!

  6. Matthew Bell

    Bitch got herpes in her ass everytime she fucks a nigga..He dies fast!!!

  7. bigfellaken86

    "Oooo... you ain't a REAL whore...." RIP ODB!

  8. GreaterGood510

    Another word for a white person

    Adam Gordon

    GreaterGood510 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  9. mnd

    RIP. Wu-Tang misses ODB. It just sounds... different.

  10. Muharrem Ince

    all girls wanna fuck Me everyday

  11. Eli Cordero

    hot beat.funny track

  12. Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    That beat though!!!!!

    Adam Gordon

    Jeneral J.U.-ICE : Dope 🔥

  13. Altaquan Allah

    The lyrics is on Pluto but this joint will bang in a club, party or the car Forever Ason Unique

    ferg voigt

    mental how much this album?odb in general rags on women

  14. produkciók közvágó rt

    ah n da beat is like a fkin orgazm
    only better

  15. Adam Gordon

    "C'mon on wit it... C'mon on C'mon on wit it" ODB was too ahead of his time R.I.P


    I thought it's "C'mon ladies... C'mon, c'mon ladies..." :D

  16. matt f

    awesome. odb was raw and original as fuck. Rest In Peace Dirty

  17. Boss Galaga


  18. cool dude

    i'm trying to decipher the plot here, help fam

  19. Joe Jeremiah

    Instrumental please?!?

  20. E Z Steele

    anywhere to get the instumental?

  21. Roy Sunshine

    One of the best beats ever.


    @Roy Sunshine no doubt

    produkciók közvágó rt

    +Roy Sunshine word
    tru word

    outlaw4 Life

    One of the best Rappers on this fuckin world ;)

    Adam Gordon

    Roy Sunshine : RZA killed it 🔥🔥

    ra7 Sun

    I keep running this video back again and again.

  22. The Melancholic Tigah

    Buddah Monk Produced this milestone!

    Wesley Rice

    ...And RZA co-produced/mixed it, too

    The Melancholic Tigah

    @Wesley Rice Awww man you know what? I had an idea Rza was behind the scenes in the chamber. Overall, bottom line , still a Wu headbanger

    Wesley Rice

    Hell yeah! Little do some so-called "Wu-Tang fans" know, is that RZA composed and rethreaded most of the albums released in the post Wu-Tang Forever period... Especially this one.

    Danny J

    RZA produced this beat.

    SDS Overfiend

    Rza did this.. come on now. Buddha is a lil more cleaner.

  23. Natasha Morales

    if u dont do it PUNISHMENT.....ya'll bitches wanna fuck me when u smell my underarms.. R.I.P. ODB!!!!!

  24. mb8577

    Only True fans of the late ODB know about this shit!! WU TANG FOREVER

  25. CosmicFrazer1

    that's my anthem,my life's soundtrack easily fucking hell odb are you the mentor or whaaaaaaaaaaaat

  26. DNYL


  27. HipHop2023

    If you wanna die you gotta drink mah sperrrrm. Another way to die is eat a can of wooorms. Rest in fucking peace, nigga

  28. mitch thompson.

    "that's that shit you can't do nothing abaaaat" lol

  29. DivineGodAllah29

    Hell yeah

  30. Joe ShMoe

    Peace 2 the god.we miss you.