Ol' Dirty Bastard - Caught Up Lyrics

[Chorus: sample]
Some people get caught up
Some try and get rolled up
Some people... [x9]

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Ol' Dirty kickin' your ass..
The things that you learnt in class is trash
You can't do nothin' wit' it, I put you in the past
You broken motherfuckers, shut the fuck up
I do it 'til you bad luck and head gets plucked
The only thing on your brain is to give me this cash
Stay out of my business 'cause I'm takin' your tash
This struggle on the ming, non of y'all bring
I got y'all in.. flavouring

[Chorus x2]

[Mack 10]
I seem to fuck about a bitch or a crooked ass cop
I'm a burst that, it's dealin', the hustle don't stop
I got stones and hairone, ecstasy and weed
Meth, imphetamine, sherm, sticks and speed
Pay it high wid, dope is all I got to give
I'm a ghetto nigga dog so I get it how I live
Got money, lock 'em off, fuckers still I got drama
Got two strike dog and five baby mamas
With new strain I maintain, I'm ready and willin'
to keep change on niggas brains to keep the blood spillin'
I hate it but it ain't complicated, it's real simple
Fuck with me and know you get a hole in your temple
I ain't gonna play you niggas, I'ma slay you niggas
Don't take but a few figures and a few new triggers
Mack 10 livin' legend, every West coast rhymin'
Straight hoo bangin' gangsta and all rhymin' sodom, it's bad

[Chorus x2]

[Royal Flush]
Shut up, let me talk for a minute, alot of bull shit on my mind
Dealin' with crime, alot of y'all dealin' wid rhymes
Stuck on the grind, crackheads cookin' my pies
Startin' off on the 1-2-5, the block's mine
Bucket the spine, DH tryna tap my line
Stop my producitons, wanna know my money discussions
Who I roll wid, "buy so many cars is he legitin' of my dick"
It didn't matter when I ain't have shit
They done watch me in helicopters, parklin' in my crib
All I wanna feed is my kids, no time to do a bid
Feel me, I forced the whole guns a while for my ones
Didn't sell drugs, where the money come from?
No school, no job, no bitch, no food, fuck that
Do what I do to make my shit true
And I make it hard on them boys who blew they cats charges
If I go to jail you know I'm blowin' on the Sergeants

[Chorus x5]

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Ol' Dirty Bastard Caught Up Comments
  1. MrSmokeAlottaPot toPattolAekomSrM

    Why am I jus now finding this album 🤦👐

  2. Francois Langevin

    Brooklyn Zoo

  3. Jay Dennys


  4. B Ray

    This Shit still Bangin.... Rest In Power ODB

  5. Not feelin that hook, but the rhymes and the beats is tight.

  6. Donald Archuleta

    TAOS PUEBLO NEW MEXICO Summer of 2003!!!.. R.I.P Snuffy!! 1💖

  7. Alonzo Perez

    Brings back memories

  8. Matthew D Litinas

    Ol dirty Kickin' your ass!

  9. Yointazz

    This track rock!  R.I.P ODB 


    Mack 10, livin' legendary West Coast ridah... Str8 Hoo Bangin' gangsta and hard rhyme reciter... Wuz happnin'

  11. grant budagian

    Dope !! R I P ODB

  12. Marissa Pattea


  13. sugarlumps99

    R.I.P. to Mr Russell Jones bka O.D.B. aka Dirt Megirt aka Osirus

  14. Obe1Kanobe

    you got mac 10 lyrics wrong

    Dolo King Mo

    Obe1Kanobe and ODB

    Dolo King Mo

    wrong yall ain't shit

  15. TheDream

    Jo die alten Zeiten....ich will wieder so ne Musik

    Alex Knw

    TheDream ich auch

  16. Emily Richards

    some people some people some people

  17. Ken Jones

    this shit thump the beat hard as shit mack killed it.

  18. Protosun Productions

    dope song except the clap is a bit too sharp

    Greg Beez

    Lol.. Man stfu

  19. Jonas Ekman

    King of KINGS!! R.I.P ODB

  20. PugMarshall2906

    @tkwk1433 So go listen to his videos.

  21. tkwk1433

    Sick song.. but only 8 comments... Justin Bieber have comments like 8 thousands and keep rising.


    Thats a lot of sheeps. The reals are here bro.

  22. Virgile Chabert

    D'laaaa BooooomB !!!

  23. Izidor Vidovic

    Love it

  24. johnsmarkland

    Rockafucka murked ODB!! That was murder, crooked azz bitches! When I heard odb signed with em bustas I said to myself what he got himself into.