Okkervil River - Westfall Lyrics

I'm surrounded, each doorway covered
By at least twenty men
And they're going to take me, throw me in prison
I ain't coming back again
I ain't coming back again

When I was younger, handsomer and stronger
I felt like I could do anything
But all of these people making all these faces
Didn't seem like my kith and kin
Didn't seem like my kith and kin

Colin Kincaid from the twelfth grade
I guess you could say he was my best friend
Lived in a big tall house out on Westfall
Where we would hide when the rain rolled in
Where we would hide when the rain rolled in

We went out one night and took a flashlight
Out with these two girls Colin knew from Kenwood Christian
One was named Laurie, that's what the story
Said next week in the Guardian
Said next week in the Guardian

And when I killed her it was so easy
That I wanted to kill her again
I got down on both of my knees and
She ain't coming back again
She ain't coming back again

Now, with all these cameras focused on my face
You'd think they could see it through my skin
They're looking for evil, thinking they can trace it, but
Evil don't look like anything
Evil don't look like anything

Evil don't look like anything
Evil don't look like anything
Evil don't look like anything
Evil don't look like anything

Evil don't look like anything
Evil don't look like anything

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Okkervil River Westfall Comments
  1. Gabriel Satter

    60 nickelback fans.

  2. Niky

    I live in austin where the murder happened and ive been inside a building that used to be "I can't believe its yougurt!" where those 4 teenagers lost their lives.

  3. paulsen 1017

    Man some weird memories comin back to me, miss those days. Fuck growin up


    My fav band. Saw them earlier this year and they didn't play Westfall, So Come Back I'm Waiting, Blue Tulip, A Stone or Black. Each of these would be career highs for most bands. Their catalog of great songs is unbelievably deep.

  5. Raynedoll Ink

    Best band hands down

  6. Megan Wall

    this is about the yogurt shop murders back in 91

  7. Just Pablo

    I feel like a lot of mainstream artists took notes from this ..

  8. Ethan Bendorf

    who gives a shit if it's hipster or mainstream, okervil river is an amazing band!

  9. Mariana Dias

    I can't understand what that film "the art of flight" has to do with this song...


    So hard to figure out that it might have been used as a sound track.


    They used it in the credits, made for a perfect ending with such a great song.

  10. Daniel OShea

    the song makes me think of James Holmes

    Hector Gonzalez

    Daniel OShea Why's that?

    Daniel OShea

    Hector Gonzalez think about it...

    Hector Gonzalez

    I can think all day and night. It still won't explain to me what you're thinking. I beleive this song is inspired by a murder that happened in Austin tx. Sad story.

  11. Hector Gonzalez

    Evil don't look like anything.

  12. P.Trick_WD40

    20 mins till The fourth Phase <3


    aaaaaand it turned out to be a big letdown. :) AoF is way better.

  13. danielle dawson

    this is such a beautiful song. I could never get sick of it.

  14. Stephen Pieza

    breathtakingly haunting. ***i know its not a word but it was appropriate***

  15. Corey Blanton

    Fucking beautiful... Emotions soak into my ears.

  16. cain womble

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  17. Dodi Harp

    cool song


    Sounds like counting crows a bit

  19. Milena

    Somehow their songs always remind me of Stephen King's stories. Not the Horror part, just the way they feel. I can't really explain it, but I love it.

    Jill Austin

    I get what you're saying.

    William Laughlin

    Milena yeah you really nailed it... old modest mouse has it too... that kind of midwest small-town destitution

  20. TheBomber eRoTeX


  21. Matthias Lorenz

    melancholisch und wilder song.... ich liebe diesen song:-) schöner gruß an Tobi!!!

  22. HalicanDrops97

    I love Will Sheff's lyrics, but I'm not sure where he got the names he uses in the song from. The lyrics are based on the Austin yoghurt shop murders of 1991, but none of the girls murdered were named Laurie...


    I don't think it's directly describing those exact murders, rather taking inspiration from them.

    Tony Viti

    yes, because the actual culprits were never identified either so there was no showdown with "20 men"

  23. xHUSKYx117

    what that song is about

    In an interview with Lazy-I, lead singer Will Sheff said: "There were these murder cases in Austin where these two girls were working in a yogurt shop and these three college guys went to rob the place and killed and mutilated them. I worked for the state at the time and heard the details they didn't report - how they cut them open and filled them with frozen yogurt. They caught one of the kids that did it, and there he was, on TV, and I remember my co-workers looking at him and looking at him for the evil on his face. You wanted to see the evil, but it wasn't there." (thanks, Rustin - Waco, TX)

    Nikolay Radovanov

    What is the name of that kid?


    Hrhr you still dont understand it, even if the song is based on something "evel don't look like anything" :)

  24. Vinny Lauz

    I can't find this song anywhere !! Can somebody please help me? It's one of my favorites...



    Just put in the URL to this video click convert then download.

  25. Tony Robbins

    There is no ukulele in this track.
    There is, however, mandolin in this track.

    Fucking idiots...


    I wish I cared enough about trivial matters to be as hilariously, self-righteously, obliviously pedantic as this douchebag.

    Peter Jodway

    Tony Robbins: Keyboard Warrior

    Do It Now! video's yeah!

    The instrument on the intro is a mandolin. Perhaps the gentelman is confused because Okkervill had Jonathan playing banjo in their live show at one time

    Do It Now! video's yeah!

    Your sense of superiority at your ignorance sums up everything that is wrong with the USA right now. Instead of just fuckin listening and learning you get all vindictive. Seriously if you can't tell the diff between uke and mandolin....

    Paul Britton

    Look at look at me look what I can do. The human ego fuuuuuck.

  26. Fuzzy Corona

    Mainstream is too primary stream.

  27. jim dandy

    Kick out the hipster banging on that ukelele. Would sound way better. Fukkin ukes

    Do It Now! video's yeah!

    Why do people think the mandolin is a uke? They sound nothing alike. I mean, live they are about the same size but no photos. Okkervill started out with like string band instruments doing non old timey shot Their first single was Omie Wise fer Gdsake. I think it was cause ukes were hip f or a minute

  28. Why Can't Google Realize That a Forced Social Network Will Never Be a Successful Social Network

    Honestly, I think the music from the WoW zone was more nuanced than this song.

  29. 180faky

    mainstream is such an over used word we should just start using primarystream then when people catch on well just change it again

  30. slick ric

    how many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?......... its a number so obscure you've probably never heard of it

  31. razzraziel

    so doesnt more views make this mainstream?

  32. gonger03

    no no more view otherwise it becomes mainstream!

  33. Kyle Turnbull

    But then it'll be.... mainstream.

  34. alvids333

    the uke player needs to chill. this song is beautiful, but he's stepping on the lyrics

  35. JBTN84

    beautifully sad...

  36. Florin

    well, now it is.

  37. William Roby

    It's a true story. LMGTFY . . .

  38. Adam Kremer

    if it gets more views then it will go mainstream...

  39. Marie 'Rilee' Krupková

    It would be annoying to hear it every hour in radio.

  40. Ross Bernard

    Why wouldn't you want such a great piece of music to be mainstream?

  41. G&N Video Productions

    M83 - OUTRO check this!

  42. Alexey Makovijčuk

    lyrics are sick

  43. dormux

    So you want to be hipster...?

  44. Marie 'Rilee' Krupková

    So you want it to be mainstream...?

  45. Saansch vanZand

    "And that´s everyday with Travis Rice" ;-)

  46. Zach Vandal

    so fucking true !!

  47. stark1987

    the movie i see in my head, if only i had the production values, i could make a killer story

  48. hefic

    Holly shit, love the movie, love okkervil river. Never hit me this is them when I've watched it.

  49. IfIWereACow

    Such a great song, on every level.

  50. lB lM lL lM lN

    no, because if it had, it would be so many mainstream ;D

  51. Will Dronsfield

    then it would be mainstream though..

  52. Jane W.

    "When it comes down to it, it's pretty simple; Adventure is what you make it. Whether it's the travel, the discovery or just the feeling of letting go, the only way we'll ever find out, is to get out there and do it..."

  53. Rankor

    Ahhh this makes me want to move back to Banff and ride every day!

  54. Benoit Lemieux

    this song is amazing.

  55. Colby Evans

    Song is about evil. About no one knowing why someone one day decides to do evil acts. Also it's based off of a true murder that happened in Texas.

  56. Jeff Rushton

    thumbs up if u discovered these guys from scott stevens part

  57. theDeanDanger

    ...spread peace? isn't this a song about a murderer?

  58. Josh Elliott

    lol , if this had more views than it would be too mainstream for you...

  59. Odin Teigland


  60. Uroš Hudovernik

    Love the repeat button!!

  61. Odin Teigland

    love this song, made a lyricvideo!
    please check it out /watch?v=WKwb7M29nj8&feature=BFa&list=PL09DC69BF0CEC4FB6

  62. Blaubleiben1860

    then it would´nt be no mainstream ;)

  63. Sean Partridge

    One of the best songs about murder.

  64. adamjankovec

    so it could become mainstream ?

  65. s1ight

    reminds me of Neil Young a bit

  66. Helen Schlosser

    How dare you dislike this song Shaun White just because it reminds you of a movie you weren't included in!!

  67. TheRosawaldfee

    you're right! it is "our" song :-P

  68. 99degrees

    greatest movie ever! Not only the snowboarding was awsome, it also shows me okkervil river and their great music!

  69. Toeboner

    if it got more views wouldnt it be more mainstream then?

  70. Sesso20

    One of the epic songs, everybody will listen in 2360 as well.

  71. terrortimmey

    westfall ?

  72. xSchmitzigx

    Thanks for this 6 minutes!!!! :)

  73. shatalg

    best song ever.

  74. Trevor Frey

    Oh man. So good

  75. HappyFace211

    love the lyrics

  76. kidec

    This song at 1.5x speed: still really good.

  77. Jess Baumung

    why does it only show my views?

  78. Yannos Vastakis

    One of the best songs that are not mainstream !!! it deserves a lot more views !!!

  79. Mark Lehmann

    This song makes me sad because it means that the movie (the art of flight) is over :(

  80. berrecloth666

    great song!!!

  81. jono W

    @breaktoby yes it is its the credits song.

  82. breaktoby

    This is no Art of Flight soundtrack...faker!

    Rainbowtrifecta Soundcloud

    Its the credit song