Okkervil River - Wake And Be Fine Lyrics

Someone said to me, "I'll come into your dream
And speak it to you." I already knew
I found her in an attic where, dramatically, she leaned in to me
And she whispered these lines:

"Wake and be fine
You've still got time to wake and be fine."

Embracers meet with more embracers on the street
Say, "Hold me, dear stranger. Grab on to me.
We're carrying our years around us, or they're chasing down us
We're all here at the same time

Can we wake and be fine?
We've still got time to wake and be fine

Villains on the creep and killers in the crowd
Are carving apart our childhood house
Lovers in their sheets, dreaming lovers sweetly
Turn in their sleep all under sunbeams.

Everybody's crashing, running, calling out the coming
Of things they kind of can see.
Someone said to me, "It's just a dream.
Why don't you wake up and you'll see? It's fine."

In those miles racing over endless fields of snow
You already heard, you already know
The rescue party finally lost their hearts
And then they shattered their bones, and then they died all alone

The ships all float from beaches by themselves
Above the hot afternoons. (Goodbye, you balloons!)
Adrift above indifferent clouds. Our hearts are crashing loudly
On some rock where the gulls whine, "Wake and be fine."

We've still got time to wake and be fine, oh
Be fine
Be fine
Be fine
Be fine

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Okkervil River Wake And Be Fine Comments
  1. Miss Teen Wordpower

    this may not be as emotional as some of Okkervil River's other songs but the sheer energy in this song puts it among their best IMO

  2. JtheArgonaut

    It sounds like a waltz. I like it.

    Emil M

    That would be because of the 3/3 beat.

  3. Green Corn

    same old indie dribble thats been circling for years.

  4. electricity

    the fact that the words don't always match up makes me uncomfortable in a good way.

  5. Димитър Клатуров

    why i dont know this artist???

  6. isabelayla

    It's never too late to wake up and be fine...every new day is a new start toward the rest of our life. Le't's start today to be fine ! I'm telling it to encourage you and myself ;)

  7. machinesbreathe

    The is an incredible song for all intents and purposes, but I just can't get over that gap in the kerning between the I and N in the typographical depiction of the word "fine".

  8. Wim Middelbos

    Wauw... what a wonderful Song!!

  9. slapz109

    i like ham

  10. 2D Ronin

    They remind me of the Kaiser Chiefs.

  11. 2D Ronin

    What is this bullshit? I want some Weltschmerz dammit!

  12. Jake Stack

    Every time I listen to this album I can imagine Will stopping everyone mid-session and yelling "DAMMIT, WE NEED MORE PIANOS!"

  13. Jake Markey

    Today is pi day.

  14. Floydthefuckbag

    @SuperHamjam Are you seriously hating on Scooby Doo? Its one of the best kid's shows ever. That's why its stuck around.

  15. Lucas Massera

    As melodias espalhadas não deixam o povo só alegre como também os deixa feliz,encorajados

  16. Lucas Massera

    O q eu acho interessante na música tbm é o toquinho
    o compositor muito bom :D

  17. Lucas Massera

    Essa música é simplesmente o máximo,supera todos mas bem q eles podiam mudar esse visual néh!!! sem ofenças

  18. veonnisual

    Has anyone noticed the occasional lyric is wrong in the subtitles in the video?

  19. Matthew Jensen

    8 people are still asleep.

  20. Aulden Carter

    There is just no comparing Okkervil River. They are superior in all aspects...

  21. Greg Flanegin

    @ettuObama Love your comment! #quoted!!

  22. Damon Guyett

    @sonicadv27 nah i noticed when he said "killers in the crowd", the on=screen lyric said villains. Now you know yer not crazy :)

  23. Damon Guyett

    This song. this video. tHIS BAND. are genius and engaging and exciting and wonderful. to say the least :)

  24. Casey

    the day i first heard this song was the worst day of my life, fuck you bitch there is no time left.

  25. Metchill

    @SuperHamjam You say that like they haven't been around for over 12 years

  26. max

    the words in the background don't actually match the words he's singing sometimes lol

  27. Stray

    There's not *

  28. sonicadv27

    1:50 - 2:13 -> i call these the David Bowie parts xD

    Is it just me or the on-screen lyrics are wrong in some segments?

  29. Mia Henderson

    My favorite song<3

  30. Maerunes

    @OhKCBaby He has an awesome voice, but its not really about being able to hit every note. The lyrics are meant to be emotional, so sometimes he gets a little crazy with it haha.

  31. KonradAr

    Great video and thank you for adding lyrics ;D

  32. zenarrrow

    @jidism I can understand your reluctance. But be patient, put it on for a few more spins. That is what makes great bands great. For instance Pink Floyd. Darkside of the moon is nothing like The Wall or Wish you were here. Yes it does not sound so dark and menacing as BSB. But their is definately a very groovy feel to the Album. Go see them live, the new songs were performed awesome. Maybe a greater appreciation for them...?

  33. Floydthefuckbag

    @6eeyore9 Modest Mouse is great. This song is very Modest Mouse-esque.

  34. Jade J-R

    i'd to rain on everybody's I am very far = amazing parade, but i think they're going to far away from that raw sound that they had in black sheep boy, i find it harder to get an emotional connection with their new songs.

  35. VannCorroo

    @stanfordfam99 do you know where i can still find that video. ive searched for it everywhere, but every site that has it says the video has expired

  36. VannCorroo

    Love the song and music video. And if u watch the pop up words you'll notice some of the words are incorrect. Its pretty cool

  37. lumburgapalooza



  38. Pawnbroker12

    I don't know i feel like Okkervil River has always been obsessed with "rock and roll" and its collapse and it sort of makes sense to me

  39. Alexander Wood

    @NaziFrocioNigga new album is one of OR's best. A lot of reviews I read feel the same way.

  40. halffullglassful

    @cowmath77 What do you mean?


    Well said. People who insist on using that old chestnut 'sellouts' are boring. Quality bands will put out quality songs - and if those songs appeal to a wider audience, build their fanbase and help them to make a bit of a cash, what exactly is the problem?

  42. tata105

    excellent video , music Better :)

  43. Jordan Roppolo

    I like what this band did with the lyrics in the backround. I mean how else are you going to get an ignorant pop minded person to actually listen up to good lyrical sense..Great song from a great band..

  44. Luke Haas

    modest mouse anyone?

  45. SamuelVeal

    @MrShadyau well, have fun wishing this band recorded with less production and using the oft-tired shout of "SELL OUTS" - the rest of us will be enjoying an amazing, amazing record.

  46. SamuelVeal

    @MrShadyau You have a very skewed view of art, sir. Maturity will bring forth a better understanding. Also, if "The Valley" bores you, you have a problem that no online blog recommendation can cure.

  47. Boohan

    One of the most brilliant bands in the last 10 years. This new song is rare, different, but no doubt: I will love it. Like every one, like every record. Thanks again, Will.

  48. Potato Milkshake

    @MrShadyau I like how you assume they change their style 'to attract more listeners' just so you could rant like any music hipster. Just sit back and enjoy the songs you do like. I could complain about The Black Keys losing their traditional lo-fi sound, but I prefer not to. I just keep listening to their older records and ignore the new ones. tl;dr DEAL WITH IT.

  49. Emm Elle

    Can Okkervil write a bad album? Everything they do is awesome. Been listening to them since I heard their song "Westfall" years ago.

  50. SamuelVeal

    @MrShadyau accusing people of selling out is the new selling out. Way to send a band up the river that you "followed religiously" - you're the type of fan that no band wants.


    Short and endless. Got no words to speak.

  52. Kaitlyn Rose

    @ettuObama i see your point and get the same twinges when something becomes public domain but at the end of the day shouldnt we be elevating the greats and putting them on pedestals? giving okkervil our hard earned dollars over puppets parroting the music of others (aka the norm). i say go forth an conquer young men! but i will agree with you on one point: they make BRILLIANT MUSIC

  53. Cool Hand Luke

    Did you guys notice how towards the end of the video the lyrics for "Walked Out On A Line" started appearing in the background?

  54. Cool Hand Luke

    I wasn't a big fan of this track when I first heard it, then I downloaded the single, put it on on my iphone and was blaring it in my car. Now, It's a jam.

  55. Andrew Bryson

    I was ambivalent about this song at first, but have since grown to love it. I think this excellent video has a lot to do with that — I groaned when I saw it was one of 'those' videos (lyrics appearing on screen as they're sung), but it's very well-done and slyly subversive. Favorite moment: "HAVE WE still got time?"

  56. ashkon52

    The first time I heard this song I loved the scattered melody immediately. Then I started to like the chaotic instrumental sound. Then I started to like the idea of 'being fine' as a chorus to so much chaos in the background. Then realise how brilliant this song is crafted.. CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS... just wake up be fine... as if we are trying to convince ourselves! Then I see the lyrics officially and I am so in awe of its phrasing. It is so fucking layered. So epic and yet so simple. Its genius.

  57. schnerzz

    I heart Okkervil River. Ispiring song as always. Welcome back guys!

  58. Zaah

    I can't wait to see them live!

  59. Jael Truong

    Love the little things in this clip. The Opening eye instead of Wake, the switching between Villians and Killers and also the Crashing part. Definitly a good clip. I'm still not sold on the production of this song though.

    One of the things that put OR above all other bands is Will's voice during the amazing climaxes in many songs. Come back, For Real and Black to name a few. However I feel that Will's voice really doesn't shine as it normally does. I hope this is just a one time thing :)

  60. syiroxx

    The video darkens the song. I have been waiting for the video to come out since their appearance on Jimmy Fallon's. Thanks for the upload!

  61. Christopher Toll

    Holy shit this grew on me

  62. Jacques Dray

    You got me at the first 4 bars.

  63. João P.

    muito boom =D

  64. Cowa

    Beautiful !