Okkervil River - On Tour With Zykos Lyrics

He gets close, but I choke
Take your shit, take your clothes
And get out of my home
I want you to love me
Or I want you long gone
You say your real name is John

Hey, thanks John
Go sing songs, go rock on
Roll your crew on down the road
To the next sold out show
Think you can get up above me?
Well, I want you to know

You're a figure of fun to everyone
'Neath the lone star, neon blue broken sign
They wish they were you
Like I wish you were mine
What a dumb thing to do

How come I shout "Goodbye"
When god knows I just want to
Make this white lie big enough
To climb inside with you

Another day, lost and gone
Clipping pages from the news for the senator's son
Well, he just strolls through the lobby
And glad-hands everyone
Another day, tossed and done

I go home, take off clothes
Smoke a bowl, watch a whole TV movie
I was supposed to be writing
The most beautiful poems
And completely revealing
Divine mysteries up close
I can't say that I'm feeling
All that much at all
At 27 years old

I'm discussed with desire by the guys who conspire
At the only decent bar in town
And they drink MGD's
And they wish they had me
Like I wish I had fire
What a sad way to be
What a girl who got tired

So, I wonder who you got your hooks in tonight
Was she happy to be hooked and on your arm?
Did she feel alive?
Her head all light

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Okkervil River On Tour With Zykos Comments
  1. SheepShade

    To be honest I've never heard a male singer perform in a female perspective so honest so I was confused at first but still, I keep returning to this song because I love the story that it tells. And everytime he sings "What a girl that got tired" it freakin gets me ... :)

  2. reteipdevries

    Great lyrics. But confusing.

    Zer0 Fr13nds

    reteipdevries how so

  3. sereinthesunshine

    The ultimate bliss of a song (and of arts) is the chance she gives us to feel what we feel feeling it with the relief of feeling our feel together. With ourselves, with someone else succeed in translating into words and images and with everybody who feel the same.

  4. Claudia Vore

    They wish they had me like I wish I had fire

  5. dave falkner

    60 up-votes? This must be the single most under-appreciated thing on the whole internet.

  6. Mr.Nathaniel Victor

    I wish you were mine

  7. Mr.Nathaniel Victor

    "God knows I just want to make this white lie big enough to climb inside with you" truest words ever spoke.

  8. Christopher Wolff

    This is, if it isn't my favorite, one of the Okkervil tracks which is most meaningful to me. It's beautiful.

  9. Gage Lamb

    UGHuhguhugHUHGUHGUHGHGHHHHhhhhhHUHHH fucccckkkkk this song man. goosebumps hardcore in this bitch. Damn man.

  10. Cristy Gerth

    Hey Thanks John. 

  11. Stephanie Lintel

    what a girl who got tired..

    Gage Lamb

    @Stephanie Lintel such a melancholic and beautifully-delivered line. Sheff is a vocal mastermind.

  12. Antaeron

    You say you real name is John ♪

  13. Travis Keller

    best band ever.