OJ Da Juiceman - 50 Bricks Lyrics

50 bricks in the night dawg, I'm doin numbers
Bale and a half cuz, I'm doin numbers
Scale goin HAM dawg, I'm doin numbers
Ice around my neck cause I'm doin numbers

Wrist like Jordan, other like Kobe
Damn, I'm iced out dawg, what are you smoking?
Yung Juice Man, god dammit I'm fly
I got so many carats in my chicken pot pie
Diamond brick mason shawty cause I got weight
A hunnid bricks in, had the house by the lake
'72 donk, 24" roller skates
Man, I'm boomin off the chain, watch lookin like grapes
In a '07 Charger SRT8
Man, I bought it off the lot
Cuz, Juice dun pushed the weight
[?] connect dawg and it plugged with that cake
Chevy C10 popped and locked on them [?]
Eatin shrimp on a stick and it's heavy on the steak
Livin like a mobsta, choppin wit me patnas
In Benihana's dinin on calimari pasta
Bubba kush blowin like Yung Juice dun won a Oscar

50 bricks in the night dawg, I'm doin numbers
Bale and a half cuz, I'm doin numbers
Scale goin HAM dawg, I'm doin numbers
Ice around my neck cause I'm doin numbers

50 bricks in the night dawg, use a little muscle
Right hand cookin and my number triple-double
Sun Valley shawty and my dime look like numbers
Trappin with a choppa so the Juice don't fumble
Workin outta houses and it doin numbers
Swing my front door and it's pistol to your nostril
Brick man life got the Juice real hostile
Say the wrong thing and my goons gon drop ya
Still heavy trappin, had to switch the spots up
Cause a nigga like you dawg, spits it to the coppas
But it's 10 bales, 50 bricks so they can't stop us
32 E-N-T and we stay guapped up

50 bricks in the night dawg, I'm doin numbers
Bale and a half cuz, I'm doin numbers
Scale goin HAM dawg, I'm doin numbers
Ice around my neck cause I'm doin numbers

See this ice around my neck? Came from Juice sellin dope
And this ice around my pinky came from Jucie whippin coke
And I still fuck with Pepsi, but the Juice and the coke
I can make a half a mil dawg just sellin dope
I can make a whole mil off these words that I quote
Man, my bars is so freezin please bring Juice's coat

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OJ Da Juiceman 50 Bricks Comments
  1. Yung Faness

    My Numbers TripLe DoubLe FumbLe Say The Wrong Thang An My Goons Gone

  2. Raheem Williams

    Wet it do loc fresh on the ugh 🔥 bail and a half of work done 🔥

  3. ralvarez1366

    Let's go juice make a new album your shit is tight g

  4. after hours

    If only beats were still like this, shout out to zay

  5. Them

    Chevy C10

  6. Thomas Martin

    in a o 7 charger

  7. Mason Moscardelli

    so many carrots an that chicken popeye!

  8. ThreeSEVENnine

    this was my shit in 09

  9. G O

    what it doooooooooo

  10. MARCUS Dix

    my favorite.trapper

  11. fredwill13

    Pure down south black tee shirt dope boy hoodlum music. I play this in the morning rolling blunts and then play it again in the car. Damn juice!

    dustin gutierrez

    fredwill13 n



  13. rico .warren

    this shit bring back memories

  14. Lakisha Laster

    This is my second favorite rapper


    @Lakisha Laster WHOS THE 1ST? JUICY J? AYE AYE

    Lakisha Laster

    Lil boosie

    Lakisha Laster

    But i still love oj da juiceman i love him to death

  15. Lakisha Laster

    Love oj da juiceman

  16. R.L Smith

    Dertty wurld

  17. R.L Smith

    Ford Marley aka built ford tough

  18. JohnnySplashSGod

    Sound like agoff shit

    Ocean Shark

    No bra ..you on meth

  19. ISHYGDDT2013

    i can make a half a mil just sellin dope

  20. H1dden1s

    Mero sent me here to recover from Owl City

  21. MrJuvinel


  22. Antwan Caudle

    pills N dat powder
    money N the power
    I can make it rain
    N give yo bitch a money shower
    E.S.M president
    I never been a coward
    Hit U with dat llama
    I'll send ya mama flower
    50k a nite
    moving wit dat white
    Traphouse got da jay's
    moonwalking like mike
    50 bells getting paid
    watch it when I take flight
    Booming in my hood
    so U better think twice
    Plug got it snowing
    Money still growing
    shawty shaking fast
    got da club thunderstorming
    when I make it rain
    tell'em it's a flood warning
    (bar's fa days)

  23. packanuzi6969

    probably true

  24. simeon310

    I'm trying to learn the street lingo. Are bricks, cocaine??? Because when you drop a brick on the ground white dust cracks off the brick.

    Homicide Mouse

    simeon310 you forced that 😂 you thinking way too hard

  25. refridgeratorimation

    Should I go to church since I'm scared of blowing my Focuses listening to this song.. I don't have what it takes to listen the whole song with volume up.

  26. LOUDOG074

    Wish i had 50 bricks and a bale n a half i'd be doing numbers also.

  27. semtex50

    aye ....aye ... aye ....ok ... ok

  28. Diemen Allen

    this song go hard in a trunk i swear if you have beat in yo shit play this n turn it up watch niggas heads spin

  29. Tùng


  30. Devin Blair

    @DaBourko HAHA :P dont need to go on forever when i can kill it first verse

  31. Devin Blair

    i can rap all day/ real strait nigga smoke gray/30 clips stay for my bird/me and my man oj/poppin pills all day/ AYEE!!!


    Don't give a fucc wut yall hatten about but STL doing #'s put ATL with it (St.Lanta) Aye Aye Aye Aye Okay...The whole 1017, 32ENT,So Icey Burr

  33. chris255N

    hes doing better now

  34. mike cavins

    @joestl314 LOL SO TRUE

  35. coronabomb

    song too stupid

  36. TheLostBoys

    stupid crazy swag

  37. joestl314

    Young Juiceman, God damn I'm so fly! Got so many carrots in my chicken pot pie.

    I give him credit for having the balls the say something that retarded.

  38. packanuzi6969

    oj is crap his flow is weak as hell

  39. Scott Morris

    greatest song eva

  40. Tùng


  41. Tùng

    omg omg omg AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rates 4 stars* *favorites* *posts a comment!* YAY THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME SONG EVER!!!

  42. Korian Woods

    im doin numbers

  43. Ho Chi Squad

    juice shit be bumpin hard as shit

  44. BrickSquad Germany

    Aye Aye Okay Damn..!!!!


  45. MrTrepound3lb

    thats wat up


    hardest oj song right here

  47. jjccll09

    aye dam ok yung juice 32 entertaiment

  48. bullet4mv93

    his constant "ay! ay!" pisses me off, but no doubt his music goes hard as hell.

  49. TheLostBoys

    cant get away from oj. shittt. he bumps ssooooo hard. homie was like dude i hate that shit...i bumped it for like 2 days and then he was like "damn" thats the shittt

  50. heatwave59

    well damn dis dis shit go super hard

  51. likedemlg

    dont talk shit bout the A

  52. TheLostBoys

    Cuz' im doin numbers!Aye and see the ice around my neck came from juice salein dope, and the ice around my pinki came from juice whippin coke, and i still fuck wit pepsi,but the juice and the coke,i can make a half a mill dawg just salein dope, i can make a whole mill with off these words that i quote, man my bars are so freezy plz bring juice's coat, aye aye dam dam ok ok young juice young juice, 32 entertainment!!! shit is tooo hard hahah

  53. TheLostBoys

    call me brick mason shawty, cuz i got weight,100 bricks here at the house by the lake,72 dunk 24 roller skates,man im boomin off the chain watch lookin like grapes,in a 07 charger srt8,man i bought it off the lot cuz juice done push the weight....okayyy. shit goes sooo harddd. oj goes hard.zaytoven on the beatt. dammmm

  54. Number4

    AYE! AYE! AYE! OK!