Oingo Boingo - Tender Lumplings Lyrics

Oh, listen, tender lumplings, let me take your little hands
I'll take you from this hellhole to the Promised Land
But don't blame me, oh, children, if those promises don't keep
'Cause promises, like lives, can be bought so very cheap

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Oingo Boingo Tender Lumplings Comments
  1. Shannon Corbett

    Haha. Watching Sluggo always cracks me up. Love him!

  2. organs

    @mannsam63 More likely the work of Danny's brother Richard. If you don't know his work, check out "Forbidden Zone", in black and white. It was the last hurrah of The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, the theatre troupe.

  3. vinyl man

    Did Tim Burton produce this when they were students together? Sure looks like it - love it. Hey when did Danny turn into a Santa Monica slacker -lol!