Oingo Boingo - Forbidden Zone Lyrics

Living in the sixth dimension
Things get rough
Living in the sixth dimension
Can be tough
It's so hard when your on your own
When your on your own

Moving in the wrong direction
Brings bad luck
Living without protection
Really sucks

It's so hard when your on your own
You might fall into the forbidden zone

Going down, down, down
How far can you go?
You might fall into the forbidden zone
Going down, down, down
'cross the border line
The guards look scary but the girls are pretty fine

I'm going down
I'm going down
I'm going down I go
Turning me around
Turning me around
Turning me around I know

Living in the sixth dimension
Moving in the wrong direction
Living in the sixth dimension
Moving in the wrong direction
Living in the sixth dimension
Moving in the wrong direction

It's so hard when you're on your own
When your on your own
The forbidden zone

Going down, down, down
How far can you go
You might fall into the forbidden zone
Going down, down, down
'cross the border line
The guards look scary but the girls are pretty fine

Going round, round, round
Driving me insane
Everything looks different
But nothing has changed.

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Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Comments
  1. Frantic Decay

    Why does this sound so much like Jack Stauber!!

  2. Joshua Rodriguez

    Still sounds like a Sonic Zone.

  3. Caleb Grayson

    me and the boys listening to this while we cross the korean DMZ to cause ww3

  4. DressBird Studios

    Bad boys get set to the forbidden zone to atone for their sins

  5. Matt Runyon

    I thinks this describes internets.

  6. Joshua Rodriguez

    This has a spooky feel to it, I love it.

  7. Phil Lott

    If you like the music you should see the movie.....

  8. Alec McGillis

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Monika Radzaj

    This sounds so ahead of its time! Oingo Boingo are truly legendary!

  10. Revolver Snake

    Elfman has such a great voice

  11. Rudy Cepko

    This movie manages to offend everyone.

  12. Lars Andersen

    It's too bad that this version was never released. The middle section especially kicks all the ass.

  13. Bill Lowe

    I grew up in San Diego and so I had a record put out by local radio station KROQ of local bands calls L.A. In. Oingo Boingo had one song on it called I'm Afraid. It was one of the few songs that stood out to me. Later got their E.P and couldn't wait for anything else to come from them. Bought Only a Lad the day it come out and have been a fan since. Not of only OB but of Danny Elfman. Can spot his music almost every time. From the moment of watching Desperate Housewives for the first time to the movie Family Man which I think the music carries and makes the movie. Genius.

  14. rsvp9146

    They were SO good live. Such a unique band. Steve Bartek is a criminally underrated guitarist.

  15. Sheldon Cooper

    Theme song of the modern day office workplace.

  16. White Studios

    I remember watching the movie with the same title at 3 in the morning on HBO or something. It was like a burlesque comedy in black and white. This played on the opening and end credits. I liked it a lot then.

  17. Punketeria1369

    Amazing song for a ridiculously brilliant film by the brilliant Oingo Boingo & Elfman Brothers.

  18. White Hispanic

    Bummer its not on spotify

  19. Paul Tello

    Dogbert should be lynched in public. Dilbert should be the one to put the rope around his neck.


    You take that back!

    Paul Tello

    @Gobbersmack No.

  20. Nicolas Campbell

    My dad introduced me to Boingo he liked their music when he was a kid in the 80s a truly underrated band and now Boingo is one of my favorite bands. I love all the songs on this first ep. Early Boingo was so unique and their final album was great also very underrated Changes is a Prog song in my opinion.

    that's fucking stupid karen no

    cool im the opposite, im getting my dad into Oingo Boingo

  21. Mapashe :3

    What that lyrics means?



  23. Johnny Hansen

    Dilbert Brought me here!...

  24. Kit Blank

    Do you know how frickin' hard it is to find a copy of this record?!

  25. Negron Family

    SEE THE MOVIE!! Forbidden Zone. Classic

  26. coprographia

    fuck dilbert

  27. Harrison Welch

    Damn bro this song still slaps

  28. Robby Combs

    perhaps the greatest movie ever made...it's like will never be seen again.


    Till richard gets funding to make the sequel

  29. Wewwers

    or cool ranch

  30. James Smith

    Anyone else come here from pirate radio on urbandead?

  31. flashmozzg

    Is this a JoJo reference?

  32. Scooby Daps

    Guitar is epic on the verse.

  33. Mark Anthony

    I have never heard the demo cd at all.

    I love it. I'm a huge Oingo fan and have never heard it until tonight.

  34. Meursault

    Actual fucking masterpiece.
    What the fuck is a Dilbert?

  35. Brent Testerman

    I had a tee-shirt, same font and colors, it was stenciled. I bought it when they were playing at Madame Wong's West. I think I got the EP from Rhino Records. The good ol' days!

  36. Pine Apple

    this song is very catchy :)

  37. The Rinja

    The drums are immense . Rockin’ new wave

  38. The _Wanderer

    Download please

  39. Nolan Aljaddou

    Equations I Discovered:

    Zero-Point Energy (giving the big bang equation)
    The Vacuum Equation (deriving the ellipsoid model of the universe)

    That's all you need.

    I also derived the proper derivative, founding operator calculus.

    Nolan Aljaddou

    My contribution to technology - in the vein of Einstein: The blueprints for hyper-light drive.

    Nolan Aljaddou

    There's nothing I didn't do mathematically in physics - or everything.

  40. Jamie Rabinowitz

    Great band and a good film too

  41. David Wilczynski

    Steve Bartek was every bit as much of Boingo as Danny Elfman.

  42. Nick Melton

    Steve Bartek: a goddamn legend. That solo!

  43. KitCat22

    Going down down down, how far can you go?

  44. Nolan Aljaddou

    The ways in which I am a success - countless:

    1) Nutting on the hottest bitch of all time.

    2) Being the next Albert Einstein.

    3) Fulfilling the apocryphal 2012 prophecy.

    4) Being cosmically connected to Hayley Williams.

    5) Being a legitimate technical, not nonsensical Christian.

    6) Discovering everything secret and clandestine about my circumstances.

    7) Making the evolutionarily defunct look properly retarded.

    Duckie Alexander

    Nolan Aljaddou yet you haven't found the Forbidden Zone.

  45. Mahatma Randy

    Man, it took me *forever* to find this song in the '90s. Never heard this version before.

  46. Killroy Psalt

    I would die happy without a regret in the world if at a screening of the hopefully upcoming Forbidden Zone 2, and as a special one time opportunity, all of Boingo Boingo INCLUDING Danny Elfman treat the audience to a special Oingo Boingo reunion show after the film. They would open up the special reunion with a clip of the intro to the first FZ (the the w/ the pimp and the blackface animation and all that) which would transition them into playing track version of the Forbidden Zone, and play other Boingo classics and some hidden gems as well. That would be the BEST show ever, seriously, this has got to happen, just one time, pleasssss


    I don't know.. he said he would never do another reunion concert.. he's losing his hearing after years of shows.

  47. Francois Degroen

    I was first exposed to Oingo Boingo in late 1979. Oingo Boingo had a weekly friday night gig at MADAM WONG'S (DONG'S) WEST in Santa Monica by the time I tagged along for my first show. Oh what a time. Some Oingo Boingo songs had serious stacatto runs. With military precision, this band flawlessly stopped for rests on 64ths beats, reigniting instantly with the same force the music was driven at the millisecond it stopped. I understood nothing technical about music then, but anyone who has ever had the fun of attending any of their shows would agree this band was TIGHT. They played super intensely and seamlessly. The weirdo factor owned this; Band and audience. The L.A. area, which has been infested arguably since the 1950s with empty-headed posers too cool (stupid) to croak out a sentence expressing an individual thought, were incapable of feeling this band. KROQ (back then played Punk, some Underground, and good New Wave music) was the only radio station authentic enough to play Oingo Boingo music. To me, Oingo Boingo's music is still unclassifiable. Like any band worthy of its own Art, it created its own audience - mostly by word of mouth. When I brought the band into a conversation, some people, on hearing just the name of the band for the first time, closed their ears, and morphed either into mouth-breathing bovine, or scoffed with unfounded contempt in a manner that communicated "Please Sir, one-punch the arrogance from my face: The ugly mask I smear on my hollow head every morning to conceal my musical conformity and social stupidity". The Point: Los Angeles mainstream corporate programmed radio didn't allow their disc jockeys introducing anything that might be original, different, or, in their short sighted stupidity, profitable. Those who collectively made those decisions should be loaded on a luxurious tour bus and taken on an accelerating and slightly too long drive, off Santa Monica Pier. And include some television and movie script writers along. Who needs roller coasters and bumber cars? Now That's Entertainment! Oingo Boingo was as original (even after 37 years), as it can get. There were, and surely still is, many corporately ignored artists and bands that are phenomenal. Thank God for touring, Youtube, and digital word-of-mouth. The horses are long gone and the price gouging has taken a massive castration: A proper punishment for the artless stupidity they still try peddling. Oops, did I rant? Guess things have changed. My point is Oingo Boingo grew from and into the L.A. scene, and the Angelinos that became their die-hard fans and stuffed every sold-out Oingo Boingo show know exactly what I'm talking about. Elffman went on to evolve into a gifted film score writer/producer, at least in part through the support of Tim Burton, whom I understand was amongst the ranks of us Oingo Boingo fans. I was priviliged to experience some of it. I haven't listened to traditional corporate radio, or watched network television for decades. The world is out here, and the real artists tour themselves out here with us. Share them, Show up, and support them. Let them, not corporate swine, earn and spend their own money on their own families. To every member that ever played in Oingo Boingo (this means especially You, Hatch), God bless you guys and thanks for the beautifull memories. Now how about a f*cking reunion?

  48. Kobe Janssen

    This song should be in rick and morty

    Hombre monocromático

    Hell no


    get that shit outta here

    Paul Tello

    I think they should use it as an intro in a cartoon. Say like an animated show of the comic strip Dilbert.


    @Paul Tello Yeah, a good cartoon.

  49. Human Thoughts

    Ok so the second I hear this song I immediately think this was used as an intro to some cartoon and at first I was thinking something like Robot Chicken or Invader Zim and I continue listening to while scrolling through YouTube and I refresh my Home Page feed and the first thing that pops up is the Dilbert intro and my mind was blown so now this song is like 10x better to me

  50. David Vollmar

    Nice! Huge fan. Thanks!!!!! So Cal resident then, NY native. Glad I was there!

  51. Doctor Frankeinsound

    but i don't have this one!!!!! /( just all other stuff : )

  52. Doctor Frankeinsound


  53. bones jackson

    this sounds like it was produced llike within the past few years what the fuck


    It's the amazing sound quality - this record has amazing fidelity for something so old, that's why it sounds so good. I get the feeling this is transferred form the original masters, there's no vinyl crackle or anything!

  54. Nolan Aljaddou

    All-Singles EP:


    Track Listing

    1. Acid Rain - "Vines"/"Cream"-Style Acid Rock
    2. Hey Man - "White Stripes"/"Kinks"-Style Punk Rock
    3. Mary Jane - "Bright Eyes"/"Byrds"-Style Pop Rock
    4. My Garden - "Elliott Smith"/"Beatles"-Style Psychedelic Rock
    5. Higher - "Hives"/"Yardbirds"-Style Grunge Rock


    - Nolan A.

    The greatest piece of art - of All Time.

  55. Cyrillion

    This sounds like Devo had sex with Mr Bungle :3

    Washed Up Wings

    What an unthinkable but fitting comparison :)

    Nathan Isaksson

    Mr. Bungle frequently sounds like they're borrowing from Boingo, which is awesome

  56. Andrew Tempalski

    I wish I was part of the OC scene in the 80s.

  57. Hyperbog

    After four years of procrastination I've finally uploaded the remaining two songs from the Demo EP, "Only A Lad" and "So Bad". I've made a playlist with the songs in order as they appear on record so you can enjoy the flow of the album as originally intended. Check them out. They're really great versions of both songs.

  58. yeeowww

    I remember this ALL too well... Myself (Sean P. Riley) and fellow Boingo crewmate Charlie Unkeless painted the majority of these covers in my backyard garage airbrush studio in Venice, California early in 1980. We invited the band members to come over and help paint some (we had 130 to do!) of which I think only Leon Schneiderman and Dale Turner ever showed up. The hand inscribed initial on the back of each one is "CS" which stands for Charlie & Sean. Great memories, great times, GREAT MUSIC! Long live OIngo Boingo!

    Richard Zempel

    I played Oingo Boingo for my kids when they were little. It corrupted their minds and they are now considering starting an Oingo Boingo "tribute" band. I thought their original shit was magic, cuz they let me play and arrange horns. O.B. has always been an inspiration to my sick family. Check out "Smooth Talkin Perverts" and give them a chance to leave the restaurant business. We believe musical entertainment is the best value of all the service industries.


    That's a pretty epic moment in history, and really an honor that you've commented here! I would have loved to have lived when all of that was going on, and it must have been pretty amazing to hear music like that at that point in time. Richard Elfman also dropped a comment 2 years back regarding the sequel to the movie Forbidden Zone 2. I hope that's still moving forward. Thanks for dropping by and sharing the story. Truly a great memory to have.


    I met Dale Turner at Sweet's Mill music retreat in the early nineties. I'm not surprised he pitched in to help with production. He seemed like such a mensch. He and his trumpet joined Bradley Jaye Williams and me in a few Mexican polkas.

    Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron

    Definetly some great stuff

  59. The cossie man, dropper of basses

    I prefer the demo version

  60. Chad Griffiths

    This sounds like how The Nightmare Before Christmas would have sounded in a parallel universe.

    Richard Zempel

    Same universe, on a side street that rocks.

    Strange Imagination

    Nightmare Before Christmas meets the Doctor Who intro theme


    funnily enough, "Oogie Boogie's Song" from Nightmare Before Christmas was inspired by the "Squeezit the Moocher" scene from "Forbidden Zone"

  61. Some Random Guy

    It makes me sad how this song isn't on Spotify :'(


    +TigerTrollUSA it is but it's not half as good a version as this one!

  62. BeetleBungs



  63. Gonzalo del Moral

    Dogbert's seal of approval

  64. Memento Mori

    Fucking great stuff , Elfman and crew are legendary

  65. Die, Master Monkey

    Excellent. Wandered around LA on a broken scooter listening to this on a cassette tape. For like a year. On acid. Explains a few things.

    Die, Master Monkey

    +Die Master Monkey (Die, Master Monkey) Incidentally, I do not recall the section around 2:10 and suspect it was added after the initial release. Anyone out there know?

    mike gomes

    Broke scooter

    Nick Melton

    This version is from the Demo EP. The Demo EP never received an official release; it was sent to radio stations and music executives as a strategy to land a recording contract. This version of "Forbidden Zone" has never been released anywhere else. I suspect the version of "Forbidden Zone" you were listening to was from the official soundtrack release, which is a shorter version of the song.

  66. Totalytaco

    Goddamn Dilbert!


    rip kusoge


    +Jackie Choodles #wow #woah

    Retro Skull

    What's Dilbert going to get into next?


    THANK you, I knew I recognized bits of this but I couldn't remember from where!


    I knew the song sounded familiar

  67. generic goose


    that's fucking stupid karen no


  68. thecocomen546


  69. Minstorm

    Orteil brought me here.

  70. fenryx0

    Kinda sounds like Talking Heads. Pretty sure bands like janes addiction were influenced by this too.

  71. Kaye PlagueDoc

    Love this version of the song, in fact I prefer it to the Soundtrack version.  =3


    @Kaye Faye Me too. This beats the soundtrack version by a longshot. :)

    Nick Melton

    There is no place to purchase this version. This is from the Demo EP, which was never officially released. It was a homemade record sent to radio stations and music executives as an attempt to land a record deal - an attempt that paid off, as the band was signed to I.R.S. Records.

    Bryce Byerley

    It's that breakdown in the middle...I love the move version where they have the gamelon xylophone overlaid with the synth in the breakdown as well.

    Kaye PlagueDoc

    I still really like the movie version, I just like this one more. Ironically it seems more "complete" despite being a demo, but they each stand on their own for me.

    I really hope the music in FZ2 ends up being good. I doubt they could really recapture... whatever the hell the first movie had (I'm not sure "magic" is the right term) but what made it special in its own insane way. But Elfman is such a great composer with great taste in jazz and such... so I have high hopes for the music.

  72. MASF

    The Dilbert Zone!

  73. chainsaw barbarian

    The Masonic symbolism they used even way back then is crazy! anyone catch that 666 in the lyrics? Very fun.

    chainsaw barbarian

    @Kaye Faye he goes to the 6th dimension 3 times.....actually twice then there times..... you can see the lyrics in the description box. He's talking about our lower selves that are greedy, lusty, etc.....down down down.....sorry....my wacky friends and I get a big kick out of this kind of wierdness...haha.....have a good one

    Kaye PlagueDoc

    @chainsaw barbarian Ahh. I thought maybe there was a vocal I wasn't hearing or something hidden away. I guess I wouldn't really notice a detail like that, I didn't exactly count the times "Sixth Dimension" was mentioned. And its fine to get a kick out of weird things, I love weird stuff too (I am a fan of this movie afterall xD I also just love Oingo Boing/Danny Elfman and crew)

    chainsaw barbarian

    @Kaye Faye me too.....boingo was great. I saw one of their last halloween shows.....I got old enough to start going to shows and they were gone not long after that.... I have gotten to see this movie in a theater like five different times....haha. it seems like in Hollywood you could always find it playing once or twice a year....as far as my friends go.... we have found symbolism everything..... real weird and fun stuff. Take care, kaye. Follow me on Google+ if you want....i put up songs all the time

    Kaye PlagueDoc

    @chainsaw barbarian I sadly haven't seen them live, I was born in the early 80s and by the time I was grown up they had kind of moved on. Granted I did know of Danny Elfman and I had heard plenty of Oingo Boingo mainly through my mum and the 80s comedies she watched ceaselessly. I wouldn't learn about The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo/Forbidden Zone until I met my wife though. She's from Japan and apparently it gained a cult following there as well which I actually can see considering how surreal Japanese humour can be at times. I'm also currently a co-manager of a theater out here and it was and still is the theaters tradition to show Rocky Horror with an audience and shadowplay around Halloween, and one year we got the bright idea to show a preview and set up for some Forbidden Zone screenings and it actually worked out real well. Fun times. =D And sure I'll follow ya

    chainsaw barbarian

    You sound cool to me....I love rocky....I can't link you with my phone....listen to over at the frankenstein place and learn the secret meaning of rocky horror and life itself.....same things boingo is saying. ....let the sun shine in....it's in everything you see and hear. I'm born in 76.....not too much older than you.......I happen to have an encyclopedic knowledge bank of pop culture of many kinds....i'm a need. I'm a punk rocker, too. I've always had to know everything about my shit.....then I started too see the "conspiracy" come through. They tell us the truth all day....hide it in the weirdest shit.....while everyone is scared of hell. Now I truly know what all my music and shows, movies, etc......were trying to tell me. I hope I don't sound like a complete maniac.....if you wanna learn something real....I need to practice explaining it....haha. I'm gonna post a couple jams on G plus.....look at the songs I post......if they sound weird to you....cool. If not....I like you. I don't go around asking people to follow me or anything....haha. I find it all quite moving.....

  74. beeboobop

    You can tell Mr Bungle likes this.

  75. Sovery Lame

    anyone know how to get that synth sound ??? thanks in advance

    Frank Orellana

    @Sovery Lame hmmm theremin?

    Max Devo


    John Pindelski

    Most (all?) synths would have the programming option/setting to glide between notes

  76. aldotrapaini

    Why isn't this available for download this is an amazing song I also prefer it to the soundtrack version on iTunes


    Free download listen to YouTube copy URL

  77. moshomaniac1

    My favorite part of the song begins at 1:48

  78. Donn Munn

    The reasons I love this song are two D's: Danny Elfman and Dilbert.

  79. aaronias

    thanks dilbert for bringing me here. I love Danny Elfman but had no idea he was in a band before specializing in movie scores.

    Jessica OctoStar

    Hedid contribute several songs to movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Weird Science, and Oingo Boingo appeared in the Rodney Dangerfield film Back to School

    Sinful Abomination

    had no idea he specialized in movie scores after his band

    Scooby Daps

    aaronias LOL

    Allan gonzalez

    I was brought here too because of Dilbert I used to watch that cartoon on channel 9

  80. Tom Yaz

    i have this album


    @Tom Yaz The Forbidden Zone soundtrack for the movie is pretty awesome. I believe there are already links up for those songs. I wasn't able to find any uploads for this EP so I figured it was time to spread this to the public.


    +Tom Yaz GIVE IT TO ME!

    Tom Yaz

    i might sell it


    I'd be second in line. but I'd be interested in possibly buying the album from you as well.

    Tom Yaz

    i need to get it out of storage

  81. Max Devo

    I remember watching this when it only had 30 views. This was uploaded on the very day my grandmother died. At least SOMETHING good happened that day...

  82. Jair Enrique Moncada Rugama

    I havent heard this version with a Bartek solo. Great stuff!!

  83. Highland804

    Cannot wait for Forbidden Zone 2!

  84. Elizabeth Alvarado

    I don't understand why this song was never released on an album to the public! It's creepy, sure, but it still sounds amazing!


    I'm pretty sure it was issued on the original Only a lad EP,  they released a couple of versions of that EP before the album and I sure it featured on the very first one.   Hard to find theses days.

  85. boredom120

    The Full Version Theme To Dilbert. Great Anime Show.

    Michael Fischer

    Wish it was still on


    I knew I’d heard this song before. Thanks for reminding me where that was

    Eric Logan

    You should watch Forbidden Zone.

  86. MrMassivemeatlog

    you can download the discography in flac on tpb

  87. David Pardy Music

    Well, Danny Elfman was in the band and he is quite a famous composer, employed for many shows (he also did The Simpsons)

  88. Oarqvs Rodte

    First time listening to Oingo Boingo. It sounds like they were really ahead of their time, being in 1979 this sounds like mid 80's material!

  89. vmorales225

    Who would have thought Dilbert got their song from these guys

  90. Corporal Marshmallow

    Discovered this song by Bimbo's Initiation.

  91. Philip Cohen

    This is from 1979? Definitely early new wave. Ahead of its time!!

  92. OOOzw

    For some reason I've only been able to get this video to play once, which is really upsetting because this version is great. Thanks for sharing anyway.


    I don't know how I ended up here, but I came for some reason because the song got running through my head. Oingo Boingo tends to do that, and I don't understand it. This does sound strikingly high quality.


    More liek Jewtube, amirite?

    Rhys F.

    Fancy seeing you here...

    Paul Tello

    Oy vey, oy gevalt.

  95. TheShiftersDC

    I own both the Demo EP and the Forbidden Zone soundtrack. The Demo EP is the superior version of the song.

  96. ReverendChance

    Thank You SIR from the bottom of this Mystic Knights/OB/DE/RE fan...

  97. Softestbullet

    Could always buy the DVD?

  98. zeitok8

    Sound a bit diferent of the OST but this one got 4minutes! ¿is the original? never heard this one before, love it.

  99. Hyperbog

    Yeah man, I created this account just to upload this song because of how awesome it is. I have a couple of versions on my PC, a few of them really early live performances, but this is the only version of the song I've found that sounds as good as this. The Forbidden Zone soundtrack is definitely great though. I think I'll go ahead and throw the other three songs up from this Demo EP: Ain't This The Life, Only A Lad, and So Bad.