Oingo Boingo - Ain't This The Life Lyrics

Livin' way up now in a penthouse high
Our steaks are rare and our martini's dry
Folks below they say it ain't fair
Hell with them, I really don't care
Joie de vivre, mon amie
Ain't this the life

Having a party on a big jet plane
I got so drunk that I could feel no pain
Hangin' out in Acapulco
Drinkin' rum and sniffin' coco
Pretty señorita, look this way
Dancing through the night
Everything's all right
Girlfriend and a wife
Ain't this the life, ain't this the life
Ain't this the life, baby, baby, baby...

Tropical island in the deep blue sea
The natives are friendly and the lobster's free
Sipping Cognac like a French king
Plenty of room, I own the whole thing
Joie de vivre, mon amie
Ain't this the life

Think I'll go out now on a shopping spree
Breakfast in New York, dinner in Paris
Hangin' out with Lynn and Suzie
Have a massage and a Jacuzzi
Climb into bed and see what's on TV
Dancing through the night
Everything's all right
Girlfriend and a wife...
Ain't this the life, ain't this the life
Ain't this the life, tell me, tell me, tell me...

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Oingo Boingo Ain't This The Life Comments
  1. VaZ X

    To be honest the live version they did at the Urgh! music show was the absolute best

  2. Joshua Rodriguez

    Well ain't this the life.

  3. Nuclear Cat Baby

    I wonder if this song was literally written about Trump.

  4. desperate dave

    just heard for the firt time.. and this song apparently came out the year I was born :P
    its a lil dated in sound and style.. but I think its still pretty edgy and unig=que and would stand out a lil even today..

  5. John Grepo

    Great high school memories!

  6. Sport e filosofia

    Yesssss Oingo Boingo Fan fb

  7. Raynamenta

    im so used to the version of this song on spotify, the 10" EP and im just listening to ths like, "something isnt right"...

    Liz Bradley

    It's so slooooowwwwww lol

    dr dala

    i literally can't listen to the version on spotify after hearing this one so much. this one's so much more... raw! unhinged!

  8. John Grepo

    Jack Skellington sure can sing!

    Kiss-Horváth Ferenc

    @KiRbYcHiLdReN n O m Haha. :) (I was watching your cat video, and AWWWWWWWW XD)

    KiRbYcHiLdReN n O m

    @Kiss-Horváth Ferenc Aw thank you! My cat can be so precious and loving lol

    Kiss-Horváth Ferenc

    @KiRbYcHiLdReN n O m My cats too! :) I have three.

    KiRbYcHiLdReN n O m

    @Kiss-Horváth Ferenc Aw that's awesome! Cats are the best ☺

    Kiss-Horváth Ferenc

    @KiRbYcHiLdReN n O m I agree!!! 😍

  9. Estrella Castillo



    *punches you in the gizzard*

    Lyle E

    Ingo Bingo


    Ango Bango


    Wango Bangi

    Galaxy Bug

    ongo bongo

  10. grayforester

    Thanks for the EP sequence playlist! Tskes me bsck.

  11. Gil B

    I think Oingo Boingo makes playing guitar a gas

  12. Musonda Mwaba

    sounds like Adam ant and MGMT made a song together!

    Patrick Sheehy

    they wish

    Lyle E

    MGMT can't even touch Oingo Boingo

  13. bobbydj01

    Decent - but in danger of being a bit too clever for its own good.


    Great song....from the movie master. success story...architic of music



  15. twinsmm1

    this is a test. what's the connection between oingo boingo and lynyrd skynyrd?


    @twinsmm1 Something to do with Strawberry Alarm Clock?


    @kmmatney ding, ding, ding, ding!!! sorry, i don't have a prize. ...and if anyone else is wondering, look up steve bartek and ed king on wikipedia.

  16. Vic W

    Thanks for uploading this!

  17. Señor XREY

    Thanks for posting these original Boingo songs.  I prefer these to the slicker re-recorded versions

  18. Chuck Hahn

    one of those powersongs that always kicks up the energy. Playing air guitar in front of my computer, I feel like an old fool!( but a super energetic one!) I think I'll clean my bathroom, wsh somedishes, take out the trash, and maybe hitch a ride to Frankies Tiki Bar and get my crippled old ass kicked!  the possibilities are endless!

    VaZ X

    Chuck Hahn hahaha!!!!! Nice one, dude! Lol

  19. CB Fall

    Awesome song!!!

  20. JosephA W

    love it when I think of a song from way back when !  Find it, play it and share it!