Oingo Boingo - Acapella Ditty Lyrics

Well a hello and a howdy
We're so very glad to see you.
And we're getting kinda rowdy
And we've got a lot to say
And we're going to try and do our very best to entertain you
And we hope you'll be delighted by the time you go away
And we are called by name Oingo Boingo
And we're here just to entertain you
Make you laugh and maybe offend you
But we hope that you, will be happier than when you came because
It is more fun. Just relax, prepare to come undone.

Madness in large portions to serve you
Second helpings come with mashed potatoes.
Wylee, weelie, wylee wailee, we are called the Oingo Boingo
Not Gazingo, or Gazongo, or by any other name
And we'll punch you in the kisser if you dare to call us Bingo
'Cause we're called the Oingo Boingo
And it's simply not the same.
No it's simply not the same

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Oingo Boingo Acapella Ditty Comments
  1. Seattle Rinis

    Wow. This YT playlist of Mystic Knights material is just wonderful. Such a special time. All those folks who followed the MKOTOB back then were the luckiest. I was mostly familiar with the rock/ska band that Danny turned it into but I saw ads in the paper for the Mystic Knights and was curious about them. Thanks for putting it up here.

  2. Everything Fangirl

    This was my jam when I was like 14

  3. Daniel Tittyfish

    what is this on? The earliest thing ive found is the forbidden zone demo's......

  4. Rob Carr

    Yes thank you so much fellow knight

  5. Beth Arzy

    LOVEEEEE so much. Thank you for posting.

  6. Lollygagging Lilith

    If you have the whole album could you upload it? Or put it on Mediafire/something?

  7. pauldael

    Search and visit Danny Elfman's Music on Facebook! enjoy all the news! =)

  8. hornymaneee

    Most replayable song ever

  9. IsawanKenmuller

    Great song :-)

  10. Octoberchic25

    @lizismestupid I think so...who knows...he could've done both! He's Danny Elfman!

  11. Kurtin Rod

    This guys are so amazing =) Man they had a perfect understanding of what good, crazy, unique music was!! <3

  12. Liz Bradley

    @0:11, is Danny singing the alto part? I don't hear him with the men. His voice was so high when he was young, I wouldn't be surprised.

  13. Al Coholic

    Gotta love the Elfman brothers

  14. Octoberchic25

    @Keira13 also piano and guitar...yeah i know <3!!!! he's awesome!

  15. SKOTP69

    WOW! I've only ever HEARD the mythical name of the Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo! Now I've heard such early origins!

  16. NekoChanSenpai

    That is the funniest 54 seconds ever!

  17. Keira13

    okay correct me if I'm wrong
    Danny Elfman plays the trombone, the violin, alto sax and has the voice of a god.

  18. Jesse Kindred

    I love it!

  19. Glen Carpenter Music

    I've been looking for this ever since I saw a clip on the Forbidden Zone DVD :D
    Thanks for putting it up! Hope it stays!

  20. diggersstory

    Kudos on the song