Oh Wonder - My Friends Lyrics

Beyond the ocean size, I'm unaware
Locked out the other side
Like I was never there
Like I was never there

They said the boat had sailed
I'd left them there
Oh how the wind would wail
Like I was never there
Like I was never there

Oh my friends
I am heavy
Can I beat within your heart
Can I bleed within your love
Oh my friends

Beyond the ocean size, I'm unaware
Locked out the other side
Like I was never there
Like I was never there

I lost my only space
To empty stares
Oh how the light would change
Like I was never there
Like I was never there

Oh my friends
I am heavy
Can I beat within your heart
Can I bleed within your love
Oh my friends

Oh my friends
I am ready
Can I beat within your heart
Can I bleed within your love
Oh my friends

And I can't forget it
All of the love, all of the love
As we stood tall together
All of the love, all of the love

Oh my friends
I am heavy
Can I beat within your heart
Can I bleed within your love
Oh my friends

Oh my friends
I am ready
Can I beat within your heart
Can I bleed within your love
Oh my friends

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Oh Wonder My Friends Comments
  1. Rica Jacutina

    When are you guys coming to Philippines? :((

  2. Knoxsah Camp

    Shine bright circus man.



    If you listen very closely you can hear the mans voice very well

  4. Evan Nelson

    I really hope that the band is just absolutely baffled:
    "Who the hell is Mollymauk Tealeaf, and what does he have to do with our video?"

  5. Niclay 1000

    If you came because you miss your purple friend
    Start here if you wanna break your heart: 2:00

  6. jor-el

    im ugly crying right now

  7. Call me Sen

    show me one video where he doesn't look at her the way he does :')

  8. Person Is Present

    My heart is weeping to this song- Long May He Reign

  9. Halestar

    Long may he reign...

  10. DoomDeathLife

    Here because of the Critical Role animatic and music video for a character and series I don't know or watch, but love all the same. Rest in peace Mollymauk, and thank you to FlyboyElm for creating the video they did, as it reminded me just how much my character had in terms of growth and character change and behavior, and how beloved he was, and how much I loved the other characters. Thank you as well Oh Wonder, you did an amazing job with this song as a stand alone, and it happens to be perfect for that animatic and character.

  11. yaboinecro

    may our weird circus boy live on in our hearts ands dreams

    R.I.P Mollymauk Tealeaf

  12. Ravenella

    2:43 is my favorite part!

  13. Jolo Diaz

    Hi. I am just a small YouTuber who tries his best to entertain his audience. I am usually a very optimistic person, like you will never see me not smiling. But lately, negativity has been getting the best of me, it has been destroying me for weeks now, and i am not that type of person that will try and share his problems to people close to him.

    Can i please find comfort and encouragement here? I am about to blow up. 😭

  14. Wildan Kautsar

    At Episode 26 right now and Im not ready that I keep delay the video 😟

  15. Trogdor Tibbles

    Long may he reign

  16. Bryanna McDaniel

    Long may he reign...

  17. Bird Bones

    I miss Molly.

  18. Dori 123

    *sobs in mollymauk*

  19. Mr.kurly Plays

    Just found this in my recommended in 2019. I have to say quite the masterpiece. 😊

    Carribean Snowdrop

    Mr.kurly Plays listen to their 2 albums. They’re beautiful . They’re working on a third one 😃

    Mr.kurly Plays

    @Carribean Snowdrop Thanks for letting me know quite apriciate it. 😊

  20. Zak Freeman

    "Shine bright circus man"

  21. Cody J.

    Still not over his death, long may he reign

  22. Jason Ringo

    Long may he reign.

    For as long as we remember to encourage our fellows, and leaving every place better than we find it, his spirit lives on.

    To Mollymauk.

    Cody J.

    Shine bright, circus man

  23. Leftover Melodies

    Most people came from critical role over here, I kinda did the reverse ^^; but now the Mollymauk thingie is spoiled :(

  24. Emilie Alvado

    Ok i cant hold my tears, friendship is so important to me i relate to this song so much (maybe too much) , amazing song i love it

  25. Valarion

    Shine bright circus man

  26. Strawbsi

    Everybody says they came from Critical Role and found this, I came from Oh Wonder and found Critical Role

  27. Bainbow

    Shine bright, circus man.

  28. Сникерс с пивом

    Кто русский?2019?

  29. Leon Malu

    perfection for 5min

  30. Gregory Painter

    Be well old friend...I can't forget it, all of the love, all of the love, as we stood tall together

  31. Gabriel Novak

    Shine bright, circus man

  32. Lemon Grass

    Anthony doesn't blink. He's a robot. Lmao 💜

  33. l.avellan

    long may he reign..

  34. Archie MacMenemey

    Awesome!! Love this song and Oh wonder!!

  35. Nathan Glazier

    haven't kept up with CR so urprisingly didn't get reminded of this by that. I'm purely back here because I heard it in the background of something on TV, and it just suddenly clicked it was this.can't remember where I heard it, but I still got ridiculously excited hearing you two. Wonderfully unique music.

  36. Rebecca Lakin

    Goddammit molly

  37. Gerry Javier

    Probably most of my friends already have romantic relationships, I don't have one atm, not yet, when I'm ready and I'm building up myself to be ready. I crave friendship. But friendship is something I don't wanna lose, yet I'm on a rollercoaster ride of losing and mentaining them. I love every minute with them, some/most of 'em probably don't know that they mean THIS MUCH to me.
    Without friendship, there is no life... Friendship is life.

  38. Anna Lutes

    I come here to cry when I need to.

  39. Shonu A

    I am not an easy crier, but you just made me cry! (-:(-:(-:(-:
    I miss my friends who do not live here...

  40. emazzy

    I just discovered this song, and I am in tears. Not because of critical role, but for something else. I just got seperated from the Air Force due to anxiety. I tried fighting my case, but my rebuttal got denied. I made my peace with going home. However, the flight that I was with was amazing. They supported me every single day I was there. I miss them very much, because they were some of the most amazing friends I have ever had. I am happy to be home, but my heart grows heavy when I think about them.

  41. wiredspider

    I kinda feel she could get any other guy to sing with her and it would be amazing. Her vocals carry so much. She doesnt really need him no offense to the guy.

  42. Ruben Soto

    As a fan of both Oh Wonder and Critical Role, it's awesome to see the influx of new fans these guys got/will get:-)

  43. Steven Bonnell

    the le critical role army has arrived to raid your video

    CometCat Gaming-Vlogs-More

    True, but I love it

  44. Somari Lacey

    Got damn it the critters took over

  45. Sarah Kuhnert

    Shine bright, circus man.

  46. The Delusional Reacts

    This makes me feel clean

  47. Lord Shaxx

    Shine bright,circus man

  48. Funny Penguin

    I can't lie, I am here from the mollymauk animatic. But mostly because this song reminds me of the Internet friends that taught me what real love feels like 💖

  49. WaltertheWhiteWizard

    Shine bright circus man, long may you reign.

  50. HelpfulVader99

    2:43, "And I can't forget it
    All of the love, all of the love
    As we stood tall together
    All of the love, all of the love"

  51. MJ A

    Long may he reign

  52. Synaxtra

    Long may he reign

  53. Jack

    The official song of your favorite dead dnd character

  54. Dominic Harding

    Long Will (not may) he Reign

  55. Makise 004


  56. Chase Bauer

    Shine bright circus man

  57. gandalfalfa

    It's interesting how the actual songs starts at 2:44

  58. Nykyrian

    ever notice in some videos Anthony would look across at Josephine and she keeps looking straight...

  59. Matheus Costa

    Amo vcs oh wonder ,nao consigo parar de ouvir 💖💘💖💘💖💘

  60. Emma T

    Long may he reign

  61. Sanne K

    im crying in the club its fine i love this song so much

  62. Liam Arch

    Shine bright, you wonderful purple circus child.

  63. Laena Everwood

    Molly we'll miss you T^T

  64. Jasmine Smith

    Who is here from Ashley Johnson’s playlist for Yasha???

  65. RaLzY - Brawl Stars

    Мда.... Я не чё не понимаю 😫

  66. Mollymauk

    Press f in chat for our god.
    Long may he reign.

  67. Bionizard54

    R.I.P our outstanding teifling boy

  68. Harhar Bullock

    long may he reign

  69. hopia hon

    2:45 is the moment you’re looking for

  70. Deathnote2539

    The way they auto tune the voices honestly just ruins how good this song could be.

  71. jelle luyten

    Greetings from CR
    G'night Molly

  72. Sam Watson

    Only a few episodes into the second campaign, found the animatic, already attached enough to be devastated.

  73. Qopster Zboss

    So many people from Critical Role and Mollymauk! RIP our favorite tiefling!

    Jester Lavorre

    Shine Bright circus man. :'(

  74. Benjamin Tschirhart

    Shine bright, circus man.

    Jester Lavorre

    Long may he reign :'(

  75. ahmed safwat

    Wonderful song . I love them

  76. TheWittyBrit

    Long may he reign.

    Jester Lavorre

    Shine Bright Circus man :'(

  77. Jester Lavorre

    Long may he reign. Rest in peace Mollymauk.

  78. Boczek

    why am i like this? T^T
    Song is so sad and beautiful and here I am, chuckling like a madman

  79. Flower Pot

    Shine bright, circus man.

  80. Mirrel

    It's Missing Molly o' clock

    Jester Lavorre

    Nooo ;-;

  81. Shit Nukes

    For the critters that came from the beautifully emotional Molly fan video,
    Starts at 2:45

  82. 364dragonrider

    Mollymauk brought me here

  83. Alex TheGreat


  84. Echostate


    Jester Lavorre

    long may he reign ;-;

  85. Alastor_Fan83

    I like this song, i found it used in a critical role animatic video about the death of Molly, one of voice actors player characters

  86. Jack Orion

    Here from the lovely critical role tribute video by FlyboyElm. Thank you so much for the wonderful song. Any critters here?


    Same my dude. Long may he reign!!


    yep only here because i was crying at the tribute

    Jack Orion

    Shine bright circus man.

    Name Not Available

    Jack Orion long may he reign

    Guardian Gem

    I am, On top of Graduating soon...The tribute made me sad even further

  87. LUCASthe3RD

    Who’s here because we miss our favourite circus weirdo?

    C R I T I C A L R O L E

    Eddie Speight

    Rest in piece Molly, we didn't deserve you.

    Angel Brinston

    ⚔️Long live molly⚔️



    Maximilian L

    It’s these moments I love, my group had a character die, later in the outer planes, a voice said „you took your dear time“ and after a long week of IB the entire table cried and i played this.
    What was your moment?

    Long may he reign


    Shine bright circusman!
    Long may he reign!


  88. Samli

    Rip Mollymauk Tealeaf :'(anyone here from the animatic?)':

    Horizon Penblade

    David Parkes nah, I checked on IMDB and it sounds like the language would be a bit too much for me. (I like to keep things PG13 so only one f-bomb if any.) But it does sound pretty cool. I think I'd totally be into a clean version.

    David Parkes

    @Horizon Penblade Ehh, fair enough. Though to be fair, it's only like one or two people responsible for the majority of the bad language lol. At least in C2 anyway (Campaign 2).


    Long may he reign bro

    Nomien Zakarovsky

    Catch up crew 2019, running to catch up for a year now. A rough journey indeed. May Nonagon/Lucien/Molly rest in piece. I'm on the 50th and I miss him a lot, and find myself wondering how he would react to the journey;-;

  89. Timothy Thompson

    Mollymauk anyone?

    Jester Lavorre

    Long may he reign.

  90. S.W. de Jong

    This is really lovely.

  91. Fiji552

    We'll miss you Molly.

    Jester Lavorre

    Long may he reign :'(

  92. joe smith

    R.i.p. molly

    Jester Lavorre

    Shine bright circus man :'(

  93. Austin Osburn

    Who's here from Critical Role/@flyboy_elm on Twitter?

  94. Chris Chrenka

    any one follow this from Critical Role?

    Alex TheGreat

    "shine bright circus man" :'(

    Angelika Berdysz

    Yeees ;(

  95. kandersondavid

    Hello to all you critters.

    William Nelson

    Thankful for that video or i would never have found this.

    Lillian Lols

    kandersondavid I thought I was the only one

    Jester Lavorre

    I'm crying rn ;-;


    Shine bright circus man...

  96. J Mtr

    They're so pretty...

  97. trevor ward

    I'm sobbing holy shit