Oh Sees - Withered Hand Lyrics

Pluck your eyes out with the master's withered hand
Where the planets grope about without a plan
On your knees, now, because you'll only suffer more
You must suffer, yes, you mustn't only die

And the heavens grinding down, you can't be well
Hanging heavy in a sky as black as oil
Crawling slowly, face down in the muck
Crawling slowly with an outstretched, withered hand

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Oh Sees Withered Hand Comments
  1. mister christopher

    1 camera angle ffs 🚨

  2. Groovy Rothko

    fuck the wildlife

  3. Matthew Edwards

    Fucking mayhem, awesome.

  4. ben tompkins

    I pulled a muscle jumpin' and jivin' to this one. Thanks John.


    They should of played acoustic

  6. Greg Guitteau

    In case anyone has forgotten true rock and roll

  7. steven imeson

    Such a great song

  8. Desert Moss

    thsi songs too short

  9. Mike Hogue

    The 28 people who have downvoted this need to have their internet privileges revoked.


    Not necessarily. The editing is terrible. A great opportunity ruined. I love this band too. Seen them live tons. But this is nearly unwatchable.

    kostadinos vasilakis

    or because they got an epileptic seizure!

    steve _G-Sht

    Mabye they were upset at 2:44 where John drops his corona to carry on playing

  10. Ryan Perez

    Watching this on Ambien...

    Mr. Mc Milky

    How was that I never stayed up ling enough on Ambien

  11. michael rivas

    man looks cool

  12. Bob Townsend

    Anybody that has ever seen the far out and groovy camera work that fucked up a bunch of video documents of 60's bands can see what is wrong with this.

  13. ledzeppelinfan1001

    More cuts in this video then an emo 14 year olds arm

  14. NinjaCakeAssassin

    MOTHERFUCKERS,WHO [email protected]!!!

  15. mat n

    Oh Sees always holding it down!!!

  16. flipper

    WTF IS GOING ON!? amazing , just beautiful!

  17. Keegan Martinez

    SO GOOD! Easily the coolest OPB music video I've ever seen.

  18. Robbie Laliberte

    John rips.

  19. Francesco Tramuto

    John Dwyer is my spirit animal

    Alarape Alubankudi

    Francesco Tramuto 6yyj

  20. Squatch Man

    I feel bad for all the wildlife that lives in that forest when pickathon comes around lol

    Cory Miller

    lol what? honey milk? i've gotta read that article ha!

    Desert Moss

    lucky ass wildlife

    The Crapehanger

    Cory Miller I read a study that if you play Thee Oh Sees to a heard of cows they produce OCS milk.

    steve _G-Sht

    John makes me produce milk so I can believe that this does indeed help the animals

  21. Bryon Whitley

    Hot DAMN, this is Fantastic!!

  22. Rui Serrabulho

    Great performance!