Oh Sees - Poor Queen Lyrics

I'm spinning right away
I feel sick and tired but who's on the streets today?
Who's on the same pages, oh yeah
And who will knock upon my door?

All is fine, all is right
A teenage Queen is locked up tight tonight
And on the streets they cry, "Hurray"
The Queen will live to see another day

She's slipping right away
She feels sick and tired, "But who's on the streets," she'd ask
"Where are my sweet pages" Oh yeah
"And will they knock upon my door?"

All is fine, all is right
Little Queen, she cried herself to sleep last night
But fear not, my little Queen
The people still love you it would seem

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Oh Sees Poor Queen Comments
  1. Jeremiah Blanch

    Perfect rock song. Always listen 3 times in a row

  2. Vorhautsurfer


  3. jobc

    I want a drag queen lipsyncing on this

  4. JimTheSk8teR

    Amazing song

  5. OmletteDaggle

    Kind of reminds me of something, perhaps from the 70s or 80s but I cant quite recall.........

    Daniel Saredi


    Sammy Marek

    OmletteDaggle it reminds me of a heavier version of cheap trick.

    Ty Died

    Yeah me too!
    Oh yeah ....it called a raging boner!

    Gina Raas

    Maybe Suede? Beautiful ones? :)

  6. Andrew Warren


  7. Daniel Cruz

    Oh my god amazing song

  8. Vegadomis

    I feel the meaning of this song is that it's about a teenage girl that can't go outside at night because of how fucked up the streets have become. Then she rebels to fight for her right and is asking who agrees with her to go and recruits people to follow her and make a difference on the streets and then the streets caught her but it's ok because the people still love her! punk rock!

  9. gothmoth


    Georgie Garza

    y wld u listen to music sober?

  10. Mohammad Ebrahim


  11. sea is cry


  12. Thalia Ocampo

    Yes ! ❤️