Oh Sees - Plastic Plant Lyrics

Propped up in a morbid torpor
Lifeless eyes locked in a spell
Choke on all the thoughts that flow by
Filling up the empty shell

You, lame pilot at the screen, yeah
Face aghast, electric glow
You're half gone, you can't deny it
But I think that you don't know

Ah, ghoulish information hoarding
Stinking brew that overflows
Fingers tapping at the glass, yeah
Burning spear beneath your nose

Drooling, saturated human
Tick-tock clock of life away
In the corner, in the window
But I think that you don't know

Ah, tear the clone apart this instant
Break the chain to anchor true
Lift your eyes up from the dirt, yeah
The new way is just killing you

You, lame pilot at the screen, yeah
Face aghast, electric glow
You're half gone, you can't deny it
But I think that you don't know

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Oh Sees Plastic Plant Comments
  1. Ziktoss

    A punch in your forehead,
    A knee in your face,
    Your nose and lips start to bleed

  2. Thereis Hope

    Tool better have some new stuff that can compete with Thee Oh Sees, because this sh*t is awesome beyond description. Dwyer is on the level of Mozart.

  3. Thereis Hope

    I want one

  4. michael pierce

    probably Robert Beaty's cover design, maybe not

  5. Michael Seymour

    Hard driving rock and roll - love it.

  6. bapak kost

    Uyeee nyangkut

  7. Billy Brookes

    Good shout Lloydd

  8. AlienSunshine

    Fuckin sick

  9. Senzuri-Champion

    Something about this reminds me of ‘Children of The Grave’ by Black Sabbath.

    kostadinos vasilakis

    And led zeppelin too

  10. Kenneth Perez

    Greatest song of all time

  11. Tourkat37

    Uh Oh Sees... X-Cheers!

  12. iamnotanumber iamnotanumber

    This, this is such a great driving song !

  13. Travvis Todd

    Kicks fucking ass.

  14. edgehill1969


  15. Wimborneo

    killer track

  16. Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    Sonic youthie with a twist of late sixties drops of manson, strawberry alarm clock.

  17. Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    Très cool.

  18. Brett Williams

    killed it in South Africa. Greatest thing I've ever heard

  19. Thomas Phillipe

    I wasn't a fan of thee oh sees until i saw them live, now it's my favorite band.


    Mi Ray that’s legit. They are so hood

  20. Spoken Volttt


  21. Travvis Todd

    This kicks fucktons of ass.

  22. Chris Collins

    Highway jammin' fast-paced, should get me from San Antonio to El Paso in under 7 hours! Big West Texas.

  23. RegularDude

    one of my favorites from them

  24. Richard Wells

    Nice to find this. Great sound.

  25. RegularDude

    brilliant song

  26. David Emloh

    Brilliant. Best I've heard for years. Should be massive.

  27. henrix999

    What fucker called this 'garage rock'? It's krautrocky as fuck, check out Vernal Equinox by Can for example.

  28. Charlie Leitner

    Welcome back to Rock and Roll.

    David Adams

    Charlie Leitner The new Wolf People is just as good.

  29. Jamie Light

    Dear god.... 👌🏼

  30. Furbs Herbs

    raw and loud I like it

  31. Annemieke Houtzager


  32. Sunni Days

    Nice to hear a whole lotta oomph! A good band to enjoy live I should imagine :))


    I saw them live and I can confirm that they are absolutely glorious live. Go see them if you have a chance!

  33. gman

    Great tune. I like it very much :)

  34. Cartoonyworld109

    Looks like a King Gizzard album cover

    Gabriel Giglio

    no man, no

    acid wizardd

    Cartoonyworld109 that's just similar to the I'm in your mind fuzz cover art

  35. Robert E Perry

    woah, new album is going to be soon good

  36. Matthew Eisenhauer


  37. Matthew Eisenhauer

    Spectacular ?

  38. Matthew Eisenhauer

    Spectacular ?

  39. Dubet

    sooo pumped I got tickets for both NYC dates !!!! long live thee oh sees!!

    Thereis Hope

    Dubet -how was the show??

  40. Mac Buttkillah

    jpd have play this for like a year already and I'm proud of it

  41. 1i2c TV

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah ye

  42. Dack Janiels

    Yo, that artwork is some on some real Disneyland's Tower of Terror shit

    Wormhole Films

    I was thinking the same thing

    weare PHILIPPE

    Artwork by Robert Beatty ;)

    Andrés Pachay

    Watch Dismaland - Bansky

    shelly lu

    design god.

  43. bzfgt bzfgt

    Best band.

  44. dead doggo

    Friggin' noice

  45. The Opus Malice

    Damn hope they play this on their current tour! See ya in Chicago!


    The Opus Malice when I saw them they opened with this one it was badass

  46. Eric Nguyen

    AUGUST 12th!!

  47. Joe Diaa

    DAMN !!! love it , this one is such a trip :D

  48. Geoff Thompson

    Love it

  49. Cleegan

    great stuff

  50. Walt Franz

    So good OC's, Dwyer the boss

  51. Saul Villarruel

    awesome, can't wait to see them again in November, such fun shows

  52. 3goals4bonzai

    Face melting.

    Song is beast!