Oh Sees - Palace Doctor Lyrics

I am tragically covered Sunday
Bleeding Sunday, Sunday's blood
Who is always sneaking around
On the polished palace floor?

Who, who?
Who is always knocking on my
On my palace doctor's door?

Who has always kept them bleeding
From the royal palace sores?
I am always high and mighty
Laying on the palace floor

Who, who?
Who is always sneaking around
In the palace garden rows?

Who always throws the first spade
Over shoulder, palace wood?
Who is always hiding bodies
Wealthy bodies, as you should?

Who, who?
I am working in the garden
Planting flowers after dark

Who, who?
Who, who?
Who, who?
Who, who?
Who, who?

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Oh Sees Palace Doctor Comments
  1. Terry Tyler

    The Red Pill is Gone: RIP

    Dicki Monster

    Terry Tyler who ?

  2. Terry Tyler

    The Rally Cry Of Terry Tyler of Tupelo Mississippi ~ The Elosive Storm Ponderer

    Sam YoutubeB

    What do you mean?

  3. oneofanceantproficy

    the day they play this live i'll lose my mind

    I Am Swarms

    That day is today. Atlanta Roxy. Hope you survive.

    mat n

    They play a piece of it in The Dream live which is awesome


    My favorite OCs song. And the song prior to this. The jam stuff is good too but it's interesting how they take on jazz and softer stuff.