OG Maco - Slim Thugga Lyrics

I don’t know what they hating for, they don’t know what I been through
Pray to god to close hell’s doors, show me light that I can walk to
Unless it come from that 44, need less and they want more like
Like fuck states, I need a war tour, shining nice in my dreams nigga
China white in my jeans nigga, money here so them chickens lurking
They ain’t Popeyes, [?] tryna bless the world with these new verses
Make speakers knock and start a new disturbance
They ain’t know my purpose, I was just working
I was just walking ‘fore you seen me swerving
No bottom promise just a lot of problems
My nerves hurting, Atlanta stand in this black turban
Trap hot and them goons lurking
Handle that and get room service
Risk [?] and call room service, tell em give your girl my room number
Sweep her up, my broom service
She a bad bitch, maybe [?] on my broom twerking

[Hook x4:]
I’m still tipping on four fours, wrapped in Volvos
Dirty Sprite in my foam, money all on my phone

They don’t know what they talking bout
I’m the one to try and talk it out
Bitch you ain’t talking right so I’m in your mouth
Handle mine in due time, I don’t walk around like Ironman
But this steel [?] hand will make you think I’m lying
Future bright so I think I’m shining
Know a lot of niggas want to undermine it
Rather see me under then draped in [?]
Draped in gold, my pharaoh coat
Born to win like [?] nose, born to win and these hoes know
On they mind like good weed
Play the outside, I shoot good threes
Still cooling like a winter breeze, need [?] for those [?] bees
Cause I need all of my royalties, real niggas been loyal to me
Live life an empire, we just tryna live royally
Put the engine up when them [?], horses running behind me
Pride run inside me, niggas mind on how I say
Mindstate on that grind state, [?] on my plate
Well done when I cook it up, paper chasers, they putting up
Real nigga, that’s ingrained, live life in that fast lane
Sipping lean, spit cocaine
Real nigga that’s ingrained, living life in that fast lane
Rap mixed with cocaine

[Hook x4:]
I’m still tipping on four fours, wrapped in Volvos
Dirty Sprite in my foam, money all on my phone

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OG Maco Slim Thugga Comments
  1. Shaan Stone

    When u cam frm nothing

  2. Ball OUT

    shits fire!!

  3. apocalypse123

    this shit bangs when you a felon

  4. Kris StrangeTV

    OG Maco u called this Slim Thugga but Still Tippin was Mike Jones song mayne.

    Kris StrangeTV

    I live n Houston so that woud be tru but thas wat u said not me loser.


    @Kris Strange you corny as fuck hahaha "loser" is everybody in houston that fuckin lame?

    Super Thowed

    +Kris Strange It was originally Slims song he let Mike have.


    True but part of Macs chorus was what slim said in the chorus of the still tipping song.

    Gabriel Sanchez

    @apocalypse123 chill out mayne

  5. DeZ Beretta

    This shit bangz..when you on the highway