OG Maco - Road Runner Lyrics

Damn man, Bro you been getting money bruh? Lemme get some money witcha Bruh... I heard you OGG and shit (Ya'll niggas be getting money) Bruh
Fuck with me bruh, Bruh call my line Bruh

[Damn Brandon]

I been road running Monday to Sunday all I know is Hundreds [x3]
And my niggas get that money, mansion flexing, opera Stunting

[Verse 1 - OG Maco:]
When I wake up in the morning I see zero's on my line, when I hop on asphalt I can never waste my time from 75 to 85, yeah I'm known to take them trips turn a dollar to $250 yeah I'm known to make them flips, Turn $250 to 10 racks it only took a couple trips, where my sponsors and my patches? I'm like NASCAR driving laps, if you ask me where I'm at, I say "Nigga ask the map" if you need it I'll cash it but I gotta take that cap


[Verse 2 - OG Juinor:]
I've been road running so my tires gone (I can't feel it), I been smoking gas I got one Lung (WTF!), Travel land, sea, or air, Money-Triathlon
Yo money jog in place so you can't see my face my section full of bitches and they bad but not siddity, If I find out that they zero then I gotta take em with me, had to hit my homie Tony he just cashed a nigga out, Juinor said he had a Woop so now I'm mashing to the south (OGG) We don't talk nothing but money like it's Franklin's in our mouth, If you try to take my sack put that 57 on yo' scalp, Live life that's my family OGG the fuckin' gang that's why I spend so much on gas, shoulda bought a fuckin' Range (Damn!)


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OG Maco Road Runner Comments
  1. Marcin Król

    Bangier yak chuj kurwa

  2. Marcin Król

    Best track ever 🔥🔥🔥
    Cold shit
    Respect from 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 🇵🇱

  3. T3ddy P

    Bruh!🤦🏿‍♂️ so u mean to tell me aint NOBODY slappin dis in 2019🤔

    Chester Gonzales

    Dont ever lie to me

  4. WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss

    QC completely dropped the ball with this artist.


    2019 shit still go crazy

  6. rich



    2018 .?

  8. James Miller

    Low key fire

  9. Marie Valet

    yall stay be sleeping on my nigga OG MACO.. OMM

  10. chris defreece

    1:21 is when it fuckeing went in

  11. Toaster Master Race

    i havent been able to get this song out of my head for like a week

  12. Tony Moretti

    this guy wack


    Tony Moretti how so?

  13. Arian Mohseni

    someone has the lyrics plz ?

    Phil Slape

    JessD Draiiik go on rap genius...

  14. Delgado Corleone

    ogg is goat man !!!!

  15. Tony Moretti

    OG MACO WACK AS FUCK!!! no one will remember his name in a year


    og maco the goat fuck you talking bout

    Tony Moretti

    MemerSchemer you must be a bitch to think that lol

    Toaster Master Race

    Tony Moretti well this song came out in 2014, so you're already wrong


    Toaster Master Race That's when this EP compiled. Maco has been around since 08.

    Toaster Master Race

    ik, i meant off him being popular enough to have this video. if that sentence iss weird sorry im high as shit

  16. Brayan Gomez


  17. alexei popov

    Thank you pandora

  18. Gh0stface

    All I kno is Hummus

  19. Jose Flores

    Ive been road running, monday thru sunday, all i know is hundreds

    Matt Garcia

    I bet you dont.

  20. Justin Stephens

    It only took a couple trips!

  21. Justin Stephens

    He kills it on the low

  22. German Perez

    shit weak asf G

  23. Yenifer Avila


  24. Tammi Gardner

    yo the advitmient scary

  25. Blue Line

    I been road running, Monday to Sunday, all I eat is hummus.

    Matt Garcia

    I bet you dont.

  26. zeek gonzalez

    Just put this shit on a playlist and take some E 💊

  27. Raul Elizondo

    Beat tho 🔥💯1⃣💸

  28. narutodarks101

    Tell me why og maco tryna look a super saiyan on his mixtape cover

    Mizan Cole

    Haha you right tho man

  29. Louichyexile

    This shyt got me too hype 😂💪💪💪😈

  30. Anthony Reynolds

    Sound like young scooter on the hook

  31. Ben Quinones

    A lot people sleep on this dude. Watch in like a year everyone will be acting like they been in him since day one. This will have way over a million views by this time next year

    Jose Flores

    12 bricks the only song that hit 1 mil on this EP

    Tyler Peeples

    +altforfake Somewhere around 20 days till May 13. Only 188k. 😑😑

    Vauge Waves

    It’s been a year nice try

    Vauge Waves

    3 to be exact

    A Sinner

    Bit u guessin

  32. theocdoc714

    :) @ 1:03 " Turn $250 to 10 racks it only took a couple trips, where my sponsors and my patches? I'm like NASCAR driving laps "

    eric carroll

    Still lit

  33. Jessica Lalande

    ive been road runnen  munday de sunday

    Luis Valle

    Hey gurl

  34. Too Crow

    Thug ass


    It's trap music. What do you expect?

  35. Joey Boisseau

    Reminds me of gucci mane

  36. antonio andrews

    All I know is hunnids

  37. magnum58

    RIP Hip Hop


    @magnum58 tru

    Biblical Zealot


    Maxence Fabignon 972

    Is trap no hip hop


    Lol, hip hop always were dead, if you think its the reason why his dead. Then you stupid and ignorant XDD dude, watch hip-hop history, ALL HIP HOP HISTORY. Its always was about money. It always was easy to do, but never easy to make (you need to have style, voice, all this shit).

  38. Hiei-DaGawd

    The hook kinda sounds like Gucci mane just sayin :)

  39. kris lake

    "All I know is hummus"

    Abraham Fuentes


    Christian Fernandez

    haha sounds like it

    Tammy Harmon

    kris lake camp pero

    DoeBoy 313

    kris lake i heard it sayin "hummus" lol 😂😂😂😂


    Brah! I read this comment a few years ago and everytime I eat Hummus, this song plays in my head.

  40. YnwAshtro Westbrooks

    Beat banging


    @Swag King best beast by far today !