OG Maco - Prophets With Profit Lyrics

*Damn Brandon*
Lotta niggas wanna hate on me, Whats the reason? Nigga who knows..see I'm focused on the wrong shit we just gonna knock the new door, we just running out the new door, preaching prophets I'm just preaching prophets, need my dollars like crefelo, need my dollars like crefelo

Eh, aye
Okay I smoke, I lean, I like smelling a motherfuckin' plate, invite her to my room okay now that's a dinner date, sometimes I sit and wonder why these pussy niggas hate, then I look inna mirror I'm reminded by my face, tried to take a shit, I fucked up the count so I called her over cause I don't like to count it, I said that ass astounding, I said that mouth astounded, I tell you where I found her, fuck that fuck that fuck that, tell me where that money, I need that need that need that, Happy birthday Mack, I just bought that boy a Mac, It hold 50 shots, but no need to talk bout that, I had to clean the image so I can make some extra rice, I'm talking racks on rack on racks on racks on rack, I really need them M's cause I ain't satisfied with stacks, I had to put her out cause I wasn't satisfied with that, I rather make U guessed it! I rather count U guessed it! Yo flaw is evident, my flow is heaven sent, They run up on a nigga Man-Man leave em' heaven sent, All these niggas ill I know they going to hell for fuckin' round with prophets with all that fuckin' profit

Imma Prophet a fuckin prophet with all this profit[x2]
We gon profit cause imma prophet just like Moses he a Prophet, see Key! a prophet yes Imma prophet

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OG Maco Prophets With Profit Comments
  1. Marcin Król

    Kurwa piękne

  2. Finesse God

    Just wish this track was longer.

  3. 500

    The purge is in comence

  4. Nail The Namekian

    dis sound like some hunt dat nigga down wit da pump music

  5. TheFromar

    love the rock influence lots of passion