OG Maco - Off Lyrics

[OG Maco:]
Yeah yeah
Grah grah, yeah yeah

Heater on my waist, might just off 'em
Niggas 'round like flies might just off 'em
Bitch I'm not Father but I'm off
Bare face, I'm on one 'til I off
Heater on my waist, might just off 'em
Niggas 'round like flies might just off 'em
Bitch I'm not Father but I'm off
Bare face I'm on one 'til I off

Ridin' 'round with my namesake, that new MAC
Ridin' 'round with that 30 clip, we gon' use that
Pussy nigga love to talk shit 'til they mans whacked
One point and my youngin' heater get your fam wet
Hundred round make the chopper sing like a boys band
Panamera got the youngin' shootin' out the hatchback
Whispers on a nigga phone, think they got my cell tapped
Shooter call a nigga phone say they took the bail back
Heater on a nigga lap, I'ma get through hell back
Bails on a nigga line, I'ma tell him fall back
Opps on a nigga tail, spray 'em, make 'em fall back
Never seen these niggas in the field, don't recall that

Heater on my waist, might just off 'em
Niggas 'round like flies might just off 'em
Bitch I'm not Father but I'm off
Bare face, I'm on one 'til I off
Heater on my waist, might just off 'em
Niggas 'round like flies might just off 'em
Bitch I'm not Father but I'm off
Bare face, I'm on one 'til I off

[Young Crazy:]
Give a fuck what these niggas on
Swear to God I will off them
Now his hood doing donations
Just to buy his dumb ass a coffin
Young Crazy doing one ten in that new Benz, I ain't walkin'
The fuck you mean? I was 14 with a pocket full of blue dolphin
Picture me ridin', no rollerskates when we slidin'
Big clips when we grindin'
That nigga a ghost, ain't talkin power
Pulled up and that nigga was hidin'
My chain hit like the light switch
Put my re-up on my right wrist
No Instagram, fuck tappin' the screen
Everything I do your bitch like this
I'm in that old Jag like I'm Left Wish
You can't ride ho, you gettin' left bitch
Crazy count, bitch I stay lit, ayy fuck I look like buy a light
Think he on top, he get shot down
My niggas catch bodies like the firefighters
Young Crazy

[OG Maco:]
Heater on my waist, might just off 'em
Niggas 'round like flies might just off 'em
Bitch I'm not Father but I'm off
Bare face, I'm on one 'til I off
Heater on my waist, might just off 'em
Niggas 'round like flies might just off 'em
Bitch I'm not Father but I'm off
Bare face, I'm on one 'til I off

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OG Maco Off Comments
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    Big clips when we gridin

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    My Boyyyyy

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    1:03 favorite part.

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    Check out my music pls 🤙🏼

  12. MikeShotta

    he should make more music

  13. Kanye Peoples

    Took u 4 year bro 😂

  14. CaDymuZik

    Both them boys snapped🔥🔥🔥

  15. BigJon200


  16. Joshua Cruz

    OGG!!...Yeah Yeah!!

  17. ryan vekens

    Need this on apotify

  18. Tyrus Laray

    This is the hardest song I ever heard on god

  19. zacandroll

    OGG ft Black Smurf, Nell, Maxo Kream please <3

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    City of God in this video

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    what up
    greetings from germany

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    Anybody got the instrumental?

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    OGG yeah yeah

  26. Jayden Bridges

    Where is of maco does he have dreads

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    This the hardest thing I ever heard

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    cant wait to play this for the homies

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    Crazo from where I'm from that va boyy


    Please don't quit rap og.

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  33. Ciemny

    u guessed it

  34. Lil Will

    Who been rockin wit OG MACO since day 1🙌🏾💯?

  35. Big Trapalot

    Chief keef sound but 21 savage flow

  36. Slime Santana

    Og Maco Is Underrated 💥

  37. sim

    should have called it "fell off"

  38. lotr6ringZ Th36oat

    So ain’t nobody gonna say anything bout bro having 2 eyes all sudden???

    Redd Smoke

    lotr6ringZ Tha 6oat he never really lost it, it just popped out and needed time to heal

  39. James Foye

    this joint to hard

  40. Outtie Slay

    i been bumping this for 2 yrs now

  41. TwaxyMaxy 999

    This shit needs a Mill, whats wrong with people

  42. sensitivebunny00

    I’m here for the screaming. Ape shit might be the greatest gym song.

  43. 2Girls1Valley


  44. G. Bryant

    Maco is dope. Sucks that he had to self destruct and ruin his own career.

  45. Hábil Guimas Robson

    High references
    City of God movie of Brazil
    Very show <3

  46. big/ uzi horizontal

    Off topic but his hair grow fast as hell

  47. RonNel wilson

    Other dude weak

  48. Voice Of Music

    We need MACO

  49. smithboi1000

    Og mac really has a suerb flow and voice cause its powerful,but he need to get rite getting his words out clear and stop lotterally mumbling bit!!

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    Young crazy that nigga 2up 2down 804 too the 757

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    Keep grinding. Ppl need to wake up.

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    good job video lord ;]

  65. TrappinforTuition

    They like OG Mac back, I’m like when i ever left

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    OGG OGG !!!!!✊🤘🖒

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    crazo da only reason I could watch dis

  68. samuel hill

    Crazo damn!!

  69. Gabe Story

    Maco got some of the coldest ad libs in the game. They betta stop playin wit him he most these rappers father.. OGG till I drop

    tna droid justice

    I disagree cause u never know that another rapper could easily have cooler ad libs then him even people say cheif keef is the father of these rappers btw

  70. IamDre2x

    Maco been hard 🔥

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    I listen to this atleast five times a day

  72. Big Papuchon

    This bangs waay too hard for 16k views this has to be up there

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    Cidade de Deus 🇧🇷

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    OG Killed it! 🔥🔥

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    Only here for crazo


    why everyone think that gun is a reason to respect him?


    Bru this aint even bad🔥🔥🔥

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    Lil Will

    shemar wallace Since day 1

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    #dntdienigga 🙏🏽💪🏾

  93. benthemystic

    Why do you promote violence? Hot music I know that but it just isn't right especially after how x died


    It's a shame that he needed to die for you to realise nthis. This sort of music has been around for decades, you only had to take a moment to listen to the lyrics.

  94. sam Gist

    Young crazy completely ruined this song smh

  95. ShameR

    Très chaud .

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    Movie clip from city of god.

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