OG Maco - Give Em Hell Lyrics

Damn, Brandon

Ay, give 'em Hell
Damn, give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I love Jesus Christ, but I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I wanna go to Heaven, but I'm about to give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell
I'm 'bout to give 'em Hell

[Verse One]
Free Lil' Hollywood
They just gave my brother 40 huh
God bless Lil Manman cause he walked 'round with the 40
Hope a nigga don't try, he gon' give a nigga 20, hold up
Goddam why the judge give my nigga 20?
I like eatin' good, I like eatin' hibachi
Wnen I get my drugs, get my drugs for the dirt cheap
All my niggas good, they don't never ask for nothin'
All these niggas takin' partner pictures, man they frontin'
I don't parley with frienemies... Or enemies
Nigga don't try to belittle me, I'm at Wimbledon
Serena and Venus they chillin' with me, for real though
All my niggas gettin' money, all yo' niggas need to chill though


[Verse Two]
R.I.P. my momma that's the queen of Atlanta, hey
God bless Lil Mic cause he got 50 in the hammer, hey
Hope a nigga don't try, he gon' give him half a hunna
We just let the window down, they just got the runnin'
Did you pick up all your shells?
They got lil' partner but he got bail
I guarantee that he won't tell
But if he do... Pew-pew-pew, oh well
I won't lie to save my life
Rappers lyin' they ain't right
Lil niggas they imitate
Imagine if the real were fake


Damn, Brandon

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OG Maco Give Em Hell Comments
  1. Marcin Król

    Best of trap lords ever



  3. NeDibles sweet

    Onggg I miss

  4. AMY AMY


    Splashman 187

    AMY AMY Hy since 2015 still coming back

  5. Dagger_ Dick

    We would play this before our football games senior year

  6. Quez

    Still listening 2018

  7. nicoDOTwav

    ATL 2014 you had to be there 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. George Exum

    play this before a fight lol

  9. Ja U

    I like eatin good, I like eatin hibachi

    Young Amsterdam

    when i get my drugs, i get my drugs for the dirt cheap (hol up)

  10. erich lorenz

    this is what i play in my head when i BOORD UP

  11. MegaMan300

    One of my favorite beats ever

  12. spawn22222


  13. Reggie Moore

    i miss the Atlanta scene back in 2014.


    Hell yea

  14. Ibro school

    Most underrated Beast of all time

  15. GodlessPeaceSign

    "flow deep like wishing well, no OGG but I give em hell! WHOO!"

  16. Gavin Goldsmith

    give em hell

  17. Orlando Walker


  18. Jad Araoua

    this is perfect for before a football game


    Yeah true

  19. topo tejas

    i wouldnt lie to save my life,rappers lie n that aint right-i wanna go to Heaven,but im bout to GIVE'EM HELL

  20. Biggg twannn


  21. Biggg twannn

    Sounds like bloody Jay

  22. filledemartien


    fuck the system


  23. Jax music

    if you think og maco cant rap listen to the new kid... he just messes around in the studio... but when he wants to he can spit that real shit.

  24. Frank L

    I guarantee that he won't tell, but if he do . . .. pew pew pew OH WELL!

  25. Yolaine Valmy

    whats the song where he's like "how da hell ya doin"?

  26. Cortez DaGOAT

    I like eating good, I like eatin Hibachi

    Frank L

    @Mateo Mathis when i get drugs, get my drugs for the douchie!

    Beezy Montana

    * for the dirt cheap

  27. CHI ART

    Music evolves duhhhhh

  28. gloria overman

    For all y'all talking shit why don't y'all come up with some hit singles lmaoo

  29. throatpoka

    Don't know why people can't just like the music that they like.  Even this song has a catchiness to it, and you can bob your head to it, without putting much thought into it.

  30. Carlos Calderon

    Ayyyye ayyye

  31. Jesus/time Jones

    Bro u must not understand the messages thru mist hip hop n rap

  32. icannotread

    n now they beefin

  33. Justin Jackson

    Real geez recognize this some dope shit bouta give em hell in the Jeep cruzen wit the heat! BANG BANG

  34. Baked Beanie Sigel

    Did you pick up all your shells? .......yeah. 

    Jordan Moore

    I guarantee he won't tell...but if he do pew pew pew !!! oh well.....

  35. jay rob

    This is trap.. a branch of hip hop... its not meant to be lyrical.. that being said.. a lot of rappers still puttin out bullshit...

    This one of the better ones

    Eric Blakemore

    Real ass comment

  36. Ayee Ty

    He got the most aggressive music out I never heard anybody put so much intensity into their music

  37. Jerome Beckman

    fukk  a negga hating on OG Mako i aint same no names kause im about to give them Hell im bout too give hell o well


    Ffs, get it together jerome

  38. Angel Santiago

    I hope rap doesn't turn to this...

  39. Benjamin Mathis

    Haters will ever understand my city music


    ATL forever

  40. Kidd Bill

    I just want to know the producer that made the beat, lol music got kindergarten melodies an shit...respect to the lane it just ain't mine.


    Brandon Thomas producer with OGG /QC his beats are cleeean

  41. TRE tha Gemini

    Stop hating cuz u dnt understand the culture

  42. Jesse Castillo

    His music is creative none the less in the sense that it doesn't sound generic. I'll leave it at that and keep that negative shit to myself , some of these people need to do the same talking all that extra shit.


    True, you the real mvp. People with hate need to keep it to themselves.

  43. Johnny Randolph

    You are some dumb ass ppl You comment and say what is hip hop anymore , this isn't hip hop or hip hop is dead, BUT when did the artist ever say he makes hip hop you just assume he is making making hip hop and call it trash .... a new genre of music is coming upon us and there isn't a certain name for it but it's purpose is to elevate the listeners emotions get them hype and what not

    Mikel Ervin

    @John Randolph yeah i agree. But isnt this genre, drill music?

    Samuel Vautour

    @Mikel Ervin Yeah, I was thinking trap at first, but you're right, I believe it's more drill music.


    exactly and they're called club bangers!

    Johnny Randolph

    You guys are probally right it maybe drill music idek

    Robert lemiesz

    This is like punk music meets hip hop. I love this shit

  44. brieton jones

    I cant listen to any of his music without laughing

  45. Raquel Wright

    This is a joke

  46. Danny Smith

    this is bad

  47. Gold


  48. Francis Barrera

    hwooo! *ignant high-pitched voice*

  49. William Wade

    Garbage💩, hip hop isn't dead but this is pretty bunz 🙉

  50. ygrnflacko

    I can bounce to dis...music got different genres errthing still da same I kno back in the day there was meanness songs that pplz liked and sum didn't. Stop tryna base music off wat one person wanna rap about!!

    Thomas Mc Cauley

    This Is A Good Ssong

  51. Markil Hayes

    ayeee this slap !!!

  52. Wesout

    Bass line is fire

  53. Onlyxboss Kid

    i love this song i dont care what nobody says this shit is the turn up 

    im bout to givem hell!!!!!!


    For real people just don't get it, turn up!

  54. Lord Fl33zusChrist

    I wont lie to save my life

  55. Lord Fl33zusChrist

    Im Bouta GIve Em Hell Whoaaaaa

  56. Arlbray Owens

    he sound like a rich homie quan that stole migos flow

  57. Ricardo Lopez Jr.

    Why do haters even bother? This shit is tight for what it is. Hip hop ain't dead. It's progressive, fuck boi's!!

  58. Saibot00

    This is the simplest beat I think I've ever heard.


    Saibot00 One of the hardest to me thoe

  59. brandon brock

    This guy sounds like a fool....

  60. S A D B O Y S 2001_

    Damn Brandon ! Lol

  61. sssmoke-sum

    who da fuck put rules on hip hop anyway

    Nathaniel Farley

    this is rap.. not Hip Hop..


    @Nathaniel Farley rap is under the umbrella of hiphop

    Nathaniel Farley

    @JarrelGTV there's a difference between an MC and a rapper though..

    DJ LEX D

    I gotta post this one as a status... question of the day

  62. kickazfight


  63. Dubstep Classics

    these hypebeasts dont understand atlanta music

    Hidden Leaf

    Cringing cause your name is dubstepclassics lol

    Ricky Spanish

    damn i've seen you comment on a lot of videos lately.

    Tyy Bumpin

    @Ricky Spanish who ?

    wee poo

    @Jaimie Pollaris watch his videos then, its not the cringeworthy kind

    Frankie Diamonds

    This shit is terrible smh

  64. SolangeRayRice-FLEX

    This bang nice hype song a tid bit of blasphmy or whatever but still ok

  65. RapNerd Leeb

    this song gets me so hype...all i wanna do is give'em hell everywhere i go now...

  66. Trevon Griffin

    Yea it is. Luckily rap music is pretty good. At least to me.

  67. xB3Gx4xM3RCYx

    Hip hop is well and truly dead.

    Cheyenne McGhee

    Its not really meant to be lyrical. Its trap

    Wilson Mwangemi

    @xB3Gx4xM3RCYx shut the fuck up

    Quentin Freeman

    maybe because you umm, I don't have no clue what hip hop even is, this isn't even trying to be hip hop


    Even though I’m 3 years late fuck you

    Brian Martin

    I love you for saying this

  68. De Luex



    rip atlanta hip hop

    De Luex

    whoah. this is the birth of something bigger than atlanta music. you trippin bruh


    Bitch You Guessed It.! Hwaah.! You're Right.!!