OG Maco - Gang Lyrics

When I wake in the morning I'm talking cash stead of yawning
It's still crust in my eyes but I got the plan devised
If you down to ride you
You can run it up
Remix the zero
Be hero
Keep it simple
Know the stakes
You want steak neva kimbles
See a nigga winning neva hate
Work triple
No we winning
Young legend
Ken Griffey Jr
Blake Griffin
Harry Potter Griffyndor

No nimbus want a nimble porsche

Snappin cappin
Made it happen
Bitter bastards got me laughin
Money short a have me spazzin
Don't do it
Piston system got the rifle shootin fluid
Barely kickin
Barely spittin
Yeah yeah

I know you love
I knew you'd love me
I remember when ya didn't
I know you hate
I knew you'd fake it
That's why I'm just kicking pimpin
My niggas get it like a caesar
How we buzzing like a beeper
All from trapping under bleachers

Re-up in my sneakers

Movie man my teachers
Hustlehustle in my features
Mama told me always pray
Pops told me make a way
Any nigga say they made me cept them cray

Tellin whale tales while we making waves
Prices wholesale
Selling it like ye
Celibate or nay I asked your ho
Fucked her silly
Gave her crazy pole

I know you love
I knew you'd love me
I remember when ya didn't
I know you hate
I knew you'd fake it
That's why I'm just kicking pimpin

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OG Maco Gang Comments
  1. NEWMONEYrecordshop


  2. Emerson Reis

    Bagui e hardware mermao

  3. Squidward G

    Still lit

  4. tristinflore

    1:13 Ian Connor in the cut


    1:47 is Playboi Carti

  5. Dylan Taylor

    2019 Bump 😳

  6. smh

    this shit still goes hard

  7. iendoTV

    favorite og dong

  8. kenny botelho


  9. Jraysoto65


  10. kenny botelho

    Still playing in 2018.. Who else ?

    Berserk ##

    kenny botelho same, shit go hard and underrated asf

  11. XFactor T

    Og is referring to lil yachty taking his style at the end of this song I can hear that shit & can tell that he really did

  12. koehler45

    Boiii, the migos do not sound like you in this song

    LaDaryl Barker II

    koehler45 he's talking about cadence of the music. Beat wise and voice effort wise they do. Where you think OG Parker and Deko came from

  13. Killah Kin Loyalty/Royalty


  14. EliminatedByeLOL

    Still one of his best songs to me 💯💯🔥🔥

  15. skrrt skrrt

    yeee boi og maco from 15

    Air Max The Legend Killer

    skrrt skrrt this is from Live Life 2

  16. B Eazy Too Eazy

    don't know wat yall heard but dis some hot garbage

  17. jason smith

    no artistic talent...

  18. Michael Leon

    u wack otc

  19. The Support

    These shit is wack as fuk. It is werse then my fukn speling.

  20. joseph barovich

    lol. Everyone here be like "Marco the best"

    the best line in this song is fuckemfuckemfuckem... yall need to expand your music selection a little.

  21. Gott! Mo

    who else saw ian connor

  22. Santana Montana

    Notification Gang

  23. Rickey McGee


  24. Khanh luong

    anyone know how to install minecraft mods?

  25. kidprep

    Cant lie, his interviews brought me here. dope song

  26. Reginald Jackson

    off beat

    Leel 98

    Reginald Jackson L flow matches beat perfectly

  27. Gerald Flores

    this wack as rapper does not deserve the album named AfricaAryan 😂😂😂 logic deserve the title he need to quit beefing

  28. Lord Killo Hendrix

    so many biting this nigga it's funny than a motherfucker!!! he still the O.G. O.G

  29. D funk fat sack

    You 23 baby what you talking about OG huh-ice-t

    ThisMy Name

    bru in chiraq it rare to live till 21

  30. CTK_ Kaydoehunnits

    he fell off the radar

  31. 6Side Recordz

    the beginning reminds me of desiinger and ilovemakonen

  32. Cristian Rogozan

    Where ur eye at bro

    Lord Raden XCI Beats

    I hope u go to hell!



  34. Williumson

    Lil dicky would slay on this beat

  35. liberty jones

    my nigga my nigga

  36. liberty jones

    my nigga

  37. CrazyCanadian

    no talent whatsoever lol

  38. luh 4rehn

    I'm pretty sure I saw Playboicarti in this video

  39. Beach Dreams

    who prod.?


    Cardo nigga can't u read

    Beach Dreams

    thanks monee

    Beach Dreams

    and where the fuck would i have read it, it's not in the description


    @Beach Dreams It literally says on screen

    ProStarter Default

    Dun Deal?

  40. yadig

    1:13 is that ian connor

    Davieon Upshaw

    yep Lol

    LaDaryl Barker II

    Carti in there too

  41. Xedaro

    Did somebody say GRYFFINDOR 🎩🎩🎩

  42. Maco Trenches

    Maco & Travis would be a collab that'll fuck up 2016


    +OGG Prince yes he does !

    Daquan vs. The World

    +OGG Prince yes he does , they never had beef , it was a general understanding about a situation on a song of Travis's "3500"

  43. Tyler Thomas

    he's actually pretty good

  44. RAY-the-WAY

    This song is not about gang 😂😂😂😂😂



  45. A Walker

    OG MACO @ TLA PHILLY APRIL 30, 2016!

  46. Lord of rage

    gang 😛

  47. A Walker


  48. Lmao Lmao

    Og Maco lame asf first time hearing him but like dis song ain't lit he just like fetty wit dis singin shit and Tryna rap


    You tripping Bruh lol. Fucc Em is the anthem. and I hate "squad " type music.

    Lmao Lmao

    +Datsizer nah of Maco ah wanna be fetty wap


    shit should be at a milli by now 🔫🔪💴💰

  50. DJ Gemini

    I like OG Maco when he isn't screamin like a blood thirsty maniac...like here 👊👏👏

  51. Juicy J Jemmott

    sad I am... da fuck I jus listened to? Verbal ebola?

  52. Mr.awsoneness 21

    gang gang gang!!!!!

  53. Josiah Florance

    Antonio wat u listening to og maco

  54. Los P

    their fire

  55. Los P

    listen to my songs please

  56. Out of Cornbread

    In the background I hear OGG

  57. Out of Cornbread

    Og maco and fetty wap

  58. Out of Cornbread

    He still alive

  59. Claps

    What's that song that goes gang gang gang gang gang


    max p gang

  60. Oscar Beltran

    Damn 🔥

  61. Goddess Woohyerim

    the guy in doctor pepper mv with cl of 2ne1

  62. Frank Miller 3P

    movie man my teach husslin husslin my features momma told me always pray father told me make a way...🔥🔥🔥🔥

  63. anita bath

    Does music not require rythim anymore or what?

  64. Gibbesmiddl Dead

    geomonte bethel my dawg geo UK wassup

  65. Stacey King


  66. Steve Urkel

    The autotune kinda ruined it.

  67. Erica Hayes

    "I know you love me , I remember when you didn't! "

  68. ShelAye Wiz

    $-$ Only White Girl here? $-$

  69. SuBBy flytogoodTON

    og maco always singing his other songs in a different song.. lol.

  70. Justin budz

    L paper ROUTES

  71. Chase Bacchus

    the middle finger they new gang sign

  72. 2 Flows


  73. Anthony Chavez

    had to leave a comment but I ain't gana say shit listen

  74. Andy Camacho

    love this guys rap💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  75. Marcus Barnes

    that shit suck.....

  76. akash sharma

    this shit is fire

  77. jay lindsey

    sad to hear that fucked up news. damn..


    Rumors fam

    jay lindsey

    +YRN Maco glad to hear it's just a stupid rumor. I'm a singer-songwriter, just type "Jay Lindsey Too Close" in the YouTube search box. thanks fam.

  78. King Shooter


    Got me lit up

  79. Onisan MMA

    not enough views this is hard

  80. Devin Baltimore

    this Bumpin

  81. Evan Capitain

    yo this is a banger on everything, OG Mac the future, people just don't know it yet

  82. Pulp Fiction

    My nigga ian Connor at 1:13

  83. a936Massacre

    this nigga in a come up yo! shit bang hard.

  84. Allegheny T

    Ian Connor in the cut at 1:39??

  85. Shane Briscoe

    God damn!!!! OGG!!

  86. Kay Hilfiger

    tbh og maco is one of my role model he make turn up even if I'm done fuckem fuck all this nigga dat dnt like yo music they dumb asf

  87. J Pif

    i know ya love me, i remember when you didn't


    this beat is ridiculous , why only 300k views

  89. Gazerbeam

    Lit AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Wyso Hye

    "Young legend
    Ken Griffey Jr
    Blake Griffin
    Harry Potter, Griffindor"