OG Maco - 30 Hours For Pablo Dylan Lyrics

I heard this out in Paris, you believe that
Ye got a young nigga on a relapse
Thirty hours

I'm in the streets with the kids and a Mac-10
Trying to tell 'em do better, choose good friends
A hypocrite in every hero
I'm using every damn wish in Geppetto's
[?] make that sleep better
Pity me if it make the box get wetter
Cause what's a win without the controversy?
Why they only call you broke when they feelings hurting?
That fake shit make a nigga nervous
There's something bout spaceship make her know her purpose
I'm bout to order up the whore service
She's with me for the kids like it's higher learning
Doing tricks, got a private circus
Make me cum all in that pussy cause fucking earned it
From play maker to taste maker
The sex is art, tonight, baby we face painters
Ran out of fucks, just fucked her out of the ways trainer

For about thirty hours
About thirty hours
Thirty hours

She going one of two ways and I win in both
She going one of both ways off the strong coke
Spirit bomb was the new hope
The money make us LOL like a good joke
A nigga play hella hell with these white folks
I been to heaven more than once it's my wife though
You know they say what the top be
Now try and picture a nigga there that's not me
I know nigga, I know nigga
They got me ticked, she just started to blow nigga
Tryna make stars out of normal broads
Why you making getting naked in this photo hard?
When Rick talking to Rick
And Rick don't even wear shoes on some country shit
Straight to smoking weed with Mike Dean
A secret sesh with Vader Kush and we can't breathe
I never feel like voicing in your conversation
Steady making waves, check the undulation
All in due time we'll renew patience

In about thirty hours

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OG Maco 30 Hours For Pablo Dylan Comments
  1. Atticus Stranger

    Why was the original deleted

  2. Lucas Hendricks

    Still bumpin this fire ass track

  3. David Black


  4. Josip Nicotera

    this is good bro

  5. mavis lesley

    Faaaawk You meeean ooogg!!! lit !

  6. slimjimmy

    The Pusha T flow...

    David Black

    slimjimmy true shit!