Offica - Snakes & Scorpions Lyrics

(All this talk)
Shoutout the 92's B
Oi com'on B
It's Offica - Freeze

So many snakes and scorpions
But I can never get tired of the hate
Yate she catting from me
Told that bitch get the fuck outta my face
I'm tryna make victims famous
I wanna see them on TV
Forget about Sky and BBC
Irish drill so its RTÉ (bullitt bullitt)

Are ya mad are ya mental?
Who needs a hook to kill instrumental?
Offica I did it I done it
I heard this beat so I had to jump on it
Ma said don't forget where you came from
Lagos London to Dublin
And Drogheda the ends where I'm from
Man I got love for the D Town block the D town strip
Now I carry the town on my shoulders
Of course with help from my olders
Thats iconic and ironic
Opps see me and they do up Sonic
Thats logic
Opps know when they hear that GRRR they know it's me (GRRR)
See them man know it's my number one phonic
When I come to your ends affi cover my face call me lagbaja
(Where they at?)
I'm in your block all day with my goons
Oya bu si ta ki bawaja
See dem man come like pussyhole celebs
They couldn't last a day in the jungle
They came in one by one and I kicked them out call it royal rumble
Just like Humpty that sat on the wall
Dem man see me and they tumble
Same guys that were on to me
Dem man see me and they fumbled
See them are aggie cause they know that I'm making that airgead
Like if you got a problem you can buck me

Buy a chinging
And your Bruce can get one for free
Like how many times have I told dem man
Tell the truth and ill set you free
Holy moly (holy moly)
My YG came withw a pokey
And left man roly poly
And I dont know how he survived
But now he's in church giving testimony (huh)
Sweet one wanna faji now she calling me Alhaji
Baby come here wa jaye enter the party
419 to the world and back
Omo naija ne mi
What you know about stacks?
Tell me what you know about making P?
Balenciagas, Alexanders
On my fucking feet
Like Moeyski jump start that thing
That square was sweet
I need me a sweet one
Oh so brown and peng
Oh my God she a ten outta ten
See your girl tryna suck my ucker tell her move man
She's R.O.ten
Like KMT
Like what do you mean?
I... Man I give it to them
Run down fields like im Kylian Mbappe
Excellent stop Ngolo Kante
Opps want beef? no issue
When I cut, cut straight through the tissue
I came with Prof and Tobz like Hulk and captain America
Doing up Avengers

So many snakes and scorpions
But I can never get tired of the hate
Yate she catting from me
Told that bitch get the fuck outta my face
I'm tryna make victims famous
I wanna see them on TV
Forget about Sky and BBC
Irish drill so its RTÉ (its Offica B)

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Offica Snakes & Scorpions Comments
  1. hot nigga

    sound like JB.2


    fire fire fire fire omo naija to the world jorrr...bless up young king

  3. Calum Henry-Cullen

    Did you buy the beat because it says sold now 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Calum Henry-Cullen

    Big up punctured instrumental 🔥😂 I made a verse to this

  5. Mike Mikki

    who is the director please

  6. Legend_Fxruq

    ‘419 to the world and back’ Now you can tell where his from 😂😂😂

  7. Yung Ricegun

    Now we know where Obito was after his fight against Minato

  8. Unkn0wn Pixel

    I’m from Dublin love Ireland

    isjamesk - Social

    Unkn0wn Pixel I’m from Limerick

    Unkn0wn Pixel

    @isjamesk - Social love to see it

  9. Akai Peter

    Mans in red cow

  10. don dony

    Nigeria x ghana where u at fam

  11. Jack Lambe

    is he irish

  12. Wagwan g what u sayin? what fem?

    If u know Alaji u know.🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶

  13. Alphish 121

    I thought Obito died.

  14. Dapz Mostanti

    I love dis guy still 🔥😂

  15. John Gunner

    Wasp nest?

  16. l Josh l

    That's just 5 minutes from my house

  17. Paisley

    D-town national anthem 💁‍♂️🔥

  18. Kryphz

    Not even ur song

  19. Malacki 655

    I can’t get no jobs in jail coz I’m on job in jail🔥

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    This is so sick, keep it up big man🤜🏿🤛🏿

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    naruto is sick, drill is shit

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    best in ireland❄️❄️❄️

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    Yup the red cow fuck the inspectors


    dope asf

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    Underated asf 🔥

  26. Simon Mitchell

    That beat goes IN though!!!

  27. Simon Mitchell

    That Obito mask is the only reason I clicked.

    I don't even hear his bars...I'm just here for the mask.

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  29. Taylor Rogers

    Sounds good

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    chelelel fuck off hahahahahaha

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    Wtf is the mask fam look like a prick

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    wait this is a irish lad?

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    I want to see skiddiBop

  34. Hampton Skills

    lyrics on the subtitles are great, but they flash twice so you cant read them..

  35. - ! quay



  36. Quinton N

    This wouldn’t get out my recommended so here I am ...

  37. Crying at the moon


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  39. MattyMuchLove

    Tobi doing bits 🤙

  40. Counterfeit

    Yoruba bars went hard... I don't speak it though

  41. Ok Tagon

    Bro, how this dude talking about crime with a Naruto mask on. 🤦‍♂️
    What is it with all the gangster weeaboos my man?

    John khalid

    @Ok Tagon so you’re saying you can’t watch anime and do crime?🤦‍♂️

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    Why does he look like a sweet from a Cadbury’s milktray

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    Nice track good lyrics and the beat is cool
    Check out my rap beat

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    bro plug in your mic

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    His maks looks like the Looney Tunes intro.


    7ucky FRK its naruto mask


    Fam its tobi man

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    mask like cadbury chocolate

  56. Jamie


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    This is HARD

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    deffo backing KSI in the fight

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    Am I in the kamui dimension?

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    Lettz From Strettz alll I didn’t think about that

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    These ad libs got me dead😂

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    mad how many of you lot havent heard of, or seen this don before

  84. Ryan

    shelled it. shoulved dropped somet like this on MM

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    Finally some one used this beat

  86. aidan

    u boutta blow up g

  87. Todoroki Shouto

    Normal Rappers: *spits fire*

    Offica: *FIRE BALL JUTSU*

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    who is here before 1 mln

  89. Robux Giveawayers

    Drogheda Fc To The World And Back

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    419 to the world and back “omo naija ni mi 🤷🏾‍♂️”😂😂

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    I google translated the phrase in nigerian(igbo) and it told me "the paycheck is worthless"

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    @David Kolapo from Lagos?

    David Kolapo

    Amazigh nah Ibadan not too far from Lagos tho


    @David Kolapo nice to meet you bro i'm from Morocco


    @David Kolapo some of my friends are from Lagos


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