Offica - Naruto Drillings Lyrics

They call me Jinchuriki because ‘cos I got Yoruba demon in me
Mmmh, It's Offica doom

Naruto drillings, what do you mean?
Back out my Rasengan then I lean
Came my samurai sword and my team
Skinny bop, I'll do my ting
Man's tryna be hokage, tryna be up there with Tsunade
Tell that yute we're onto him, coming for him like the Akatsuki

Opp boys wanna shoot their shot
I just wanna back out my gun then shoot
And you know if I start gun leaning
I'm not gonna stop til an opp boy bleeding
Running from me call it treason
How can my man run for no reason?
It's like he probably saw me gun leaning
Offica, I'm in charge do a uh
Offica, I'm that general slash criminal slash villain
See me in the streets I'm probably sinning
Get them Ks and we're calling it killings
And samurai swords and dippers
I don't mind dipping that-my figures
He's on me, I shaft these niggas
Doing up bad and doing up sprinter
(Why you running?)
Tryna get this donny and dead up his clan like the Uchiha
And man ain't a fool like Tobi, underneath I'm Madara Uchiha
Don't let this ting hit you cause you might need more than a plaster
Just tryna master this jutsu, so I can make all my opps run faster
I just splashed that yute, now he lives in the poo
Came running like Sadio, so of course I'm looking for my Mane
And T Muni got got, so you know we gotta keep that pressure
No look finish like Bobby, excellent finish, man do it like Salah

Naruto drillings, what do you mean?
Back out my Rasengan then I lean
Came my samurai sword and my team
Skinny bop, I'll do my ting
Man's tryna be hokage, tryna be up there with Tsunade
Tell that yute we're onto him, coming for him like the Akatsuki

Ay stupid nigga, I really wanna pull that trigger
Like you've never held a gun, so go play with your fidget spinner
Violate me, imma mock that nigga
[?] unlike you, I won't hesitate to pull that trigger
Bang to the face, durag gone, my man's dead
His girl's an attention seeker, my man's on the ground you neek
You done a Michael Phelps, well now he's a fucking swimmer
And his girl at the station shedding tears, she doing up Simba
I take out your eyes like Danzo, now you can't see me, John Cena
I'm never on my ones, my goons always come like Shadow Clone Jutsu
Call me Sasuke Uchiha, my Chidori might hit you
My Chidori might hit you

Naruto drillings, what do you mean?
Back out my Rasengan then I lean
Came my samurai sword and my team
Skinny bop, I'll do my ting
Man's tryna be hokage, tryna be up there with Tsunade
Tell that yute we're onto him, coming for him like the Akatsuki

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Offica Naruto Drillings Comments
  1. irish potato

    Up the raaaaaa🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  2. Waste Man

    “He shat his knickers” that’s wet ngl

  3. S K

    At the end 3:06 they be doing signs and that instead of getting in the car and driving away because there is not enough seats

  4. Anjali the great

    w e e b

  5. #Jazzy#

    The sounds so Japanese I love it

  6. XDmemers

    Did he just gun lean OPP

    Ur Local Chippy

    Yh but the songs old

  7. d6mi

    when he watches anime 😍

    ight i’m done out here 😂

    Waste Man

    d6mi what goes on in ur mind

  8. Mr.E02 #pubgmobile

    My man did a Michael Phelps because he is a fucking swimmer / SPLASH 🤣😂 SKIDIBOP KILLING IT G LOVE THE NARUTO DRILL ITS TO MUCH G HA 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 SPLASH THAT YOUT


    anybody know the name of the naruto theme? man tryna cook this instrumental up

  10. Shaw Games

    fuck,too many naruto references,need to watch this with lyrics....

  11. Orbit Darko

    I like the one with ksi

  12. Eazy Z

    Anyone know his insta and snapchat?

    Ginger Nuts

    His ig is a9offica

  13. joemurray

    drogheda tings

  14. Narutoworks

    That obito mask is sick

  15. Jesse McLoughlin

    2012 Passat, 2019?

  16. chewysearjulie

    “Call me sasuke Uchiha, my chidori might hit you”

  17. Arian Ansari Jam

    The naruto sound works with a drill beat

  18. Tony Gaming

    Call me sasuke uchiha my chidori might hit you😉

  19. Thesan

    Bros please tell me the name of this theme in naurto

  20. da king

    Wut The Heck Is That Dance??

  21. Nathan Donovan

    Why does he sound so English 😥

  22. Faceless Media

    This is killer bee in real life

  23. mrhammerheadshark

    Imagine it's just skepta with tobi's mask on

  24. Joe Mccormick

    1:19 well... we now know what football team he supports! Good choice🔴⚪️🔴⚪️!!

  25. AntonVii

    Imagine officia x JB2 on a track

  26. dragon king

    I love this song keep up the mad work my guys.

  27. LFB

    Mans wearing weather originals

  28. Drag Insurance

    Yeah but RIP Obito

  29. ECHO __

    I was down town the day that was recorded I saw him out side the church


    Lucky u

    ECHO __

    @Cxphy the thing is I was just like to my friend look at him he's having a blast dancing out side the church

    ECHO __

    @Cxphy and I hadn't got a clue


    @ECHO __ lol

  30. Jakai Lyons

    Can somebody tell me why drakes new song -War sound the same as this 💀🤦🏽‍♂️ drake stealing flows😭?

  31. NERO_ Ex

    lowkey sounds like dave

  32. Sofia Moniz

    This is like the best fusión
    Naruto and mad good Rap

  33. flippingmaster 0188

    Face reveal

  34. Simpson’s Gacha

    This song low key sucks.

  35. ITZ _RAMON. YT

    I'm gonna buy that mask

  36. Instinctz

    I used to hate grime but this I can get behind


    Instinctz this is drill not grime


    heathers same thing

  37. tracey anscombe

    Umm lovely song I guess?

  38. E. motion

    Imagine being ran down by someone screaming a jutsu with a kunai in his hand

  39. SwarmZ

    That’s a banger

  40. Yung Lau

    The swiss is so liiiiit

  41. Budokkan Otaku

    sate sate sate

  42. yt brodz

    This is fire.

  43. Glitch

    Bruhh where ksi at he was in the original song


    Other way round g


    @randomgeezer ahh for real damn my bad XD


    @Glitch 👍

  44. big weapon jump

    Captions be like


  45. Jandsome Hack

    this guys a genius for using that mask

    OWNA LynxX

    Great to live in the same area with this legend

  46. crank dat soulja boi

    I hear the sherlock holmes theme ngl

  47. Schauncy North

    Bruh lit just cause obito mask

  48. Dr-ax /\

    Everyone’s trying to be the Hokage these days 😂

  49. Fervyyy

    This beat is ass

  50. HD Haydn scootz

    the one with ksi is better


    Your joking 😂

  51. Chicken Lips

    It’s like a battyman became an op and makes music


    You have a roblox pp don't vex yourself

    Chicken Lips

    randomgeezer you post fortnite so don’t come at me about roblox 💀🤣

    Waste Man

    Chicken Lips this guy will splash you ... shush

    Chicken Lips

    Waste Man ur white shush

  52. Louis Ingold


  53. Yannis Bernard

    How can he see with his only one-eye orange mask ?

  54. TT T100

    That's Black Zetsu in the Orbito mask fam skanking deep

  55. Nypher

    They call me juju king because i got the Yoruba demon in me

  56. Lyite

    Someone tell me what that dance is called

  57. Sorcus

    0:21 what are those trainers?


    Wannabe G Which ones exactly?

  58. SG MC

    This is trash

  59. Suna

    been watching naruto since i was 12 finished it at 21 and now i'm 24 now lol, gah damn naruto became so mainstream so many rappers are inspired lol

  60. Scrappy Edits

    No look finish like Bobby Excellent finish man do it like Salah ❄️❄️❄️

  61. F.B.I

    It looks like someone took a shit on his face

  62. Jeffrey Yang

    this shit hot garbage lol even if im a naruto fan

  63. iHCSx

    I dont even like Naruto lol

  64. Daniel Adeleye

    Watching in invert colours🔥🔥🔥

  65. Comrade Conrad

    Btw those lads aren’t from the uk 🇬🇧 there from Ireland 🇮🇪 boys

    Owen O

    Comrade Conrad if we are being technical they are from the UK because isn't Louth in Northern Ireland? But even so get what you mean 😂

    Comrade Conrad

    Owen O nah there’s two Louths south and north Louth so Louth is right above Dublin and if they were in Northern Ireland they would have yellow number plates on the cars

    Mr Chimney

    It's drogheda

    Comrade Conrad

    Mr Chimney ok

    Waste Man

    Comrade Conrad they’re from bray

  66. Rainbow 6 Pro


  67. OMJ

  68. Wolfie Plaze


  69. Ciaran

    Best in Ireland 🇮🇪

    Whitie Marsh

    @Ciaran A piece of paper doesn't make you Irish.....this guy is African


    Whitie Marsh I see where you come from with that, but it’s just depends what he identifies as I guess. I mean listen to his voice, his accent is clearly Irish.

    Whitie Marsh

    @Ciaran if I had a Japanese accent it wouldn't make me Japanese


    Whitie Marsh didn’t say it made him Irish, I said the accent itself was Irish. But again, it’s all down to what he identifies himself as. Like me, I was born in London, but I call myself Irish as my family moved from Galway to London in the early 90s. His family moved from another place to Ireland, and that’s where he grew up, so he can call himself Irish or where his family is originally from, it’s all down to him.

    Whitie Marsh

    @Ciaran I can call myself Japanese but it doesn't make me so. How he feels doesn't come in to it. If he was merely born here doesn't make him Irish as per the referendum in 2004 on the vast majority of actual Irish people agreed that being born here did not make you Irish

  70. Jaybil Adnan

    I used captions and it just said ( music )

  71. Noob King

    Those moves tho

  72. Alex

    Obito spittin that fire stye!

  73. Yg-gangz. Ldn

    Imagine naruto reacted to this

  74. aFighting Irish

    Israel Adesanya needs to walk out to this for his next fight

  75. Im Just a Weeb.

    another rapper ruining naruto


    You play fortnite so u don't have rights

  76. Bonquva

    holy shit, it soudns like DAVE

  77. - childish -


  78. NoDeadMemes

    the weird anime kid when the uk roadmen ask him to spit some bars:


    hes irish ;-;


    Ireland 🇮🇪

  79. ur gay

    this man probably only watch 100 ep of naruto

  80. 《LazyTongan YT》

    "I really wanted to pull the trigger , you haven't even had a gun so just play with a fidget spinner"


  81. Ali Hnf

    Mask = gloryhole

  82. KiTT

    horrible song
    i feel so sad for kishimoto

  83. DivinityPerfected

    Voice sounds so goofy😂, but I like it because, Naruto👌

  84. V—Etm

    I hate his mask

  85. Angus Bradley

    Man looking like a hazelnut whirl


    Did fortnite steal this dance yet?

  87. Thien Huynh

    mans is not on road

  88. I love Allah

    Thats heat

  89. X •

    Good song but the mask is retarded

  90. Iridescence in piglets

    Ngl tobi/obito was the coldest character out of all the akatsuki he and itachi backed it

  91. GabiSzem

    song is sick but did anyone see the video of him explaining the song to a classical music expert. he did rasengan like a kamehameha.

  92. Kikz

    Imagine making a song about naruto and think a rasengan is a Kamehamaha

  93. Your yournansmiddlenameisspicyorangejuice egan

    Cheez 10/10

  94. The wisdom Porpoise

    Obito has bars

  95. Walshy the musician

    Why are these lads trying so hard to make themselves sound like they're from London? It doesn't come across well.

  96. Driggle

    The fucking dance is so funny😂😂 0:17

  97. Wagwan Boyz

    Why did I almost got stabbed when I visited the uk and stared at a roadman?