Of Montreal - I Feel Ya' Strutter Lyrics

I see it, girlfriend
I got so lucky with you.
Yes I feel you strutter
I got so lucky with you
So freaked out and depressed
But now I see how I was so blessed,
So blessed with you girlfriend

I know there ain't no one person that everybody else in the world
Hates on, wants to die,
Sometimes I do think it's me,
Like I'm in a fight simulator and I am crushing the birth of any potential memory
I'm still way erect for you, not going to lie
You cured me of my death anxiety, only took you two tries
The head scene dropped the vaccine, and I've chosen a very powerful penance

I know it girlfriend I got so lucky with you
I feel ya' strutter I got so lucky with you
So hammer on guitar for who you are
With me being your straight up only solid number yeah
I see it girlfriend I got so lucky with you
I feel ya' strutter I got so lucky with you
So tweaked out and depressed but now I see that i was blessed
So blessed with you girlfriend

I want to prove to you I've advanced in varna
I can't even pick up that brahmin signal any more
I can't cope with such an abstract blackmail domination spasm
Although it makes a temporary difference
I'm really not your possession, I am just your friend.
Still there's an invisible suture that keeps me in my seat next to you till the end.

I made a wish that I really shouldn't have
Cause when it came true I didn't know what to do with it
Are we to blame for our dreams?
I see your progress as a predator just like everything else

We spoke of frontal lobe regression, this is not one of those

I know it girlfriend I got so lucky with you
I feel ya' strutter I got so lucky with you
So Cristal mimosa fizz for what you is,
With being your one solid lion-hearted brother yeah
Girlfriend I got so lucky with you I feel ya' strutter
I got so lucky with you
So freaked out and depressed but now I see that I was blessed,
So blessed with you girlfriend

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Of Montreal I Feel Ya' Strutter Comments
  1. Thorsteinn Halldorsson

    Played it ten times. So good.

  2. Anthony Vall

    Is it bad that my top two favorite band/ musical groups whatever you want to call them are of Montreal and cannibal corpse?


    Lol. Some days, I'll rock some Goatwhore or Dying Fetus and other days I'll jam of Montreal.

    James Peterson

    No like I totally get that.

  3. boogster123321

    prince reincarnated?

  4. Bateroxcore

    Calle 13...esos son los mas vendidos de todos.

  5. Jorge Guberte

    "If i wanted to sell something i'd open a shop" - Calle 13

  6. Kota Jagger

    But at the end of the day, no one wants to drive 20 minutes to the mall to pay 15 dollars for something they could get for free in less than a minute at home.

  7. WilmoTheBear

    Being a fan of Music requires Money? Get out, and never come back you douche.

  8. Victor Izawa

    Do they ever perform this live? I'd bring them the moon to see that!

  9. Taylor Sampoy

    youre retarded

  10. MsMonsha

    02:07: herbert the pervert claims the mic

  11. Kelsey Jo Music

    @PokadotMeProductions i'm a fan and i download everything hehehehe

  12. NoReplyInSlowMotion

    I listened to this song and ordered the whole cd lol

  13. neglectoid

    @PokadotMeProductions "true fans go to thier shows and buy up all thier merchandise.

  14. UVClay

    @PokadotMeProductions I would buy an unsigned band's music. Or a band on an indie label.

  15. Waifu Trump

    Only 35k veiws...


  16. Kodama28

    @PokadotMeProductions i download music. i go to shows. whatever the fuck.

  17. st1nee

    Haha, this song is hilarious. Not in a bad way.

  18. Alex A

    @tiredoldsound I haven't bought any of their music yet I travelled all the way from Puerto Rico to see them live. So I guess I stole their music somehow and paid them back. Music is to be listened. Pay for records, but I'd rather see music live and skip on the former.

  19. SynthLemon

    If a band is good enough, it can go on with or without illegal music downloading. Of Montreal is one of those bands :P

  20. Yosuke Hanamura

    @PokadotMeProductions are you a cop?

  21. licky

    1 person didn't get so lucky witchew

  22. classichost

    Great song, but I have to agree with what a friend of mine said, it sounds like Prince, if The Symbol was really desperate to get laid.

  23. popp1nbottlez

    @PokadotMeProductions nah. fans of music are fans of music not fans of the production of it. good music does not begin and end with this band. logic is illegal on youtube, i guess

  24. Taylor Sampoy

    @PokadotMeProductions BECAUSE some fans are poor as shit

  25. Andrew Lea

    @PokadotMeProductions Aye, only people that can afford Of Montreal's albums are real fans. Those like me, who could not dream of having the cash to spare for albums, are not real music fans. Because, according to your logic, money is what defines being real. In other words, you are saying that only those who give Of Montreal money are real fans of Of Montreal. Dont be such a god damn twat, pick a better cause to get all fucking pissed over.

  26. Jh Ford

    if youre talking about buying the hard copy of the record, youre a fucking idiot. record companies profit the most from hard albums, the artists make like 15% tops. If you wanna support an artist then buy their merchandise and go to their shows.

  27. LiterallyLogan

    @zeddblue - totally agreed!!

  28. Declan McInerney

    omg i feel so late :( i love of montreal sooo much but i only just found out that they came out with a new album

  29. Kristen Silver


    An artist makes a few cents from each CD sold. They don't sell them so they can tour, they tour because TOURING is the way that artists make money.

  30. Shane Darling

    best record.. hissing fauna.. but so far this one sounds like a return to that :)

  31. DatsDaveVW

    i gotta say when i first heard this song i was a little thrown off by how different it sounds for them... but once i got home and listened to it on a sweet system....WOW... the chorus just makes me wanna dance in the streets with puppies and sunshine

  32. John Christian Schaefer

    This album is gorgeous.

  33. bubmaterial

    wow that sucks these songs are already all on youtube.
    everyone who likes these should buy the realistic actuall hold in your hands album anyways. itll probably be really cool.

  34. dan wiegand

    @trank31337 nowhere man. you can download the illegal torrent like me and obviously this guy did but other than that this is their unreleased album

  35. Kevtron9000

    gorgeous bass

  36. Divine Fools Club

    it's true. I'm too much of a kb fanboy to figure out if i like this or not. lol. I just like his lyricism and ooh ooh back ups. where else can you find this??

  37. Jefferson Wayne

    If Kevin Barnes wasnt singing, no one would like this.