Of Montreal - Colossus Lyrics

Your mother hung herself in the National Theater
When she was four months pregnant with your sister
Who would have been thirteen years old today
Does that make you feel any less alone in the world?

Your dad, I'm sure, he tried his best
He thought you'd be better off living with your grandmother
He didn't realize that she had already given up
Baby, your family, they are all just losers

I become such a wolf around you
My thoughts go dark, and all out of focus
I have no peace in my mind
Because you
You've touched me

The screech owls are going insane outside my house
It is the season for trouble and self destruction
All of my friends, they are falling apart
But not me, I'm in control

Remember the exquisite corpse that we created together?
We laughed at the time, it seemed so impenetrable
But reading it now I think I understand
What it is that we are trying to steal from each other

I've become such a wolf around you
My thoughts go dark, and all out of focus
Have no peace in my mind
Because you
You've touched me

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Of Montreal Colossus Comments
  1. TheLebowski5

    Uplifting subject matter

    Gal Beeri

    happy song

  2. kim nak

    what dose 'exquisite corpse' mean? i am not good at english, i just know that this song is concerned with sylvia plath. right?

    Adriana Berardini

    Exquisite corpse is a literary game the surrealist artists created. They would randomly come up with words and draw them together :) 

    Benjamin Luczak

    @kim nak it's also where you create a story together by writing a few sentences but the next person only gets to see the very last sentence

    Sim Le

    +Benjamin Luczak The version I played was a combination of both. One person writes a sentence based off the last person's picture and then the next person draws a picture based on the sentence without seeing the earlier picture.

    Brandy Cable

    I thought it referred to an aborted fetus.

  3. Matthew Howell

    Just bought the album (Lousy with Sylvianbriar) today and am currently enjoying the digital download in advance of the CD release. Love it. It's nice to hear Kevin back to a more straight-ahead songwriting style for this album. The previous three have been great, but very fragmented. Highly recommend this one...best in my opinion since "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?" and "Icons Abstract, Thee" (although, very different)

  4. BlackMarketBakesale

    Those harmonies!

  5. Ghoulish

    Thanks for the post