Of Mice & Men - Transfigured Lyrics

It's tearing away
Tearing a hole in me
They say, find your way
But I can't see anything

And I'll be just fine

Fear and doubt,
I've found a place for these
They say, figure it out
And you don't know anything

I want to be free again, to feel again, to dream
Till one day I hope I say

I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
With who I am today
Woah, woah

Par for the course
Met with their empathy
'Cause I don't feel anything

But you'll see again, believe again in me
And one day I know I'll say

I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
With who I am today
Woah, woah

Time after time I'll just pick up the pieces
To be free again, to feel again
Time after time, I'll just pick up what's left
You'll see again, believe again

I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
With who I am today
Woah, woah
I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
I'm finally okay
With who I am today
Woah, woah

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Of Mice & Men Transfigured Comments
  1. Jara Maddox

    I wish everyone I knew would just surrender to this type of music and relax ! because it’s great !

  2. Nereus 77

    This is a really great song

  3. Qwerty Qwerty

    I can’t understand people that say that Cold World is trash . I think that this album has a great meaning. For example this song , I think that Transfigured is a real masterpiece. U cannot here great guitar or drums, but u need to understand the words . The words are the main thing and they are beautiful . I hope you understood what I mean

  4. Brint Mann

    Austin says left cuz he wasn't allowed to write wht he wanted. defy is hard and like their debut so was this soft pop stuff his liking or Aaron?

  5. Emily Cousins

    Cold world is a legend

  6. Szymon Sobkowicz

    Restoring Force is better :( cold world is disappointing

  7. Jason Duhela

    Listen to the lyrics; if you don't like song it is not for you, its for someone else. Love Cold War <3

  8. H. E. M.

    They wrote found in the lyrics in the description twice

  9. Shadow Dormin

    I've since given this album a re listen and it has grown on me, yes they changed their sound and did some questionable things on this album (Relentless) but I honestly think some of the songs on this album have taken new meaning after Austin left (especially this song).

  10. Mats Smits

    Is austin singing in the beginning?

  11. fouri

    This song is dope idec

  12. Camilly Lynch

    Someday, i hope, i will be okay with who i am. :/

  13. fouri

    I think this song is dope. I don't think Austin is a good singer but I think this and Away he does good and they're pretty artsy

  14. TaQuarius Peake

    u people are ungrateful fans lol u have no respect for of mice and men they always had a soft side of them and thts what still makes them good.yall always think about the heaviest side instead listening to the words and what their trying in their song everything is always gotta be heavy

  15. Find Out

    Honestly I do enjoy cold world although I personally prefer the old om&m. But, just think about how Austin was feeling at this point. He left for a reason you know.

  16. Michael Rivera

    Of mice & men deserves a better singer

  17. Tailik

    This song has a different meaning now after Austin leaving.

  18. Remember Me

    I love of mice & men this song is beautifully written and so is the othe songs that of mice & men wrote. But this album is a bit more beautiful because it's so different from that they previously wrote. That's what makes this album so special and unique. I love their older songs as equally as these new ones. These newer seem to be about Austin and the bands present. I think that's why it's so special to me, I'll always love Austin and Of Mice & Men they'll always be in my heart.

  19. Miss Vega

    OM&M forever in my heart.

  20. Jhonny Guedes

    wonderful band, even with the change is very good

  21. Greggi Green

    this shit is way over your guys heads.

  22. Greggi Green

    picking up Alice in chains vibes. typical millennial metal core goring scum will hate it, but 90's kids, and number metal Era kids will thin is heaven.

  23. Solus E. Eclipse

    You fuckers only cared about austin's screams and shaley's whining. This IS a different sound but it ain't crap.

  24. myDS1998

    I love this whole album and the old songs and albums too its just amazing they make different albums, and not just the same style every album.

  25. Asong writtenaboutyou

    still waiting for the day I finally say I'm finally okay

  26. gravityphantasm

    Educational purposes only : You do realize bands sign a contract obligating them to create a certain amount of albums by a certain time right? Bands run out of things to write and there's only so many ways you can say things. Theyre just doing what they have to do.

  27. Jacqueline Muñoz

    Guys, the album is amazing. Yes, they sound diferent, but the songs are good. Stop with "the album is trash" "I dont' like OM&M now" OM&M it's a amazing band.

  28. Joost Antenbrink

    this song reminds me of something else, a different artist, but I just can't put my finger on it, anybody else got an idea?

  29. Jesse Johan Schrödinger

    one of the worst albums I've ever heard.

  30. tie vencent perry

    I keep seeing comments like they're a sell out and u guys changed on your old fans and or this album is shitty ....😂😂😂 its really not ... y'all ears are filled with too much cum from being dicks about their new album to actually listen and hear what he's saying ....I love their old music too ...that's y I go on YouTube and fucking listening to it ... if they kept making the same music with the same sound then you'd guys be like .... oh its just like the other albums he's losing his touch ...they need to quick already ...just stfu leave if u don't like it don't listen to it don't buy their tickets don't go to their concerts ....and don't ruin it for everybody else's who actually loves their new music just bc u stuck in ur emos way u wanna feel the pain dipshits don't appreciate it enough .... cool?

  31. Mechanical Ariel

    I don't know why everyone is complaining. I love the new album. But then again that's just me.

  32. kenneth :0

    I love this album,if they dont change eventually every album will sound the same.This is a change done right.I respect t hem for experimenting.

  33. Luca HAMBLETON

    There is no 'old' Of Mice & Men. This is what they do for a living.

  34. Sir Keksalot

    People aren't mad because it's bad. People are mad because its different. It's not even close to bad. If this was a different band entirely it wouldn't be getting so much criticism. There's nothing wrong with change as long as its decent.

    This is decent tbh.

  35. KateXGaming

    Am I the only person who actually loves this album? All I keep seeing in negativity and people saying they don't like it. I play this album on repeat ♥♥ I love it c:

  36. Remember Me

    Stop saying you miss the 'old of mice & men.' They are the same of mice & men. Yes I agree Shayley was amazing (even though I didn't know om&m at that time) but, so is Aaron. They're gonna change there sound most artist change there sound. (BMTH BVB PTV P!ATD Breaking Benjman CTE etc) If you are a true fan you're gonna appreciate that they're still a band and that Austin is okay. Austin is going through shit to make us happy he and the rest of the band works hard on their songs. OM&M are a good band and they're passionate about their fans and their music. If you don't like it then listen to someone else. But quit being so negative about of mice & men it's their music they r trying to please them selves before us. I love of mice & men I am a true fan!

  37. Moka Kuryu

    seein a lot a hate on this album makes me so upset. :/ guys just enjoy the album. i love the fact they wanna try new stuff. i think it sounds beautiful. pain has its ups and downs, sometimes you feel like you gotta scream your lungs out, sometimes you just wanna cry softly into the wind. this is the soft pain, it really speaks to me and is something i could easily cry to if need be. Do i love their hardcore stuff? hell to the yes. Pain is legit my favorite OM&M song. But do i complain saying "This isnt the OM&M i know! This album is trash!"? no. let them do what they want and appreciate that they have the guts to try something new despite the fact that, clearly, a lot of people might hate on. OM&M rules, soft or hard!

  38. El Teran lml

    ´´Pain´´ is the only good song of the album.

  39. Juliet Wynters

    This is honestly the only song I like on this album

  40. Kayla Rose

    I really fucking love om&m older music but I also really fucking like this album. i just like all different kinds of music so both sounds are really great in my opinion

  41. Mister Kenova

    I am ok with bands evolving, that is if they evolve for the better. OM&M however devolved. Worse production value(NO Sturgis), worse choruses, and I don't mind less screaming, but the harsh vocals in general are just weak and have no impact on the songs.

  42. Douglas Wears

    If this was a totally new band in the scene, I'd be all over it. Knowing this is the same band that wrote The Flood sort of ruins it. It's good, but it's dad rock.

    Jesse Nelson

    Douglas Wears - Def Leppard is dad rock. This is some type of nu-metal revival, and I dig it.

  43. metalmessy135

    ive seen these guys live before. been listening for years.. i know ill miss the heavier days. and ill admit this isnt entirely my cup of tea. but i love it still. its come out exactly when my wife and i are coming out of 6 months of very hard times. it seems like music predicts the struggles and happiness we'll all face, and we all do. no matter who you are. this is good music.

  44. ferna2294

    Whose vocals are these? This doesn´t sound like Austin. Maybe I got lost.

  45. Nova 142

    Got me a psyshical today. saw the flood deluxe as well so I was like hell yeah, ill get em both.

  46. Miguel Kearns

    man :( I thought this album was going to be AMAZING but it was Okish Game of war is my favorite but still disappointed in the rest.

  47. jaydon bray

    so much better now with the new album i hope that there do another one like this

  48. SpongeHero28

    since I love a mass variety of music oml this was so good imo.

  49. Isaac Brennan

    This my favorite track of Cold World but I am with a lot of other people, I like their old sound waaay better. Like, Restoring Force was good, The Flood was my favorite by far, and the self titled was amazing. Heck, "Second & Sebring" was the first song I ever heard by them and it got me hooked. But this is far from their old sound. Its still good, I just wish that they would go back to their old sound. I realize that isn't really possible, but still. "Still YDG'n" and "When You Can't Sleep At Night" are my all time favorites. Same with "The Calm" and "Seven Thousand Miles For What." But they have really changed. Its kinda sad

  50. Mihael S

    The whole album is much softer than what I expectef especially when the 1st song I heard from it was "Pain" 😐😐

  51. Marik

    Dont dislike the album but i feel like the issue is that Pain had something that held you too it, Every other song on this album just doesnt pull you in and keep you there. You hit the start and know where its heading and you already know if you do or dont like it. There is no reason to "keep" listening. The songs are sadly predictable. But for what they have done with the album they've done better than bands who tried this and who were originally this. But everyones gotta come to the fact that "The Flood" just isnt coming back to O&M. They've changed. Thats all thats left for me to say.

  52. Church

    i just love their song idc for the hate of the FANS if they are really a true FAN☺

  53. TheDivineInferno 3

    I'm all about the nu metal change om&m are doing but tbh this album didn't sound interesting at all

  54. JamiaNicole1996

    I'm so tired of people bashing this album JUST BECAUSE THEY CHANGED THE GOD DAMN SOUND. If you don't like it that they changed the sound then you aren't a real fan. Yes I prefer the harder stuff where Austin mixes singing with screaming but I love this regardless because he has a beautiful voice. God can't everyone just enjoy the fact that they even came out with a new album. They busted there asses to make this: grow up and appreciate it.

  55. Jeremy Baldwin

    you have to look into the deeper meaning of their songs. this album couldn't have came in such a good time. I have Marfan syndrome as well as Austin and I can relate 2 more than half of these songs because of my disorder. and unfortunately when this album came out I have recently been going blind in one eye it comes with having Marfans I enjoy the song and can relate to it lyrics and all I've been in Of Mice and Men fan since the beginning and cold world has probably been the most influential albums yet

  56. Zack Stonehouse

    Bands change people, stop hating just because they are changing! i enjoy their new sound tbh

  57. JeffiBuilt EJ1

    dudes gotta make music that makes them money. for those that dont like the new sound, thats too bad for you eh? they arent gonna lose sleep. theyll get bigger and bigger. following what BMTH did. i dont blame them 1 bit. a persons well being is more important than a small vocal part of a "fanbase"

  58. Litzy Grijalva

    I love when bands change their music a bit. This is amazing ♡

  59. Not Hesitant Alien Kid

    I kinda like this album? it's not as good as the others but I still enjoy it... alot of people are dissing this band because they changed up on this album but is it really that bad? damn it's like some people have NO respect for the bands...

  60. Evan Faraday

    Listened to the entire album and not gonna buy it. The only song I like personally is The Lie. The rest is trash. Bunch of wannabes and sellouts they just want more money in their pockets and bank accounts. Save your money people for more important things in life like food and rent and bill etc.

  61. Can't Really Function

    This is amazing! I love the old style better but this pleases me a lot. Keep it up guys

  62. Amber Boggs

    look if you don't like of mice and men new album don't listen to it I love this album because I didn't see this coming. do you not understand they went threw a rough time last year but they keep pulling threw, Austin had three surgery last year they had to cancel a whole tour but to me this album is amazing and if you can't deal with the change your not a true of mice and men fan

  63. Kundra18

    Wow, this is awful. I'm typically not into whiny emo bands but OM&M was the exception to the rule b/c their first few albums were so complete and so good. This album though...holy shit, it's bad. You can hear some of the underlying music occasionally, that made them good but it's so rare it might as well not be there. And Austin is one of my favorite screamers out there - what the hell happened? He has one of the most unique screams and it's basically completely missing?? I'm just not understanding why this massive change in style has occurred. Before you "fake fan" criers out there start saying anything - understand that I will support these guys full-throttle if they come back next album and kill it - and in the meantime I'll stick to their previous albums and Pain...and try and forget this album exists.

  64. Vinicius Moreira

    This song reminds me Fightstar in Grand Unification's album.

  65. Ryan Cromer

    There's a difference in a band changing their sound and abandoning their sound.

    Progression is healthy for a band, but I can't justify a band who completely changes their sound to leave the actual genre of music they were based on.

    I mean, come one. Leaving alone the fact that maybe four songs actually has screaming, their "experimentation" has been extreme. They're radio rock, soft nu, and rap? I don't know man.

    Just give yourselves a new name so you don't disappoint the real fans of OM&M.

  66. Juliana Roeder

    I might be crazy but this somehow reminds me of The Red by Chevelle.
    I love both songs though! :)

  67. Nightly Horrors

    Where's the screams 😱

  68. Rey Garcia

    For that people that say of mice & men is dead, this album is NU METAL with influences of slipknot, korn and linkin park and it's awesome this new material

  69. joaopedro sales ximenes

    I don't understand people saying that prefers the Old OMM ,a new album means new music,they don't like to do the same thing ever and this make sense

  70. MouseyMoon

    I'm seeing so much dislike of OM&M's new music, but I truly enjoy CW. I can relate soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much with the lyrics and the music and vocals are truly splendid. if you really listen you can feel what Austin and Aaron were feeling while recording. but that's just me. if you don't like the music please dont be rude about it. the band doesn't need the cruel words. they have feelings too.

    Amber Boggs

    I agree with you I relate to this album

  71. Devon Davenport

    In love with the 90s vibe all throughout this album.

  72. Singer, Sparkle

    I just listened to this song... I might be late but this song is total awesome sauce!!!! 😍❤️💙💀

  73. Matheus Alves

    Chester again?

  74. Terence mazyck

    not complaining but this sounds like its the type of you hear in a dark room/ smoke club

  75. First East Prussian Grenadier Battalion

    Who thought this album was named Cold War

  76. John Conklin

    Everyone is entitled to there own opinion and I respect that some people don't like much of this album I really do. But I really like how these guys are experimenting with different styles. I love Of Mice & Men old and new and hope they stick around for a while and continue to have some diversity in there music.

  77. Dante Cestari

    not digging the change. :(

  78. aduarte

    "Oh oh! I am fso mad dat off mifce and menf doefsnt make da fsame mufsic for thethethe eterfnity!" Fucking retarded pseudo- fans.

  79. Rebecca

    so far i love this album. im all for change! fuck everyone else whos complaining.

  80. my penis is unbelievably small, but

    I like this song because it reminds me a little of Red

  81. Fernanda

    jfc we get it most if not all listening don't like it but at least they had the guts to even get the record out probably knowing many will dislike it

    Giovani Quiles

    Lol nah that's just the fearless way

  82. J’CG

    If you guys kept up to date with their Instagram then you'd know that they tracked Aaron's vocals like a week ago 😂😂 goes to show how rushed this letdown of an album was.

  83. Steven Collins

    this just sucks. Pauley has took over completely and man does it suck. NO HYPE

  84. Hayes

    Real slutty. Not as slutty as the rest, but slutty. Gusto

  85. Ivy 444

    Don't know what all the negativity is about I love their new calmer music.

  86. Iliana lopez

    If you guys listening to this song keep raging in the comments how you don't like this album, fuck off. You don't need to be here, and you will never be a real fan. A real fan would accept all their music, and not care at all what the music sounds like and how THEY decide to change it. If you just jump to conclusion and call them sell outs, you really have no reason to be here. This comment section is for people to say how they enjoy it. If you don't like it, don't come here. Fake fan.

    Kayden Dubmen

    Don't get me wrong I love this band, and these songs are good, just not my type. I'll probably continue to just listen to the flood

    Jesse Johan Schrödinger

    I'm a fan of good music, not bands. So fuck off. This album is a pile of shit

    Joost Antenbrink

    can you explain why you think it's a pile of shit, or is that all you've got to say about it? I know it's not as heavy as the previous albums, but that doesn't make it bad

    Jesse Johan Schrödinger

    @Joost Antenbrink Well first of all, it's super generic. I can just imagine some fucking Chris Jericho or some WWE-dude coming in to these songs, they're that bad lmao.
    Unimaginative, soulless and trust me on this: the album runs dry after like 5 playthroughs or so. For me personally, I couldn't even listen through the album the first time i gave it a spin because I was bored to death halfway there.

    Nobody will remember this album 2017, there's literally nothing that stands out.

    Jhonny Guedes

    I agree with you

  87. Austin Pendergrass

    The awkward moment people hate on an album that doesn't sound scream as much. Like honestly I don't love this band because of the screaming or the heavy rifts. I mean I love it but I love this band for who they are and what they sing about. The words. I mean everyone has their own opinion and I respect that but I love this album. :)

  88. Jay Kimsey

    This should not have been the last song. Such a weak ending to an excellent album.

  89. magik lam

    Well for me what makes it a bad album isn't that their styles changes , is that there is no breakthrough or anything creative and new, the heavy part is not heavy enough to let me headband the shit out of it, and the chorus always stays at similar rhythm and melody, quite a let down tbh

  90. Adam Rantz

    Change is good. But damn....fucking hell. This reminds me of breaking Benjamin. now ima go listen to them. the old stuff....

  91. Chad Boomgaarn

    I don't like this CD from what I heard. I will still get the CD probably tonight after work or tomorrow though because I am a fan of these guys and it's still listenable. Album is disappointing but could be a lot worse.


    I feel utterly alone to know that I'm the ONLY person that enjoys every song that this band has worked so hard to put out mostly because it depicts all the daily struggles that not just Austin but that the whole band goes through my love for this band will remain strong 💕💕💕

  93. Blaine Deal

    I'll stick with Dayshell

  94. juliana reyes

    they change the sound a little bit too much :'(

  95. hitsuya16

    Welp, back to adtr album lol.

  96. Romina Schmidt

    They were all hardcore and stuff for so long and if they want/need a change, then so be it! I really enjoy the new music, you did a great job 👏❤

  97. Josiah McCoy

    I still love om&m and always will. but this sounds nothing like the om&m a fell in love with. it's still really good though.

  98. Chad M

    Austin sounds like Chester Bennington

    Quinnton Thedens

    Good comparison. I believe one of Austin's influences is Linkin Park. Even the way he used to perform is similar to how Chester performed. Though, I respect Austin more.

  99. Solus E. Eclipse

    What. Even. Happened?