Of Mice & Men - The Hunger Lyrics

Open up your eyes and start to take it in
And maybe you'll begin to feel like I feel, once again

We kill, to war, to murder, to hurt
Scorch the skies and poison the earth
And watch the stumbling efforts to partially fix it all again
Time has cracked, the warning sirens have faded
It's coming.
Either hell above, or heaven below,
The board has been set, your bed has been made,
Lie in it, as you realize you can't eat your money,
It is nothing!

Open up your eyes and start to take it in
And maybe you'll begin to feel like I feel, once again

Rat race… Maze… Occupied… Blind… Sheep…
Save us, save us, save us,
There's an answer to this, that has walked the earth,
The first was to warn, to teach, to lay down a life.
But the leaders of man convoluted it all,
Sticking fingers of their virus into all that is pure,
And they dig, and they dig, and they dig, and they dig!

Open up your eyes and start to take it in
And maybe you'll begin to feel like I feel, once again
Open up your eyes and start to take it in
And maybe you'll begin to feel like I feel, once again

We were the hungry, you fed us poison
We were the silent and you kept speaking
We were the hungry, you fed us poison
We were the empty, and you kept taking
We were the silent and you kept speaking
So don't you, don't you look away

Open up your eyes and start to take it in
And maybe you'll begin to feel like I feel, once again
Open up your eyes and start to take it in
And maybe you'll begin to feel like I feel, once again

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Of Mice & Men The Hunger Comments
  1. Tornamixz

    This sounds like Tool with Three Days Grace


    The sound 😀

  3. I'M REDFIELD 96


  4. Lone Wolf

    3 years ago I hit a severe depression with due to taking poor decision making and the worst heartbreak of my life. As of now, I'm 3 years behind in life financial and life wise. I use to put this quite frequently and it did make me feel a bit better. I'm grateful to be still alive and things are are in the process of getting better.
    Whatever you're going through, I'm rooting for you. Don't give up

  5. maxime brazzolotto

    I've been up your ass ^^

  6. Alek Murillo

    Nice song

  7. dannyboy765ify

    No thanks. Their new album is going in a better direction but this was definitely the low point for OM&M

  8. Fetched Gamer

    Marilyn manson mixed with tool


    i actually love this album
    i loved om&m before and it not bad at all.

  10. rgilreath4911

    I actually thought the album was alright. not phenomenal, but alright

  11. Nick French

    This Album Rocks , Seen them at download and they were EPIC!

  12. Ivar

    Lovig this one and Away

  13. SonOfPierce

    I'll be honest, while Cold World is my least favorite OM&M album, this is my favorite track.

  14. Ryan

    "I've been up your ass and start to take it in"

  15. CFS 13

    I Love this song, make me feel like im a superstar in the ring

  16. Lemmy Anedda

    Maynard should've feat in this song

  17. wjveryzer7985

    I dont understand why i didnt love this right away!

  18. Tyler Woolard

    Sounds like a mixture of Tool and Drowning Pool

  19. The Infernity

    Definetly their best song ever !!!


    TheInfernity HELL YEAH BUD !!!

  20. mrrandomman_84

    I'm really liking this song! Don't really care about who it sounds like, it's fucking awesome!


    the more i listen to this album... the more i love about it
    this band is just incredible.

  22. Ângela Fiúza

    did austin leave om&m?

  23. Bootyac Drident

    how did i get on linkin park



  25. Reptar KeKe

    im glad austin got to relax a bit in this album with all the screaming and such having negatives on his health

  26. Wes Sones

    in my opinion this and Real were the only good songs on this album, no hate but it's just not my cup of tea

  27. Hannah Childs

    my new fave song

  28. Ryan Williams


  29. Andrew Cannone

    Damn, they grew up. I'm glad to see them talking about real issues in this world. They've woke the fuck up, I love seeing this trend in alot of these bands. This world had gotten so warped by major corporations and people need to "open up their eyes and start to take it in...". I respect these guys for writing music like this. Only way to do something about the corruption is to spread awareness.

  30. DesertFox 179

    Anyone else think this sounds like pushit by tool? Still a Great song tho

  31. andie

    This album is good as any, get over yourselves and accept that they've changed their style a little, but that doesn't mean they stopped being amazing, that either just means you're stuck in the past or you're being an ignorant ass

  32. Summer Morrison


  33. Garrett Marshall

    Aaron's vocals sounds like the opening to a Tool song. Lol. I like it.

  34. TheInarticulateRambler

    I actually quite like this album

  35. Mark Canales

    If you don't like this album then I suggest the following:
    1) Take a break from metalcore
    2) Start listening to some alternative metal bands like Deftones and Breaking Benjamin
    3) Come back and rethink your thoughts on this album


    Mark Canales agreement

    Diamond Pup Stah

    I couldn't tell if that was an insult to alternative metal or not :p

  36. xXFaintCrimsonEchoXx

    I didnt like some of the songs at first, but actually trying listening to the lyrics this album is actually really good and im still their fan 😊

  37. Downxey

    Personally, I love OM&M forever, doesn't matter what say some shitty people's keep do this work, for us. WE LOVE OM&M

  38. Beth Ann

    this song is sick as fuck


    Beth Harbosky This song is BEAST !!!

  39. Orbit Mach

    everyone crying about this album are a bunch of new gen kids this shit sounds like tool and if you dont like tool or think they are good you have never been really into this type of music if you want to complain go listen to some memphis may fire or something lmao stfu

  40. Asong writtenaboutyou

    I like Austin singing very much

  41. Demon OF War115

    yay tool

  42. DS 123

    It does sound like Tool. Sounds good. Better than TDWP's new album.

  43. Damion Ruiz

    this the best albume i have ever herd

  44. Taken Titan

    Tool anyone

  45. Petivisti

    anyone else think of Tool when listening to this?

  46. HeartOfGore

    I don't know if it's because this track reminds me of tool or what but this is my favourite track of the new album

  47. Gnomei Moondust

    Huh, Chevelle?

    Gnomei Moondust

    obviously that is sarcasm.

  48. James Alexander

    this album sounds like a dulled version of BMTH's entire Sempiternal record.

  49. Pointless Videos

    First 30 seconds are definitely inspired by "The Pot" by Tool

  50. MrKass

    Who are you to wave your fing... Wait, what?

  51. Justin Guennel

    really different but still good sounds kind of like tool

  52. SiegeVirtual

    I dont understand how people dont like this album

  53. Chris Mabbitt

    i miss the flood *sighe*

  54. Joshua Vincent

    Instead of criticizing an artist for how THEY choose to make THEIR music, maybe make your own. I love this, lyrics and sound is incredible.

  55. tie vencent perry

    my favorite so far 😭❤ ...my future is bright with them

  56. Luka Cuturic

    So... What time signature is the chorus?


    the time signature is basic 4/4


    The whole song is in 4/4

    Luka Cuturic

    Gamakichi really? It doesn't make sense to me although you can count it in 4/4


    The chorus goes 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2, which is 8 beats

  57. Kristofer Carter

    I like all there album's any time they keep comeing with new music and idea's some rock band maybe can get the jod done that's just me but . I we all love the music so know but is very amazing song.
    thank god for rock&matal music becaues let me put to you this way hip hop now suck so bad is not funny. at all so be very happy for now oh one more thing keep up the awesome good work.

  58. Slades Injustice

    The clean vocalist's old band "Jammie's elsewhere" was amazing.

  59. Paulo Cesar

    Best part. Miss Austin's screams

  60. Master Eve

    this album is fucking litt

  61. manuel ybarra

    I swear I thought the first line was saying saying "I've been up your ass"

  62. the sloth

    love it. definitely a change, but great. if you don't like it, don't argue and bash others for liking it, just find what you like and go on.

  63. Brian Pease

    Anyone who says this album sucks isn't a real Of Mice & Men fan. If you were, you'd enjoy everything they put out there, not just certain songs or albums.

  64. TheKingsouth817

    WTF, this sounds nothing like TOOL, this is trash,TOL is awesome

  65. Volk115

    Guys, what happened to you?

  66. Church

    please i want the next album to be the best ..
    dont fail us cuz this album wasnt the best...
    we appreciate your hard work but it wasnt worth

  67. Andrew Looper

    does sound like they went for like a heavy Tool like rhythm I think they demolished it

    Andrew Looper

    human resources are depleting and we're growing and media blinds the public listen to the words you can't eat your money... greedy sheeps

  68. Mik Spiks

    you can feel the A Perfect Circle influence


    primer comentario en español :3

  70. Matt

    Does anyone else think this sounds like TOOL at some points?

  71. Daniel Kenneth Brackett

    it sounds more like Tool on this song i can hear the sound layout

  72. Mortis Thorne

    Am I the only one who here's so much Chevelle is this album??? Not that it's bad though.

  73. Nick Kelley

    this album is a more laid back more of a chill album i kinda like it lol

  74. Eaton Asher

    That intro has been stuck in my head for days

  75. Agustin Kinderknecht

    This song will be drum covered in my channel...

  76. Chris decayed.

    Of Tool and men

  77. Deion Mitchell

    This was a horrible change. 2009-2012 OM&M RIP

  78. Liam Janisse

    Definietly agree with everyone else on the tool thing. But anyone who dislikes this band and there sound gets the boot in my opnion ive loved this band sense i heard the first song and will continue to love this band. Rock on OM&M!

  79. Jaidyn

    Hey Chester, no one told me you joined om&m

  80. Bullet mou

    A perfect Circle copy? xD

  81. RubyBaBerry

    I feel like you're once again the shit of mice and men.
    Fucking love it

  82. Pretendeavor

    Eh. Whatever happened to this band?

  83. Kristofer Carter

    I dig this Album is new rock so the way how your have hate is not that bad so stop bitchin ok ok

  84. OffLeatherWings

    I get major Maynard James Keenan vibes from this song. More APC than Tool bit Maynard nonetheless.

    Thomas James

    Was down here seeing if anyone else thought that like I did lol

    Mike M

    +Thomas James Same.

    DesertFox 179

    OffLeatherWings fuck yes I was gonna say it kinda sounds like pushit by tool


    I just found out about this song/group by watching a highlights video of the man in your profile pic vs Kazuchika Okada!

    SUBYGRL 1995

    I felt that way too...i cant remember the songs name but intro had me...pointing my finger going wait justa sec

  85. Tyler Spano

    ''Open up your eyes....and you'll see that I'm not perfect'', oh wait wrong song.

  86. Ryan Guerrero

    It think it sounds like KING 810 at some parts the way the singer sings real low but the tool vibe is there too

  87. Alexgram

    It sounds like Tool

  88. Kristofer Carter

    very nice song guys.

  89. Angela Annalese

    This really relates to what's going on now in the world

  90. Isaiah Dancy

    favorite song so far!

  91. Drew inZane

    Share with me only

  92. Nick Van Scoter

    There is so many triggered people here saying "if you don't like the change then leave." Those people are here because they are listening to a band they have listened to for years. I am still on the fence with this. I do like the sound but it is what we fell in love with that made us love OM&M. Like the difference between Second and Serbering for example and this are dramatic. There is no denying it. And people are missing it

  93. Ayyo Zilla

    stop with the vibes

  94. krista Seaton

    I love this, guys. I love the emotion behind each song. There is a story for each one, and to hear it unfold in the album is amazing. Love you guys. \(^-^)/

  95. VolitionX

    worse than restoring force

  96. Isiah Sarzoza

    you people need to grow the fuck up..this? is of mice and men, regardless of sound it is their music if you want to be stuck in the previous years by all means go be the person you were years ago..Because they certainly aren't, music changes get over it

  97. Zacharias Macias

    definitely my favorite track on the album. people really need to get used to bands changing. the same stuff just gets boring after 4 albums

  98. Indeimaus

    Best part about this album is when it finishes and The Flood starts up.

  99. Austin Smith

    they should've listened to the fans and went back to the old sound, this happened.

  100. Can't Really Function

    Every single song is beautiful. I can't say anything bad about it because it isn't!