Of Mice & Men - Real Lyrics

Face down, I fall to the floor
Can't say I've never been here before
So frustrating, debilitating
This emptiness there must be more

It's taking over me
I don't know what to believe
Forgetting everything
That makes me, makes me real
I find an enemy
In every word that you say
I won't let you replace
What makes me, makes me real

Start, stop, start over again
Even though you know that this will end
So frustrating, aggravating
I lost myself when I let you in

But I will find myself again
So don't you say, that you understand

It's taking over me
I don't know what to believe
Forgetting everything
That makes me, makes me real
I find an enemy
In every word that you say
I won't let you replace
What makes me, makes me real

You won't take the best of me
You won't take the best of me

Start, stop, start over again
Even though you know that everything ends

It's taking over me
I don't know what to believe
Forgetting everything
That makes me, makes me real
I find an enemy
In every word that you say
I won't let you replace
What makes me, makes me real

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Of Mice & Men Real Comments
  1. Eduardo Diaz


  2. Sawtooth_Jack

    When will mediocre pop-rock stop being a thing? 🤔
    Also, the singer looks like McLovin.

  3. enderftw

    not bad. not my style of om&m tho

  4. Mg Kyal Sin Htun

    Miss u austin


    Alguien 2019?? ❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘😎😎

  6. dark irish metalhead

    Im likeing the song but some of us are too far gone and in to much pain to believe that it will get better i myself dont know how much longer i have into that day comes where all the pain and loneliness finally makes me end it all

  7. M Diesel

    This video is amazing. TO ALL Do your OWN research, and pray/talk to God before u do. Find Yeshua/Jesus He simply IS. He is The Truth, The Way, and The Light. May you find Him now. God Bless to all 🙏🙏🙏

    Chad Crunkleton

    amen brother!


    Not to be the negative Nancy here, but the time I was religious was when I was the most suicidal. I saw this life as a waste and I prayed for the afterlife to be better. When I stopped believing I learned to value this life more. That's just my views though, I know the concept of a god has saved people in the past and still does.

  8. ExoticVids

    2019 and still listening I love his clean vocals still🤘🏻🔥

  9. Conor Brennan

    Kerrang! TV brought me here

  10. Marfilio

    Porque Mundo, Porque
    Matas A Mis Bandas Favoritas
    Con Esas Canciones :'v
    Primero Beartooth
    Ahora Of Mice & Men
    Que Sad :'v
    (Con Esto Me Refiero A Las Canciones Buenas Como Pain O Bones Exposed,Ect)

  11. Claudia P Cifuentes

    Man..... Austin Carlile sounds just like Chester Bennington. He might as well join linkin park.😲😲😲😲😲😃😃😃😃😃

  12. Keira Whittick

    Shit !!!

  13. AlexGBaby

    Austins voice in dis!!!💙

  14. Some Guy

    Of Mice & Men makes me real.

  15. Adrimano

    Austin could've been a great replacement for Chester :(

    Barb Fiala

    Totally agree!!!!!


    I like the idea of him joining the band. :)

  16. Brian Humphries

    I never would have guessed this was Of Mice and Men... ever.. it's good though!

  17. InMyCudiZzZone

    Why am I just now getting into this band? Amazing vocals

  18. cristal methanie

    This song goes HARD. One of my favorite songs by this band, so why are people complaining? Wtf

  19. Jared Bozarth

    Austin is the man!!!

  20. iamaturtle !

    *I can relate to this song coz I let the hate in, And the depressed thoughts and then forget " What makes me real "*

  21. MyOnly Hope

    *Love this so much " Depression took the best of me "*

  22. debi kristian saputra

    this POP ?
    why is every metal band inconsistent with its genre or characteristic? Why? I think this song will be more frightening
    fucking bitch, you son of a bitch🖕🖕🖕🖕

  23. Raydog 97

    This song is in Drop C for anybody who plays guitar or bass.

  24. Kolmir

    Simple words, deep meaning. Love it! :)

  25. Aries The Ram

    Damn, Chester looks completely different in this video

  26. Häq Dzirr

    Of Linkin & Men

  27. Bagas Wn

    Chester Will Be Proud 😊😊😊

  28. Racoon City Police Department

    Все люди в клипе больны марфаном? Или я чего-то не понял?

  29. Jorge Diaz

    i love the foster care activism sign . it touches to know there is someone who cares

  30. Ignacia Acevedo Apaz

    Extraño a Austin Carlile en la banda :'c

  31. Kxpitxl Ty

    For a light song
    This is pretty good

  32. Moonlit Samurai

    Why the hate? That's what i dont understand. I love OM&M and i think they soumd amazing on every album. Yeah, it sucks Austin left, but I mean it was for the good of his health. Just enjoy the damn song. If not then go and listen to other bands who still rock the same heavy cords and sound.

  33. Morgan Rose

    This video makes me cry

  34. MegsXpowersKa

    This is not Megadeth xD

  35. Natalia Swan

    LOVE this song😍😍😍😍

  36. Heather G

    Fuck this band pulls on every emotion I have

  37. Isaiah Marin

    For me this song is pretty good and i wanna hear more like this from them, yes i really loved every single of their old songs that were pure aggression but the band changed and so should peoples opinions...nothing is permanent and change DOES occur

  38. Chelsea Benoit

    Austin sounds exactly like Chester in this song and it is downright haunting.

  39. Rafael Olivares

    Volunteer Firefighting makes me real. Thanks OM&M

  40. Davi Ribeiro

    this sound is very good!

  41. Deadidolizedpoet

    This song sounds WAY better at speed setting 1.25

  42. István Hegyesi

    If Linkin Park decides to move on and plan to get a new fronman, hope it'll be Austin.

  43. Landon Hardeman

    Love and miss what Austin was. This song grabs my heart even if its not a hardcore one. Sometimes that's just what some people need

  44. Underground Warrior

    I can see the evolution in Cold World. Still sick.

  45. W i s h m a s t e r

    I listen to some pretty hard shit, and fuckin love this song, this band. Amazing, people can find anything to bitch about OM&M \m/

  46. Painkiller488 X

    Mechanical Engineering and Metal makes me fucking REAL!!!! XD

  47. MrCashInTurttle

    Too many people dont know or understand why they actually went "soft". Austin Carlile has marfan syndrome. Everyone he screams, it hurts his back. It got so bad he could no longer even sing without pain, so he left the band. The bassist took over as lead singer. Funny what a little research can tell you.

    Halle G.

    MrCashInTurttle they are still crushing it without Austin. And too many people didn’t know Aaron Pauley could scream🤘🏻


    That and he wasn’t allowed to write the music he wanted to

  48. Homeboy

    Still love em but Will never be the same workout Austin.,....

  49. Nikki Mandlis


  50. Parshva Mehta

    is there another video?

  51. caleb Brandenburg

    Music makes me real, when i sing their songs my eyes open.

  52. Martha Smith

    Pain!!! hurt!!!

  53. Jerry Jangostar

    all these shit heads probably don't know how important this song is for Austin!

  54. matthew smith

    Its funny to see all these negative comments coming from "true fans", on a track called Real. You completely missed the entire message of the song.

  55. flopper nation

    Aaron don't sound right to me he shouldn't of left Jamie's elsewhere

  56. Isaac Gonzales

    I would have to say the reason this album Austin is singing a lot instead of the normal screens is probably from the amount of pain his body is in every time he performs

  57. Sarah

    Wow I'm in this

  58. The Stranger

    1:45 my cousins!!

  59. Chantal Vreeland

    one of my new favorite bands. When did I become a band loving young adult?!

  60. Iwantto Takeanap

    I feel overwhelmed

    Iwantto Takeanap

    I like it

  61. Marcos Túlio

    Austin, I'm really hoping that everything will be okay with you and everyone. I hear of Mice & Men for a little while, but I like the band. I study P.E. and I'm going to be a teacher, and if I ever have any pupil of Marfan, I swear I will respect the boundaries and look for the best way to insert in class. You will continue in my prayers. God bless you. (I don't know how to speak English, and I may have written wrong).

  62. angel skellington

    of Mice & men💙

  63. Izaya Enitan

    Its sad how I came to listen to the last song with Austin, and I had to look through the comments to see fans complaining.

  64. Bloom Fearless

    The girl: ''What makes you real?''
    Me: *thinks about it*
    Also me: Oh shit...

  65. Tokenriader

    The chorus since like a lot like Three days grace / Adam gontier dont know where all the Lp comparisons come from

  66. Verônica Alyra Monforte

    Sounds Like Hoobastank... The Bassman voice... Is the same of voice of Doug ❤

  67. nathan benson

    I miss Austin so much

  68. chemical mr

    pablo is gay

  69. Gabriel Guerrero

    Is everyone ignoring why they wrote this song?

  70. Kris Blythe

    I live for Austins clean vocal!

  71. Abby

    mate what is with the fucking hate? like this was my jam in emo phase

  72. Justin Bogantes

    My favorite group ,i love this song

  73. J Black

    I've seen no comments on how beautiful the video was. I don't give a shit if you hate the sound, I'm not a fan of this song, but this was a really nice video. I respect them so much for putting this out. RIP, Cassy <3

  74. rustyshackleferd22

    i love this band but this is one of their worst songs. sounds just like three days grace. they are still awesome though. one little blunder

  75. A Human

    why must there be so much hate for this song, this album may not be like the older albums but that's because bands evolve. Its not disappointing because its different, if you dont like it, that's fine. then stick to the older albums.
    I do like the older albums more, but this is something new, and I like it as well.
    And Pain is a good song, why are people hating on it?

  76. Amanda Beaver


  77. ostfahrstreifen

    fun fact: at 0:40 this is exactly the same heart as on the cover of _invictus,_ an album by the brilliant german metalcore band _heaven shall burn_

  78. Ashley Beiter

    This was just before he left the band he was damaging his body of the sickness he has by bending down n screaming that why it sounds new

  79. Yung Ghidorah

    i'm loving this nickelback track

  80. Cameron Dowd

    I turn to aniMEEE with every word that you say!

  81. Aj W

    Does it Djent?

  82. Leonardo Flores

    Band turned to shit after Shayley left huh

  83. Roberto Neto

    This sounds like Three Days Grace to me

  84. vladimir tod

    I just can't get over the fact that nobody can accept me for who I am.I just want some girl or guy that's around my age to accept me for me and that won't leave me. Look idfk if anybody can love me anymore

  85. The ABacross

    This sounds like a Cleaner version of that one song.

  86. Bam98

    While I'm still gonna follow this band. Austin you will sorely be missed.

  87. Paigey

    Still one of my favourite bands. Don't see what everyones big deal is here... The only downfall is that Austin can't carry on anymore. Plus people keep saying for Example that Steel Panther are the same as always and now getting boring where as these changed a little and still people aren't happy. Is no one ever satisfied? I think this album's great so far ^.^

  88. Terry Bowman

    i love the way Austin is clean vocal, he could scream or sing, both is awesome!

  89. Bayu Sej

    shut the fuck up, just enjoy the song

  90. Askeladd

    02:55 Shitting in silence... just for one moment...

  91. Daniela Dimitric

    My love for this band is just endless and huge!

  92. Raydog 97

    This song is in Drop C for anybody who plays guitar.

  93. DayVideo

    Linkin Park doesn't even sound like this anymore.

  94. The Almighty Quad Sun


  95. Alexander James

    anyone here who is here to compassion about the softness of the song, please look past your distaste and look at the meaning in this song 💙💙 please, we can't have our fanbase fall apart because of "softer" songs

  96. Imraan Akollo-Arenz

    Why am I always finding awesome bands just as the singer or one of the key members leave

  97. Brett Cupples

    What the fuck is this Of mice and men?

  98. James Dawson

    of mice an women now!! slipnot shouldn't let them in knot fest any more an its not the same without shaylay but (dayshell) is kicking check them out at least one of te members is holding true