Of Mice & Men - Pain Lyrics

I am sick of this place of death
With a pace that’s set
And you know the pessimistic bend
Just to watch you break
Practice what you preach

Separate skin from the bone
Digging at my flesh
Like a schizophrenic with a blade
Fingers tracing scars
Mapping out reminders of just how much I can take

Pressure in my brain
My shoulders take the weight
Back’s about to break

Every day that I awake
In my blood and through my veins
Now there’s nothing left that you can take away from me


Because I’ve seen it before
I’ve lived it before
I’ve been there before
So don’t you ever underestimate me

Daily death
Crooning in my ear
Things I wanna hear
Turn my head and bite my tongue
Spitting blood on my pre-determined grave
This is all a game

Pressure in my brain
My shoulders take the weight
Back’s about to break
This is all a game

Every day that I awake
In my blood and through my veins
Now there’s nothing left that you can take away from me

Every day that I awake
In my blood and through my veins
Now there’s nothing left, nothing left that you can take from me

Pain, pain, pain, pain

Footprints in the sand
That can’t be washed away
It breeds while we’re asleep
It feeds when we awake

Burdens of the flesh
Our bodies are so weak
We seek the spirit’s truth
To turn the other cheek

Turning the other cheek to see a world broken, lost and vain
How can you ever look at someone else the same way?
We all bleed
The human race
Have some empathy
We are all in pain

If we commiserate
Then we can share the weight
We are all the same
We are all in

Every day that I awake
In my blood and through my veins
Now there’s nothing left that you can take away from me

Every day that I awake
In my blood and through my veins
Now there’s nothing left, nothing left that you can take from me

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Of Mice & Men Pain Comments
  1. Kira Kuin

    How many songs have this name?

  2. Nick McGrew

    Why so many dislikes???

  3. Krista Seaton

    I have a disease called Familial Spastic Paraparesis... I understand similar pain. I will deteriorate as I get older. I'm only 21 and am borderline wheelchair bound completely due to muscle weakness, spastisity and pain when I walk. It is a horrible, hereditary disease that effects my mother and effected my grandfather.. May he rest in peace.. I may not have the same disease Austin, but I feel your PAIN. I PRAY daily!!

  4. sajin rahman

    Sworn in

  5. Ian Jo Semira

    come to hear this again after Wage War - Stitch hmm

  6. Jayalakshmi Rai

    I guess we found the new vocalist for linkin park boys. #austinmakeschesterproud lets make this trending all over the world boys

  7. Koinu .dorei

    About to be 2020 and this is still my ringtone for the last year who else ??

  8. Kit Kat


  9. 202cardline

    "We seek the spirits' truth, to turn the other cheek" That's some raw shit right there

  10. Eduardo Diaz


  11. 202cardline

    The fact he gets excited over stuffed squids almost adds to the point of this song; he has Marfan syndrome, so he has extreme physical pain that you wouldn't know by looking at him. Someone can be the sweetest bubbliest person, but there's the feeling this song tries to represent inside them at all times. Sometimes you're hopeful and happy and doing well, but sometimes it's just exhausting and this feeling rises to the top. The frustration, the loneliness, the pain. A big part of surviving a chronic condition like that is knowing how to deal with those emotions so they're not consuming at all times, because it'll be the death of you.

  12. ACE Music

    Vocal Cover! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qiKddTAQ7A I've always loved this Slipknot-styled OM&M song! But I've wanted to hear it with the older, more visceral Austin Carlile. I hope I accomplished just that while making it my own!

  13. nyako 109

    I'm watching in 2019 and I still scared of this song ;-;

    nyako 109

    It looks were halloween gets to scary and you see this song but it's my opinion

  14. りんご頭


  15. Juan Diaz

    Y i love song so much?

  16. Tomás Matias

    Sad to know that we lost one of the greatest metalcore singers on the world

  17. [ Stacked Rubbish ]

    the last good of mice and men song

    David Clayton

    I agree, this album was shit but the one after was pure trash and made me not like their music anymore

  18. Strict-9 studios

    I can't let this song go even if I tried. I'll listen to this forever. So much power, resentment, anguish. This song is humanity in audio form.

  19. Om aG

    #OmaG​ ✋

  20. Phobos Baxter

    Like Mudvayne

  21. Evelyn Ratcliff

    Something about this rift gets me going every time, it’s fucking fabulous

  22. Dee 'n His Lil Show

    Say what you want, but this song is on the god tier.

  23. Tokyoghoul 1994

    You can really feel Austin's pain in his eyes as he sings/Screams about the pain

  24. Evan Pomarleau

    Man I miss Austin Carlie from this band so much. It isn’t the same without him. This band was what brought me into metal core

  25. jaypee malabago

    2019 strong

  26. Omar silva

    Nos vemos en el knofest 2019

  27. Repetitive Jingles

    The fact that you cant see any of the other band members faces because of their hair is impressive

  28. rosethorne McKinley

    I love Austin and band from rissy ♡◇☆▪¤》《

  29. zøcezita chu

    Hermoso, esto es la perfeccion

  30. Se Bakker

    I’m the flexible girl in the video💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Se Bakker

    It looks like I’m wearing a black bodysuit

  31. srslash901

    Ehlers danlos warrior here... Keep strong man and hope you get some time of releaf

  32. Nikos Forozis

    If you want flexibility physical theatre or movement audition me please!

  33. Brent Daniels

    Fucking dudes are bad ass..

  34. Se Bakker

    Just like the gal in music video even though I’m not that flexible I can still roll and turn like that

  35. Sunil Pashu Rai

    awesome vocals, awesome music, awesome video
    couldn't help but like the video half way the song..

  36. Aaron AltKid

    I don’t understand how people don’t like this song and album in general, yeah it might not be heavy but it’s still pretty awesome man.

  37. Poke Cahones

    that's what the beginning of sleep paralysis feels like. like I'm being contorted

  38. Smoked Ham

    i love it how this band keeps the nu metal sound alive!

  39. God:hacked site World Leader,go to new site

    Hi rise :) I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋

  40. Alicia Lopez

    Oh Libra💕 Born on my birthday, you never fail to disappoint💜 I get it.

  41. The Bad Vocalist

    So that bassist took over Austin’s place?

  42. Darthon Newman

    I just can't get over this song. It's too powerful.

  43. Evelyn Ratcliff

    Y’all ever watch Bob Ross? You know when he beats the devil out the brushes? 2:18 - 2:25

  44. LucasBGW

    It's true and it sucks

  45. Se Bakker

    I look like the gal in the music video except I wear my hair straight down and I’m not that flexible

  46. Bob Penney

    This is my theme song

  47. Llamaface

    This is one of my fave music videos+songs everrr😍😍😍

  48. Федя Привет

    what's the point, you fucking bastard?

  49. Федя Привет

    если вы не понимаете фразы, иди на хуй, я не знаю, как вы это пишете
    if you don't understand the phrase, fuck off, I don't know how you write it

  50. Marjan Campur Tramadol

    2:50 i love that beatdown


    WHY so many dislikes??!! SMFH

  52. Blah Blahs

    This song is so sick!!

  53. Ben Visser

    And people say metal-heads can't be devoted Christians

  54. Brent Daniels

    Fucking badass song about loss..

  55. Short Shaggy

    Play this at 1.5x yes please

  56. crow marrow

    I cant even imagine the pain he is in

    oh and fuck all those pricks that decided this song was "generic" and "horrible" you stupid fucks don't understand what this man is going through and shut the fuck up and quit complaining when they make a slightly different song because of his pain


    Who the fuck are George and Lenny and why did George shoot Lenny


    Boby Pinkman I keep seeing comments saying “spoiler: George kills Lenny

    Boby Pinkman

    @HADES REALM Ok sorry , I don't what this is about too

  58. Ruffle Loli

    WHY AM I HERE AHHH *kinda scared*

  59. GimmeAllUrMoney

    I've been letting the YouTube algorithm system choose songs for me. I listen to Slipknot, Whitechapel, Mitch Lucker's Suicide Silence, Emmure, Starset....And, I'm not disappointed.

    Honestly if you're looking for new stuff to listen to just let YouTube choose songs for you.

    Patrick Patrick

    Try In Hearts Wake, Parkway Drive and Thy Art Is Murder

  60. Mr Max Dimi

    I miss Austin Carlile in of mice and men. I wish he was still in the band.

  61. ยืนยังเซ จะเกเรดัยงัย

    So good

  62. Lawlet Jameston

    Good luck on those book reports. Very informative video, thumbs up!

  63. The Hypest

    pretty generic, Slipknot did this years ago

  64. KineticGTR

    The realist shit

  65. Agustus Dickleson MinSugaGeniusJangJangManBoomBoom

    Forgot how good this song is fuck

  66. alexis serna

    2019 lml :3

  67. Владимир Gamer

    Похож из BTMH

  68. vibrations 187

    5.9k people's back broke

  69. Tyler Jones

    I love how Phil looks so badass and scary in this video and then legit any other time he's just a big ol man baby

  70. looktfigo looktfigo

    Ma tuo papà prima di ficcare tua madre si è drogato ?

  71. looktfigo looktfigo


  72. Gina taber

    So sad. ..... epic band

  73. Evangelina Holzwart

    Nice i love this haha

  74. Claudio Correia De Souza

    Austin could be a nice option for LP, it's not better than Chester, but could be a good option.

    Kiowa Spencer

    I agree honestly.

  75. jacob morson

    Just hearing this now? 1st time. Why? Did it take this long

  76. Danny Wood

    I've had recurring depression since my Dad passed away 13 years ago, exacerbated by my stepfathers death a few years later and my best friend taking his own life at only 16. I'm now a 20something old adult, a university graduate, and I still feel like I'm in pain every day. Austin signed my arm in Manchester and I got it tattooed over, and I swear being able to look at my arm and see Austin's signature there is the only thing that can help me some days. If it wasn't for Austin, Aaron, Alan, Phil and Tino there's a good chance I wouldn't even be here right now. I don't know about my future, whether it might actually be worth living in, but what I do know is I owe these guys everything for helping me make it as far as I have. For anyone else in a similar situation; please stay strong, you're truly not alone.

  77. hyst

    tbh, this video is so creepy lol

  78. Remember Me

    Am I that weirdo who cant pick a favorite genre? I love Country, hard rock, pop and very very little rap.

    Kiowa Spencer

    Me too!! The only rapper I like it Ghostemane.

  79. Chronic_Breakdown

    Austin is so awesome. But, Aaron is an incredible vocalist as well.

  80. C&J Vlogs

    That chick looks like an exorcist

  81. John Blackburn

    My back is hurting bad after work today so yeah I relate.

  82. Hearing Visions


  83. h0st user

    wow 👏

  84. Raymond Ramirez

    Hes just letting all the anger out about his condition and thats why hes amazing.

  85. JackAss Judas

    0:10 when you step on a lego

  86. Its Zee

    Such a tribute to how he feels daily
    You are so inspirational

  87. Adrimano

    Austin :(

  88. Big Nigga Tyrone

    Sounds like Coffin Builder by Demon Hunter

  89. Christy Rosenboom

    Love this song!

  90. Tina East

    This needs more views than Denis Stoff's Down and Dirty band

  91. the spooky soup

    this should be the next ahs season

  92. Logan Griffin

    Im getting buzzed to this masterpiece

  93. AngelEater Studios

    I thought this was gonna be a cover of the Three Days Grace song. They'd do a good job on that.

    Infinity Percival

    They probably would, though I don't think Adam Gontier would be too happy if they did that. lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rKsjNYgO9eE

  94. Moorecrazey

    Sounds kinda like Tallah

  95. I'm throwing my life away on this app

    this video is sick

    the spooky soup

    sick like me,
    it's why i love it