Of Mice & Men - Like A Ghost Lyrics

I am comfortable with silence
I am glad their voices end
I need something, anything to get me by
I need something, anything just to get me high, go!


I have left my mark I’m vicious
I've had all that I can take
I need something, anything to get me by
I need something, anything just to numb this life

Hold and don't let go
When you feel left in the cold
It will haunt you like a ghost
When you feel love like you never did, you never did

I feel maliciously unstable
I feel the pain inside me grow
I need something, anything to get me by
I need something, anything just to numb this life

Hold and don't let go
When you feel left in the cold
It will haunt you like a ghost
When you feel love like you never did, you never did

Hold and don't let go
When you feel left in the cold
It will haunt you like a ghost
When you feel love like you never did, you never did

You never did (you never did) [x4]

Fists turn to hands, stretched in the air
I realize I can't do this alone

Something supernatural take a hold of me
Give my last breath, lungs for you to breathe
Something supernatural take a hold of me
Give my last breath, lungs for you to breathe

Hold and don't let go
When you feel left in the cold
It will haunt you like a ghost
When you feel love like you never did, you never did

Hold and don't let go
When you feel left in the cold
It will haunt you like a ghost
When you feel love like you never did, you never did

You never did (you never did) [x8]

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Of Mice & Men Like A Ghost Comments
  1. Ebenezer Stooge

    I wouldn't be surprised of this garbage excuse for a "song" was ghostwritten by Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Speaking of Nickelback, this song sounds like a really horrible Nickelback reject with some elements of a terrible Linkin Park reject thrown in. Laughable.

  2. Ebenezer Stooge

    What happens when you take the worst of Nickelback (Nickelback is already bad enough) and the worst of Linkin Park (although MOST of Linkin Park's work is not too shabby)? You get this flaming mess of a band.

  3. Ebenezer Stooge

    Of Mice and Men are simply the store brand knockoff of Nickelback. Yes, this song is really that bad.

  4. Ebenezer Stooge

    This song is so terrible that Chad Kroeger from Nickelback got jealous. Hell, Of Mice and Men and Nickelback both suck so much that they should merge into one terrible butt rock band.

  5. 6ixsidejoey

    Austin sounds just like Chester when he sings the “I need” lines. It fr gives me chills, I miss Chester a lot 😭

  6. Zane Yates

    Change of sound? Sounds just like how they always have lmao

  7. M Diesel

    Song is dope af TO ALL Do your OWN research, and pray/talk to God before u do. Find Yeshua/Jesus He simply IS. He is The Truth, The Way, and The Light. May you find Him now. God Bless to all 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Carter Heekin

    2:48 is 100% Tool. Good song.

  9. WizardHands

    I can see influences from Slipknot, Linkin Park, Tool and Korn in this album and I fuck with it hard!!!!!

  10. sicköboi rari


  11. JenniferSlevin

    Like KoRn :)

  12. Remember Me

    I love this song! You could really relate to it. I feel like this song is about Austin and his Marfan Syndrome. It is only in my point of view, but I feel like this album is about his pain and us relating to it. I love Austin, it hurts that he is not in the band anymore. He and Of Mice & Men has always been there for me when I needed it, although I became a fan late. I found them when I most needed it, I felt so alone. So I thank Austin and Of Mice & Men. Also, I love there brand new stuff, I am so happy for them, but I love there old stuff too!

  13. jess0nfire

    I hear Chester Bennington.

  14. Miss Chloe

    I just randomly started singing this song which is why im here. I got the álbum at Rockville 2017 and met them and legit listened to it nonstop until í knew every single word to each song. Obsessions amiright?

  15. The Crow

    This song has loads of power in it, definitely touching and intense, best

  16. Rend Adept

    02:40 - 03:10 is the best part for me

  17. Natural86

    I didn't like the album but I always come back to this song. The chorus is too good

  18. H. E. M.

    I swear the only people that like this album are older people

    The kids miss the metalcore sound
    I'm more personally a hard rock kind of guy so this album is great
    I love their old stuff as well. I like all their stuff equality. They're all fun as fuck to play on guitar especially restoring force

  19. For Better Life

    This whole album is better than the 2 new songs without Austin

  20. Antonio Betancourt ANTIFAMA :v

    Hola ?? :V

  21. TheConversation

    Good god, this isn't very good

  22. Floatinq Spirit

    People have to stop dramatizing. Isn't it enough? I thought this drama shit already stopped by now.
    This album is, in my opinion, a terrific improvement. They added things that they never used before and the vocals are just amazing, those back voices are terrific. And the first song was a great surprise, reminding Tool and this different style.

  23. Angel Estupiñan Gómez

    True fans will stand....

  24. Jeffrey Reeves

    This is one of my top 10 bands and I listen to them all the time

  25. Gyzev Tjong

    This song is perfect for the message it's trying to deliver..sure it's softer than their earlier songs but those songs have another messageIf you're looking for heavy there's still songs like Pain!

  26. ShredTastic12345

    Sounds like Drowing Pool kinda

  27. Brandon Crawford

    Goin out w tha bang xP

  28. Kwame Coleman

    my nigga was on his korn/ linkin park shit

  29. Chris Cartwright

    I believe they focused on music technicality rather than saying "Let's see how slow and heavy I can play in drop C tuning."
    Like, who puts their songs in 5/4 anymore other than classical composers? And they made it sound good. Props to OM&M. Haven't listened to them since I was 13. I'm 17 now (almost 18) and I still love them

  30. Eduard Jorquera

    Te juro que ame esta banda, de mis nuevas bandas favoritas 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻

  31. Sonofa Bleep

    2:49 - 3:02 sounds just like tool 😄 badass man. When's tools new album coming out dammit

  32. sean swift

    I love this album! Although my biggest problem with it is that it's quite hard to tell when Austin is singing and when the other guy (I think his name is Aaron) is singing it's like skiba-hoppus but apart from that it's fantastic

  33. I have no life

    I love this song <33

  34. Ble-Onk

    Where are the claps from Casey?

  35. Ian Valdés

    @people who don't like the new sound
    Cool nobody cares stop complaining and listen to stuff you actually like or something
    Like you don't have to complain about everything just because this is the internet
    Y'all need to learn that people here don't freaking care about your opinions.

  36. Felipe Vieira

    best song ever (:

  37. Ilijah Quintanilla

    why they trying to be like Korn

  38. Stephen Buchanan

    Overall I did not really like this album as much as the others, but if I had to pick a standout track this would be it for me. Just my 2 cents.

  39. Marrk Plavecki

    People should be aware the lead singer had throat surgery and it took a toll on his voice so his screaming isn't what it used to be but they still great band

  40. Marissa Buser

    I personally love this album. I do not care that their sound has changed at all. The change is what shows me that they are dedicated to the fans and their want to show themselves to the world.

  41. seymore butts

    is this even the same band who released YDG?

  42. Summer Morrison

    the songs actually aren't much different it's the fact that Austin is using his singing voice and not screaming as much that is making you guys mad I'm guessing but guess what every band changes their sound so they don't get played out and boring honestly this sounds really good and still meaningful so get your head out of your ass and enjoy it

  43. Themrlameo


  44. Cata Sonistrelle

    I swear I thought it was Korn at the beginning

  45. Beth Ann

    holy shit, I was not expecting this at all and I mean that in the best way possible

  46. trey murphy

    just don't like the new album man trying so hard to like it but it just isn't growing on me

  47. Anthony Picariello

    Sounds like linkin park

  48. Asong writtenaboutyou

    they did a great job writing those lyrics and all other lyrics in the album
    speaks a lot about them improving

  49. Slayden Reed

    I see more people talking about hate comments than actual hate comments wtf

  50. TheDeiniel Tafii


  51. TheDeiniel Tafii

    5/4 Of Mice & Men?? Nice. Fucking nice.

  52. HeartOfGore

    Johnathon Davis is that you?

  53. teambrownie1

    Support it if you like it. It's the fans' ideal to celebrate what works, not everything a band does. that's why a7x made the overproducee dreck that is 'the stage.' not enough constructive criticism. be the guide for your favorite bands, not a yes-man or a nay-sayer.

  54. T*Scotia

    the timing in this is incredible!! you guys never fail to impress! i'd love to remix this!

  55. Carson Cain

    My favorite song off the album. Love the involvement with Austin too, a lot more compared to Restoring Force. Cold World keeps me hooked from the first to last songs.

  56. cazbrown88

    One of my top 5 albums of all time it rocks!!!!

  57. Michael Anderson

    So they are trying to sound like Korn now? Heavier doesn't always mean better but this is awful.

  58. Sandra Kemper

    After reading the comments below I feel the need to comment this. Bands are just people they change, they progress. I love Of Mice from the bottom of my heart and I love this album just as much as I loved the previous ones. Just because it's not the same doesn't mean it's not still good. If you don't like this type of music then just move on and listen to their old stuff or find another band. If you don't like the album just don't fucking listen to it and accept that their style has changed and if you don't like bands like these pulling a Bring Me The Horizon then I'm sorry but you're gone be sad because as far as I know a lot of these band have gone softer over the years. It may be because their personal music preference changed or because the screamer's vocals are to hell but they don't want to disappoint fans. If you don't like this album that's perfectly fine but just fuck off and move on and don't go around commenting on every song how your favorite band has gone to shit.

  59. Heather Smith

    Am I the only one who feels a bit of old 3dg in this

  60. Brie Carlile

    This is probably my favorite song off this album!

  61. uwhatfam

    Holy fuck this is bad

  62. PrimalAdaptions

    I was a bit worried when I heard the first 3 songs it's not that they were bad they just didn't have that of mice and men feel but this song gives me that good of mice and men feeling

  63. Remember Me

    I Love Of mice & men!! I love there screams and their cleans. These guys were my first band I loved them when I first heard them and i love them now. They will never disappoint me! I love all these band members and i love the other members that aren't in it now. And I became a fan of these guys and other bands two years ago! I Love you of mice & men I always will. <3

  64. Matthew Jaramillo

    this reminds me of a song that would be in a MX vs. ATV

  65. PandaVault

    I have the album and all I can say is that it is worth it. Best album ever. Yes people don't like the album but people have their opinions and different tastes in music and i don't argue with that :)

  66. xdatdewfykidx

    go see them live. they kill this album. it's actually much better live I assure you

  67. Milo E

    my fave song off of the album

  68. I am 14!

    really really trying to like this album but it's like they want us to hate it ughhh

  69. Shennille Dongarra

    This song reminds me of something that would be on the movie Queen of the Damned!

  70. Miguel S. Nemo

    nice one even if somehow, it sounds a bit like a Breaking Benjamin song! ..i like this

  71. Emma Burke

    i get people are mad... i see why especially if you have listened to them for a while like me. but if you really know the band and the memebers, you know that they are also getting older and they keep their old traditions.. but theyre also experimenting. if they kept putting out the same stuff album after album, it wouldnt attract other people who maybe have similar taste. they gotta change things up. its part of any business

  72. PhantomVariAres

    BMTH has always sucked, I bet your favorite album by them is sempiternal lmao

  73. Chris Breezy

    love the 5/4 meter here.!! the newer melodic metal / nu vibe is growing on me.. but so far for a first listen.. 🙏🙏✨🔥

  74. Skwuah

    I'm I the only one who really enjoys every album, every song that they've ever made?

  75. Fantage Alli

    I like this album I just wish it had more of the classic Austin Carlile screams from The Flood and even Restoring Force. Keep it up OM&M! My favourite band by far. <3

  76. HauntedRaincoat

    dear of mice and men....we're done here!

  77. Taylor Elaine

    Not as heavy as I was expecting but still a great song ✌🏻️

    Jeffrey Reeves

    I agree

  78. Ricardo Armendariz

    Tool and linkin park vibe. Perfect combination:-)!

  79. Nick

    This song is great! I really love this album. I really don't get all of the hate. The album is what it is and if you don't like it, too bad for you, deal with it. :)


    OM&M aren't doing the same thing over and over again so they suck.


    I don't know any band that actually stays the same. They always try new things, because otherwise it would get boring I think.

  80. Plushie

    Enjoyed the art that is music thanks!

  81. Kibas GFX

    what is this...?

    Kibas GFX

    +钟伟杰 listen to "the depths" from them and come back here.

    Choongie Studio HOME

    +Kibas GFX I actually like this album's genre.

    Kibas GFX

    +钟伟杰 its all opinions I guess, I won't judge what you like or dislike, you do you my dude.

    Choongie Studio HOME

    +Kibas GFX eeyup.

    rants n' rambles

    metalcore is dead lol

  82. WoodBenson

    Rest In Pepperonis Of Mice & Men. Over the years I expected the angst of these metal bands would diminish, but not to this degree. Now every time I hear an new album from the bands I used to love, its like a slap in the face to the people that were there from the beginning. It's almost like these guys felt they weren't getting enough attention so they took the Bring Me The Horizon route, creating a softer more radio friendly album, which would be fine if every fucking band didn't have the same idea! Fuck this genre, I'm sticking to Djent.

  83. Adrián Pérez

    Best song of the album, no doubt.

  84. Jason Boyle

    Korn influence = Good in my book! Just glad to see
    the use of Austin's voice, more than the last shit album.

  85. Stefano Maddalena

    The intro sounds like KoRn mixed with the old Linkin Park, does anyone think the same?

    But it's still a great song!!!

  86. VolitionX

    Sounds like Chevelle, only Chevelle is better.

  87. Kibkor

    I like the song minus the bass player. I don't like any of his vocal patterns. Austin should just do vocals altogether.

  88. Natee Ee

    Their last album was better

  89. Dante Illighair

    Wow.. That's the first time I've heard any band use 5/4 beat for a very good song. I think you guys should appreciate this, because (as a musician) I can tell, playing in 5/4 beat is fucking hard. This is an imposant piece of music for me.

    ch headstrong

    What does 5/4 mean?

  90. Ophir Fishman

    Their best album is Restoring Force but Cold World is absolutley not the worst... this is very good !

  91. Wreckless !

    truth is no matter what any of these comments say about this album OM&M is still going to do what they want to do

  92. Andrew Cannone

    In general, this is a well put together and thought out song

  93. Gmoney

    Not Bad i started back 2013 or so fucking jams something creepy but in good way 😂😂

  94. Sir Nig Nag XIII

    Every track sounds so damn similar. Pain was mediocre at best, and I wasn't even expecting heavy shit. I was expecting something that wasn't trying to nail a goddamn vibe, or some kind of cold, desolate end of the world bullshit. Fuck this.

  95. Joshua Knoedl

    one of the better songs on the album... not saying much. much rather listen to norma jeans new album. om&m u better than thissssss

  96. LowkeyDyingInside

    I love this album!

  97. Jenny Barrios

    Still #1 in my heart 😻😻💞😩

  98. Thomas 'MELMAN' Espinal

    its better the album .5: The gray chapter by slipknot

  99. Logan Tobias

    For those people who don't like the album or where the band is going with their music then why don't you go out and make a band yourself? Then you can go and make whatever music you want.