Of Mice & Men - Contagious Lyrics

Sticks and stones from a strangers throw,
Have never much affected me,
But words from those,
Supposedly who matter most,
Are nothing but poisoning.

You cut me down,
Drag me out,
Down and out to your level,
I'll never find myself stooping down to this.

(It feels like it's)
Taking a part of me,
From the inside.
(It takes the best parts of me)
And I don't know why,
I'm here anyway,
But it feels like,
Falling to my face,
Adhering to every part of me.

My pessimistic attitude is contagious,
With friends like these who needs enemies?

You cut me down,
Call me out,
Take your opportunity,
Just to scrutinize every single word that I say.

(It feels like it's)
Taking apart of me,
From the inside.
(It takes the best parts of me)
And I don't know why,
I'm here anyway,
But it feels like…

To my face, face, face…

And I know all about this place,
I'd say it was a part of me,
Take this mind and make me clean…


Please push me cause I'm close to the edge!
Finally I won't lose my head!

(It feels like it's)
Taking a part of me,
From the inside.
(You take the best parts of me)
Now that I'm finding why,
I'm here anyway,
Makes me feel like,
Falling to my knees,
Adhering to every part of me!

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Of Mice & Men Contagious Comments
  1. Rebeltug

    Ngl the intro would be sick for a black ops game (like when you choose your class and the match starts)

  2. Neuza Abreu


  3. Teo Ungureanu

    Gojira, is that you?!

  4. Kim Kinney

    God damn, this song screams nu metal. And it sounds like an Adema song. I think I like it.

  5. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Is this Austin?

  6. Eagle Gamer

    Sounds a little different but so what it’s still amazing go of mice and men even defy is a badass album although Austin is gone

  7. Omar Yáñez Zavala

    Down the road is awesome. I love that song

  8. ReushK

    this album is incredibly underated. what a throwback

  9. Ivin Mckinney

    A U S T I N S H A L L C O M E B A C K

  10. Anon Vee

    Man u hear that Intro. S*I*C*K. tnx OM&M

  11. Kamil Witek

    I see that anytime many of fans hate a new album of a band which I didn't like because of their first albums then I am gonna like their new album :D

  12. Darb Yesmar

    My Favorite off the new album easily!! Said it before lol but it definitely has an Adema vibe.

  13. RxQ Offence

    I searched up om&m heaviest song and this is the shit that comes up... Im fucking tired of these fake ass posers thinking this is good. Listen to the ACTUAL Om&m not this bullshit

  14. Christopher Baxter

    This album is the real reason Austin quit the band again, not his health issues. LOL

  15. Raylson Kennedy

    Of Mice & Men = Coldrain e.e

  16. rocknroller 418

    love the guitar in the song

  17. Mang

    Austin Carlile- Hype Man for Of Mice And Men.

  18. Ivin Mckinney

    anyone else kinda get a disturbed vibe from this? i like it.

  19. Em RicH

    Still better than the Metalcore Gay Shit they did before..

  20. I have no life

    I don't care what people think I like this song its cool

  21. Cowgomoocow

    Reminds me of breaking Benjamin

  22. Bootyac Drident

    since when did linkin park get on riserecords

  23. RouRou

    >find this godrace song
    >decide to check rest of album
    >is shit
    >wtf mfw

  24. Sup Dawgy

    Is Nu metal coming back!? We have amazing new bands like Cane Hill, and bands like these guys maturing and changing their sound for the better. I love it.

  25. I have no life

    Cold world is my least fav album by them... maybe I need to listen to the album more

  26. Eduard Jorquera


  27. Eduard Jorquera

    Adoro esta mierda, esta buenisimo!

  28. Parry the Pansexual Parrot wants to commit suicide

    1:01 sounds like Glass Houses by Bad Omens slightly lmao

  29. No Bullshit Promotions

    1999 here we meet again

  30. Hannah Childs

    I'm gonna miss austin

  31. I have no life

    when I first heard this song I was like nope I'll never come back to this but I listened to this for a few times and I'm in love °^°

  32. Motionless Horizon

    Don't care what you haters say!! I love this song!!! along with the rest of Cold World!!!!

  33. Hannah Childs

    I have listened to this song on repeat for ages I like there old music and there new music bands change its still good music

  34. Dawn Plavecki

    sounds like adema kinda

  35. Hannah Childs

    this is the most linkin Park sounding Om&m song

  36. unrat3dR

    All you scene kids who keep crying about this new ablum, go back to listening to your stand up and scream by asking alexandria and black viel brides with a hint of some bring me the horizon since the only thing that appeals to you kids is standard one note songs with some cheap screams and girly singing formula that those bands like to use. Yes I know that of mice and men finally decided to stop being generic and finally decided to use a thing called talent. Come back and listen to this when you guys have passed your little cry baby hair dyed, preppy scene phase and started listening to good music. Of mice and men isnt generic anymore, scene kids got mad that they dont follow the same formula that makes every songs sound the same, and now they need to get over it. Bands change, and this one for the better(obivously). Look at the people their tour with now, chevelle, korn, linkin park, slipknot, etc. obviously this album is better then the rest if they are on tour with bands they would never hope to dreaming of touring with if they stayed the flood. If they didn't change their sound, they would be stuck with those half assed poppy justin bieber bands. They got heavier, more aggresive, more creative and just all out better.

    I'm not hating on their old stuff or even asking alexandria. I love stand up and scream and all their other stuff. But when every band tries to copy their basic one note songs with scream, sing, scream, sing, breakdown, scream, sing layout, its just basic and boring. Those formulas attract a lot of scene kids thinking they're actually hardcore and heavy. When bands get bored of that, they get all pissy because bands finally decide to put actual effort into their music and try to creat a sound.

    Christina Nunamaker

    unrat3dR nzbz

  37. geoff3610

    I grew out of breaking Benjamin a long time ago so I don't like this...

  38. Governor's Lie

    love the vocals so fucking much

  39. Sam Moreno

    lots of old nu metal influence like "dry kill logic" .. still great!!

  40. Summer Morrison

    I really like this yes it's different but different can be good sometimes you don't want the same old same old especially with music

  41. TheDeiniel Tafii

    Do a music video for this please, this is a big one

  42. Georgios Dimopoulos

    2:17 such a lame breakdown

  43. Corthmic

    When I heard Of Mice And Men made some changes with the new album, I had hoped they'd go back to, or make something to compete with The Flood, before they became complete sceney weenies. Now they've devolved into something you'd hear in a fucking WWE pay per view.

  44. Asong writtenaboutyou

    their world tour with LP definetly affected them ( in a good way)

  45. Asong writtenaboutyou

    with friends like these who needs enemies
    summed out my entire friendships

  46. Joshua Smail

    that breakdown tho! 😍

  47. Richard Pettman

    this is much much better than their old stuff

  48. Hayden McCrostie

    If this sucks and you miss old Of Mice and Men check out Shayley's band Dayshell

  49. Tyler anderson

    there probably one of my favorite bands

  50. ForeverADTR

    Don't know why everyone is hating on their new album, personally it's my favorite from them so far

  51. Joshua Smail

    That breakdown tho😍😍

  52. Mr. YTPH


  53. Derek B

    Boring song with corny riffs, strange voice changes, and i think 15 other bands have already made a song like this. I dont want another album like the flood, but i want another album that sets them apart from all the other standard mainstream shit out there right now.

  54. Twitch Medivh

    I guess bands getting softer is contagious

  55. AmericaWest90

    This is my favorite off the album by far. It has a grit and a southern-style riff that bridges into the chorus that is just to die for.

  56. Dan Goodwin

    The reason people are bitching is because this is bad compared there old stuff, yeah bands evolve but it's not always for the best, and the overwhelming opinion is this garbage.

  57. Renzo469

    I hate the direction that of mice & men has gone But I love Nu-metal 😬

  58. Savannah Ann

    Yeah. I'm sticking to their old music...

  59. Nate River

    anybody else sensing hybrid theory in this song?

  60. DX231

    If a band is going to change sound a bit okay that's whatever, just don't act like your first two albums don't exist when you go on tour

  61. filippance

    Man i just stumbled upon this song and i love it.

  62. mikechevy712

    This sound almost exactly like old linkin park, just heavier screams.

  63. Kushal Bhattacharjee

    Guilty pleasure song!

  64. Vinicius novelli

    only music good of this album

  65. Briann Postema

    this sounds a lot like three days Grace but still good tho

  66. Jamal Spradlin

    This isn't a bad a album. Its different, but I think it could have been better if they added some more tasteful rhythms here/there.

  67. Thomas Carr

    I am disappointed with this band i was never a huge fan of them but i liked their last album now they are ripping off Korn are they that desperate?


    Cool Linkin park cover :)

  69. AbztraK

    Linkin Park is reincarnated!

  70. Jynxx

    This album is the love child of Tool, Korn, and Linkin Park


    It's good

  71. xdatdewfykidx

    people need to stop. I didn't like this album but I saw them play it the other day and it's crazy good. way better love

  72. Ricardo Armendariz

    brutal:-)!linkin park influence:-)!

  73. Victor Villari

    This album is pretty terrible. They've fallen real far from S&S. Oh well, guess they couldn't be good forever.

  74. Agustin Kinderknecht

    This song is drum covered in my channel

  75. Ulquiorra Cifer

    sounds a bit like KoRn...

  76. Kalamitoon

    this new album needs more of those Austin's epic screams

  77. woogiepooh2013

    this is one of the song i really like off this album some songs i think are okay unlike restoring force where i liked the whole album

  78. HauntedRaincoat

    why.....why are they korn now?

  79. Voodoo

    Alright, this song has grown on me.


    i like the begining thats it lol with the bass

  81. xLindsCx x3

    Defo hear Korn....

  82. Eva Nowpakahok


  83. Tony Lam

    with fans like these who needs enemies?

  84. Zoe T.

    nice <3

  85. Darkstar8473

    Is this Linkin Park? Meteora 2.0?

  86. Heather Doman

    i don't even listen to bands like this anymore, but even i'm sick of the fucking effect type shit in the beginnings of songs. it's some of the most unoriginal shit you could do. this blows.

  87. VolitionX

    bad album

  88. jason perkins

    I love all of mice and men songs old and new

  89. StrangeSinceBirth

    Sounds a lot like Korn

  90. Mitchell McCausland

    this chorus is so good!!!

  91. Andy

    Comment section is fucking shit. I personally love this new album, and if you don't like it that's ok, and you know what? If you want to give your opinion even if it's a negative one go a head, BUT BE FUCKING RESPECTFULL like dude, would you stop comparing it to other bands? You know how it really sounds like? It's sound like OF MICE AND MEN. YEAH, GET OVER IT.

  92. SuperJP0000

    I honestly like this album and I don't know why people are hating it it might not be their best but it's still a good alum. But that's just my opinion.

  93. Jimmy Neutron

    every complaint are from little bitches who just want them to sound like they did years ago and never ever change, fucking stupid plz stfu all of you

  94. Patrick Vera Cruz

    Each band wants to try different styles of music. They can't always scream and scream for a long duration all their lives. They get older to and their throats might not take it any longer. So just be glad that they still make music.

  95. Black Dahlia

    I really like it <3

  96. Niggurou Faggimus

    finally they've become a good band

  97. Ivan Hernandez

    In my most honest opinion I think Aaron's voice just doesn't go with this album. If it was all just Austins voice then it would of been sick.

  98. Kaitlyn Goss

    Shut up about "not being the same" some bands do change over the years. But I don't care about it, I personally love the album. So if you don't like it shove it your ass with a sharp knife. Thank you and have a horrible day.

  99. Meraki Grace

    I am glad what they did, it feels like a heavier Adema (album from 2001)