Of Mice & Men - Away Lyrics

We always fall into the holes we dig
So ignorant to the depth of them
A place where we can finally get some rest
Until the rain starts pouring in

I hear your voice
It's calling out and fading away
If it's your choice
Then pull me out and push me away
Push me away
Push me away
Push me away

I dreamt of climbing out to see your face
To scale the walls that I've put up in me
'Cause there's no solace in the pit that I've made
Once the rain starts pouring in

I hear your voice
It's calling out and fading away
If it's your choice
Then pull me out and push me away
I hear your voice
It's calling out and fading away
If it's your choice
Then pull me out and push me away

Here comes the water (bringing me to the surface)
Here comes the answer (to the question I never asked)
Here comes the water (showing me my true purpose)
Here comes the answer (that will bring me back)

I hear your voice
It's calling out and fading away
If it's your choice
Then pull me out and push me away
I hear your voice
It's calling out and fading away
If it's your choice
Then pull me out and push me away
Push me away
Push me away
Push me away
Push me away
Push me away
Push me away
Push me away

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Of Mice & Men Away Comments
  1. Raven Fountain

    One of the best vids I think I've ever seen. Top 5.

  2. Juan Beltrán

    Idk if i'm the onlyone think that Austin here sounds like ChesterB

  3. Purpleman

    Most def Best song off this album

  4. Zachary Kuthy

    A true maaterpiece

  5. Ernesto Hernandez

    I love this song

  6. Leonard Davila

    still listening in 2019. still with few views but a lot of vibes

  7. Rom Oliver T. Perez

    Check out this band >>> Cables and Space from the Philippines

  8. midoriya chan

    This album has a special place in my heart

  9. Christina Gore

    I miss Austin

  10. Hector Renteria

    Favorite album, favorite song by far... love it

  11. Yamna

    I love this song so much, I can’t stop listening to it.

  12. Chris Holland

    Aaron Pauley is a really great singer for this band. Even a badass screamer just like him taking over both voices in the new OM&M Defy Album. Aaron and his good singing voice is just solid gold.

  13. Mang

    Although this album is pretty bad there are some bright spots. This is certainly one of them. I really like the alternating between Austin and Aaron on the cleans during the verses and bridge. Beautiful song.

  14. Fernando Vasconcellos

    Best song of the album

  15. Murder Mitten

    Amo esta canción y la esa voz tan maravillosa 💙

  16. djentBOI5000

    The begining is similiar to SOAD Aerials

  17. Joshua Higham

    this album was one of my favourites of the austin carlile by the way I was like 11 when the debut album was released and i only became a metalhead during the release of restoring force as I was a rap fan before hand but then I started to give up on rap my metalhead days started when I was 14 or so i say bring me the horizon started it for me

  18. leo mendez

    If grown to really love this song, I miss Austin's work/writing

  19. Trent Wilson

    I love this album tbh. But Defy is better

  20. Remember Me

    The Cold World is absolutely fantastic!! All of their songs are amazing, I have heard every song that they have written and they have never stop surprising me. They are the band I go to when I need comfort, this album along with the Restoring Force, The Flood, and the Self-Titled albums. But mainly The Cold World and Restoring force! Love you Of Mice & Men. Austin your amazing and I can't believe how long its been since you have been gone, but we love you.

  21. Underground Warrior

    Awesome album as their other work, why everyone hate it?

  22. Noroko Inde

    man this is so sad :(

  23. Anon Vee

    No matter what others say, i will always love #OM&M because of the Hate, Rage,Energy and at last the pure Beauty in their music. #LoveYouOfMiceAndMen #ThanksOfMenAndMice

  24. Valentin Bonelli

    I love this album, is so good

  25. L Jay

    So good, pizza pie!

  26. Павел Ильин

    Austin has such a pleasant clear voice when he doesn't scream. Beautiful song.

    Yarin ♤M♤

    Павел Ильин that's Aaron... Austin still screams in the song

  27. CNZ

    I love this song! It helps me to make my heart that the way I feel like Austin just left the band Of Mice & Men because he has health issues and diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome! I just cried about him! I just want to send some prayers to Austin to make him feel better until he comes back to the band!

  28. craccman

    Push me huaweiiiii

  29. Kamil Grzesiak

    Lyrics <3

  30. r9o2b0e2r1t7o

    This one has something special, I really liked it!

  31. Iván Torrubia

    In my opinion, this album give them a new mature vibe that they where growing by time. May be by personal opinion of each person, but in mines, this is one of their best albums.

  32. Isabella

    Austin has such a beautiful voice 💕😻

  33. Zeke

    man I honestly do get why their is so much hate, don't listen to their songs expecting something from their first two albums, listen to it for what it is. (which is pure beauty)

  34. jgwentworth34

    This track and down the road had some great melody. Only 2 great songs on here imo. The rest is mediocre to decent.

  35. norvelho

    adorei essa música!

  36. Andy Itliong

    This album reminds me of early 2000's post hardcore

  37. Jolliee Guy

    I think from now on till Austin recovers, OMNM would try a song like this one without the screamo in there songs? They would sound pretty ill still. Get well soon Austin. :)

  38. Brandon Diaz

    I don't care how much people say they sound like other bands. Of Mice & Men will always be Of Mice & Men.

  39. Tori N.

    I love the System of a Down feeling I get from the intro.

  40. Jacob Wiggins

    ngl Austin's vocals are pretty fucking good

  41. Hannah Childs

    this is my new fave song

  42. Richard Stevens

    massive incubus vibe on this, i dig

  43. Mosi Museus IV

    Check out this song: https://open.spotify.com/track/4uaB0y38S5Dga6hrB7u6G7

  44. Cocagne117

    i don't mind the lyrics on these songs, but the beats are so generic. Also if you're gonna go basically clean vocals, ffs let the better clean vocalist sing the lyrics. Ik Austin wants to participate, but Aaron is a better singer hands down.


    this isn't saying I am happy he left, I prefer heavier stuff so to see the unclean vocalist leave is a real shame to me

  45. Jesús Moya

    goodbay austin :'(

  46. Eric hernandez

    been a fan since 2009 and I must say I dig this a lot.
    reminds me to a lot of bands I grew up jamming too.. like for example breaking Benjamin, three days grace, papa roach, linkin park and so forth bands of like the 2000's-2007 :)

  47. PittsburghHomie

    This song just hits it right in the good spot!! Holy shit the intro is just wow! I truthfully like the new direction that Of Mice and Men are going. Its less hardcore but truthfully, a lot of post hardcore bands have their soft spots. With what they had to work with I really like this album. 4.5 out of 5. I still miss the growls, but great job Guys!

  48. Natalia Martínez

    To the question I never asked <3

  49. n n

    fav song of the album ^^.. Kinda reminds me on i the mighty - Andrew's song

  50. Thorn O'Dell

    Didn't like the album much at first but for some reason I keep coming back to this song. This really is a beautiful and great song...

  51. Jesse Nelson

    Sounds like a heavier version of Sunny Day Real Estate lol

  52. Aaron Jackson

    my situation right now

  53. Andrew Sarker

    absolutely beautiful clean intro riff

  54. Medieval Nightmare


  55. Gnomei Moondust

    I wish you'd have warned of a new emo sound...

  56. Dylan Hx

    this sucks

  57. Jamie Logan



    The first time I heard this, I thought it was Brandon Boyd singing haha glad I'm not the only one

    Z-Soul 512

    lol, i like that

  58. hollowminds

    Here's my list for my favorite songs off this album.

    1. Pain
    2. Away
    3. The Lie
    4. Transfigured
    5. Contagious
    6. Who cares, the rest of the album is garbage.

    Kailyy.Thee.Babyy yy

    hollowminds listen to I'm a monster. that shit is amazing

    Dee Tee Phone Home

    Away and the lie are literally the only ones I can listen to.


    Honestly I love the entire album as a whole, I think it was put together very nicely with very good transitions and pallet cleansers so to speak between the variety of songs. Now every track isn't a off the charts single and most if not all of them are very different from the of mice and men most people have come to expect, but look at it this way. If this was their first album they'd be just as famous. Most people don't like it because of the change not because it's bad music


    Also no love for relentless? Really?!

  59. cazbrown88

    Love hearing Austin sing this live 😖😖😖

  60. Screaming On Edge

    this song is just beautiful!!!! much love everyone!

  61. Jelly Martinez

    2:26 2:27 when Austin says "to the question I never asked" is my favorite part of this great song omg okay that's it bye

    Mladja Nikolic


    Samna Ahmed Fer.

    Yeeeeesss!! I love that part, how his voice sounds.

    Mladja Nikolic

    @Samna Ahmed Fer. Chester inspired :')

  62. Daniel Mullins

    this song means so much to me. the morning this came out my mom passed away from cancer and this was the first song off the album I listened to. still hits me deep every time I think of it.


    Daniel Mullins damn dude. Hope you and yours are doing well. This track has some therapeutic aspects to it and it has helped me as well.

  63. devilwearzprada XII

    its kinda sad to see most metalcore starting to be more alternative in their songs, good years of metalcore songs is slowly fading :(

  64. Jake Renaud

    best song on this album

  65. Renzo

    Vocal cover on my channel!

  66. JGGaming

    I don't know how anyone can prefer Shayley's vocals over Aaron's or Austin's, he's not a good singer and i hate that half scream half sing thing he does; sounds like garbage in my honest opinion. This track is pure magic and both Aaron's and Austin's vocals shine in this. Aaron can hit so many more notes than Shayley and he has more raw talent

  67. Bárbara Silva

    Best song of the album ❤❤❤

  68. Adam Artz

    I actually like this one. It's a good song, can relate to it.

  69. Jess Pleitez


  70. retho1309

    Wow, Austin sounds so much like Chester Bennington

  71. Bárbara Silva


  72. Paul Castro

    really wish shayley was still in the band. this song would be a million times better with his vocals!

    Pitra Agung

    It seems :)

    Mia Allen

    Paul Castro i love this song but fuck that's so true

  73. Danny Lozano

    remember me my first bands I hear 15 years ago

  74. Jake Renaud

    not gonna lie, he sounds like a better singer in this album

  75. Rowdy

    Incubus anyone? (the first half anyways)

  76. Oziel Prado

    Holy Shit the whole album is amazing i fuckin love it 😍

  77. Abdul-Qadir Jabaar

    like, I saw none calling the acoustic version to 'feels like forever' a disappointment. people were calling Austin's voice angelic

  78. Lauren Gails#1fan

    they sound so much better now

    Ryan B

    said no one ever

  79. Eliana D'Auria

    I'm really obsessed.

  80. Connor McDonald

    I love the album but the change in style is a lot to take in. Im always going to love this band, but hopefully this is a phase and they'll go back to a The Flood style. Or at least Restoring Force. I'm "Never Giving up on you" OM&M

  81. Jamie Logan

    incubus much

  82. Nick Kanalas

    the guitars and bass remind me of Three Days Grace but someone's going to disagree with me so

  83. sorcha

    i love the voices of aaron and austin in this! such a good song! im obsessed😜

  84. Andres Guzman

    The Emo phase is coming back

  85. Max Watto

    they have come along way since shayley left and its awesome, fuck the haters

  86. ScarlXRd bro

    I love !

  87. tyrantking000

    You've lost your touch, this album is just a hollow husk holding unnecessary cold and dark lyrics. I don't like this song very much, but this one song is the best thing on this album that isn't just unnecessary screaming and trying to oh so desperately to create some deep philosophical meaning that it inadvertently creates none

    Mia Allen

    Daniel Cristian smack yourself for that one


    Daniel Cristian Why?


    tyrantking000 don’t choke on your pseudo intellectual elitist attitude. The pretension is strong with you.

  88. Magical Mudkip

    I don't get why people are shitting on this album. I believed everyone when they said it sucked but I still listened to the album. Yeah there maybe some songs I would skip but there are some pretty good tracks. So give it a chance


    Mano, que vibe boa escutando essa música. OM&M surpreendendo a cada dia!

  90. Corey Nichols

    its complete fuck, id rather listen to attack attack

  91. Corey Nichols

    such a shitty album. what happened to the screams and breakdowns? this is why Metal core isn't going very far right now, there's no "Metal" involved anymore.

  92. kendrickHter

    Really love the lyrics.. Great song.

  93. Droneuse _

    Guys calm down, bands have to experiment okay! I realize some of you find this album shit but I do and a bunch of us do.

  94. Dacy Hartmann

    Check out the band Silent Planet, you won't regret it.

  95. Dacy Hartmann

    Sounds like Incubus

  96. kingsilo

    my favorite off the album. intro always gets me

  97. The Wacky Man

    I honestly don't mind the album. Definitely not my favorite album though from of mice and men.

  98. Mal Rosette

    I actually really like this! :o