ODESZA - Loyal Lyrics

Loyal, loyal, loyal
Loyal, loyal, loyal

Loyal, loyal, loyal
Loyal, loyal, loyal

In my life, in my life
Feel better
In my life, in my life
I'm loyal now
In my life, in my life
Feel better
In my life, in my life
I'm loyal now
In my life, in my life
Feel better
In my life, in my life
I'm loyal now
In my life, in my life
Feel better
In my life, in my life
I'm loyal now

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ODESZA Loyal Comments
  1. Cătălina Simona

    Who is here because of Bobbie's Playlist?

  2. Drew werd

    Always a pleasing sound
    Odesza has written the soundtrack to my life!

  3. Анна Сидорова

    exclusive license to Ninja Tune!

  4. Анна Сидорова

    exclusive license to Ninja Tune!

  5. k i n g l e g a l z

    who watched this after watching the apple ad with this music

  6. Joanna Cridlin

    Oh my, this track is heavy. I confess, heard first on TV AD. Its one bad track. Amazing composition. I'm intrigued to hear odesza's other stuff... Loyaloyaloyaloyaloyaloyaloyal....wick-iiiid.

  7. mihail_717

    Here because of the Nissan commercial

  8. H. Martens

    Thx Trap Nation🔥🔥🔥
    -> https://youtu.be/ObIdQa8waAU


    0:45....kills me

  10. RockefellerTv

    Nissan Juke brings me here

  11. Sara Buli

    Bin ich die einzige die wegen Gntm hier ist?

  12. Extra Virtuous -

    응 어 아잇

  13. Ropati Robert

    Who feel the power of that song

  14. ObzTicle

    Picture reminds me of Jeffory from GoT

  15. ウマイブドウ


  16. jj Mac Intire

    via Thompson hnavss 11 skank attornies

  17. jj Mac Intire

    or preplanned block partie

  18. jj Mac Intire

    was not at all for your light show

  19. jj Mac Intire

    now you know why I stayed believe

  20. jj Mac Intire

    their getting triiied back

  21. jj Mac Intire

    state ain't loyal

  22. Maximilian Towers

    At 1:16 sond's like joker xd

  23. Qendro DiCaprio

    Danke Nissan Werbung 😂😂😂

  24. Bithal Nath Anand

    My best day of 2020

  25. Andrzej Mędela

    ODESZA ... Great song, and more songs please ...

  26. vlRebell

    Who is here because the Nissan AD 🤣

  27. Dilip Ramirez

    This is real *B* *A* *S* *S*

  28. • PipeX Pichuante •

    *_A masterpiece._*

  29. Harsh Gupta

    Who is here after dan bilzerian video

  30. Last Earthbender

    If I was a pro boxer or a MMA fighter, this would be my walk-in music.

  31. Christopher Martinez

    CrowN hell yea SkYsCrApEr 💎s

  32. Joseph Saenz

    Boiling fucking solar flare and spunk to my soul.. only words to describe how I feel when trapping to this.

  33. Ahmed Merrouche

    This is the first time i listen to this track
    Edit : This is the 2nd time
    Edit : This is the 3rd time
    Edit : This is the 4th time
    This is such an art ❤️
    Edit : This is the 5th time
    Edit : 6th...

  34. Oh That's Cool!

    Adamb99 used this as his intro song

  35. Inline6TwinTurbo

    when a ugly ass juke gets you here lol

  36. Snowstar1053




    watch this.

  38. Leon to słodziak

    I Love The music

  39. Analise Arbo

    Never seen any of the commercials mentioned but if this song is in it, must be damn good!

  40. Amanda's Painting Lessons

    this has been out almost two years and I had no idea? AH I love it :)

  41. Tiko pb

    Why i imagine apple commercial with this song.

  42. Yogi Surya

    Ayam ayam ayam

  43. Northeast Reaper

    This song has slow motion athletes with crystal beads of sweat vibes

  44. Changyeon Choi

    not to sound too kpopper but- I AM THE ONE BELIVING THIS SONG REMINDS Stray Kids' Lee Minho(/Lee Know)"DAWN"

  45. Sri Harsha

    Creed training montage...imagine

  46. jesse omollo

    That intro reminds me of the survivor series,

  47. Góbi Tibor

    What the hell. Endlich mal ein Song der mich richtig stark berührt 🤩😍🤩

  48. jj Mac Intire

    let Mrs. Thompson know uncle jon jon believes she is preplanned believé

    jj Mac Intire

    like the scumfucks who preplanned PEFCU or their brainwash heartless neurology I aint playing games

  49. Tiny Dancer

    This is my hip hop dance and we are using drumsticks like a drum line at my studio!!


    Everyone: Omg the iPhone commercial

    *is here from the Nissan Juke commercial ._.*

    Paul Deven

    MOTORRIDER :D didn’t ask

  51. Исхак Ѓулероvsкi


  52. Rebecca

    2:11 favorite part ever 😩

  53. gordonhv

    this was the opening song for the live performance I went to. just got some flashbacks and im in aw

  54. ravindra kumar

    So bad apple doesn't even give credits 🐏

  55. Pomme Rouge

    J'adore, c'est entrainant

  56. Karim Bellarabi

    Team Of The Year FIFA 19

  57. Ananas

    One minute of silence for persons here for nissan juke lmao

  58. KING

    *This track exploded harder than Samsung Galaxy Note 7 !* 💥

  59. nashran72

    amazing..buy this https://my.godaddy.com/domainsearch/find?checkAvail=1&tmskey=&domainToCheck=stillloyal.com

  60. Seven


  61. The Karthi13

    Loyal for Apple?

  62. diegokanibal

    temaso por deus!!!

  63. Kyron Smith GAMING

    Wow Tech Company really love using Odesza in their ads

  64. sovversen.

    I want to buy a Nissan Juke 2020 just for this song.

  65. Lainkspecteur

    Wear headphones is the best thing.

  66. Kim Taehyung’s Voice Is Killing Me

    Doesn't that sounds a lot like "Dawn" the SKZ Player of Minho from Stray Kids

  67. Lipstick

    Destiny 2 <3 :)

  68. Kunal Khanna

    My butter knife heard this banger.

    It is now a Katana.

  69. Marielle M

    Love the Heavy Urban Marshall beats !!!!!

  70. ElfenMischiff

    Has an almost military flavor to it, and I honestly love that

  71. Farod Meme - Gabite

    Nissan Juke Ad music
    Nice this is here

  72. Karel De La Rosa

    YO this is FUCKING AMAZING >_>

  73. Turi Spiddu

    watch it now, it will amaze you https://youtu.be/19hLRlLimwc

  74. Grisho Dyankov

    Odesza... Simply awesome

  75. Jesus Christ! Did you eat my pancakes?

    *Welcome to the African empire*

  76. Alan sito


  77. Andrea Ioan Molnar

    Phone: LET ME GO !! I HAVE 0% BATTERY!!
    ME : Sorry, but i need to explode

  78. Médéric B.

    Thanks Shazam ❤️

  79. Mimi 2hyphy

    the album cover gives me riri vibes

  80. Jagadeesh Naidu

    This music listing on Home theater with BOSE DOLBY ATMOS 7.1,once feel it how's that ?

  81. Lucian C

    98% Nissan Juke commercial
    2% The follower or the fun


    80% apple fan
    10% Nissan Juke commercial
    10% fan of odeza

  82. Aynan ,isa,Jesus Khan .j

    Ok i understand that wrong number is loyal 🖐🔥

    Aynan ,isa,Jesus Khan .j

    Alright tell her from now on whenever she sleep let her sleep alone in the dark i will come and when she wokup only she will know 🖐🔥


    100% iPhone Xr commercial

  84. Unknown Common

    Randomly found this

  85. JenJen Perle

    Thanks Nissan 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Iron21 Man21

    Song from Nissan Ad

  87. Vinci Tinci

    I searched for a month

  88. Tomek W.

    WoW UWU

  89. Josh Nunn

    Apple adverts be like

  90. Scott Delany

    So good

  91. pacmanarea51

    This song needs an epic fucking music video

  92. m paria

    Get you a (name of this song) person like me🤗

  93. Nathan Coulombe

    Man Their Fire; Always Operates March 14th Like 'the Dollar?'

  94. un humain normal ASKIP

    0:55 😍🥵

  95. Lucas Hidalgo R


  96. Topic

    0:49 🤭 2:12

  97. # Panda

    Can we all just take a second to appreciate the drop in this song
    Who wishes they could see this song live!!!!!!!!!

    Eva Merela

    # Panda they are amazing live! They brought an entire drum line and live horn section!!!

  98. L'humourette .p

    Nissan Juke ?