ODESZA - Light Lyrics

I gave my cards away, would lose the game for you
Each second slipped away, did not know what to do
Was always drawing secrets on your wall
My clothes were always falling on your floor

A reckless heart could never be much more
I always snuck in late
Running through the front gate

Light, floating on a feather
Light, landing on forever

Our trip surreal, so high
We flew right through the roof
Those nights you never came home
I stayed up needing you
Was always writing poems in math books
My idols were the clever fast crooks

This reckless heart could never be much more
I always snuck in late
Rushing through the front gate

Light, floating on a feather
Light, landing on forever

Float on a feather, land on forever
Float on a feather, land on forever

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ODESZA Light Comments
  1. C ya

    Delicious ♡

  2. Pretzelberger

    That's seriously sexy music ...

  3. Shawn Van Order

    getting high on my roof at 10:02pm listening to this song is absolute heaven

  4. Andrew Lee

    RIP my close friend Jackie Michele Henderson 2 years later 7/25/1989 - 7/14/2017

  5. Harsh Dalsaniya

    Can i use this music as in my intro music...???

  6. Phillip Zamora

    So chill and groovy

  7. Adam F

    Odessza is like a beautiful dream.

  8. บัวชมพู บัว

    Loveeeeeee this song

  9. Taylor I

    If anyone can find a live version of this please please send me the link

  10. Rishabh Mishra

    Can I use this song for one of my videos?


    I love this chicks voice lol I like how she says “my idols were always the clever fast crooks”😉 lol

  12. Katelin Christine

    Yukimi SLAYS. Thank you for this song. 💋👑⚡

  13. Patrick Beavers

    These guys are simply amazing. HIGHER GROUND is another favorite of mine check it out y’all 🎧✌🏻

  14. Andy Pace


  15. Peter Luxford

    wholesome 🙌

  16. Aaron Wright

    Tidal brought me here

  17. Sabrina McDonald

    S.M.M.&&R.D.L. 05/19/16---<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  18. Gloria Lymanyuk

    How can I LOVE every song they make!?

  19. juju buchanan

    i don't :)

  20. LozoSan

    Such a simple video, but I love it soooo much!

  21. Usd

    I was confused by this video until I ate a tab. Mesmerizing.

  22. elia

    yukimi's voice is so good

  23. karlsson

    the songs from odesza are so relaxing, i love it<3

  24. Minah Bradshaw

    This woman's voice is flawless. People who dislike it lack a sense of passion and a sense of soul.

    I like this one much better than the one without her.

  25. Kevin Q

    This song does it for me

  26. Jaheel Frederick

    this video is so fucking awesome

  27. Alexa Nova

    What the hell how have I just seen this!?!?

    Will Foley

    Alexa Nova Been a fan of Little Dragon for damn near a decade and just happened upon this song right now. Absolute bliss.

  28. rivinish

    I know that over-the-top praising in Youtube comments has become a cliche at this point, but in a world where finding a decent song that is 7.5 or 8 is a burden, this song is a 9.6 for me (if I'd listen to it drunk for the first time, it would've been 9.9). It's made for me. The tempo resonates with my heart rate or frequencies are coinciding with the wavelengths of my brain or something. Or it's just pure freaking magic. Thanks ODESZA, Thanks Little Dragon. You made me fell in love again

  29. Alaíde Silva

    Amo que AMO Essa musica

  30. kityyslam

    will help out a bad trip

  31. Meranda Perez

    listening to music holding pain n tears back...

    Jese D.

    Monette Penelope well stop ...doing that stuff .

    C ya

    Let em flow girl ^.^

  32. Alaíde Silva

    amo essa música


    I wanna see them keep making songs like this👌🏾

  34. TKG

    Odesza keep em coming!

  35. 880411059 HCC

    1:05 😍🙏🏽😩

  36. Matt L

    Great vibe music

  37. Adru Arias

    down tempo o trip hop? :) bien little dragon con esta colaboración :)

  38. V3LA


  39. coolgoogleuser

    Rhy cams

  40. SpaceDog Gaming

    For some reason ODESZA's music is banned in the US............ I really liked their music.

    D34D M4U5

    SpaceDog Gaming what? odesza music is banned in us?

    SpaceDog Gaming

    it was a glitch on Soundcloud

  41. Claudia Inocencio

    Anyone have any personal interpretations of the lyrics? I would love to hear.

    Jason Osborne

    Sounds like a girls relationship with a bad ass dude? Maybe?

  42. sadmozo

    Holy FUCK !!!
    ODESZA & Little Dragon in the same song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Bully

    Tripping loud to this right now!! I feel the music wave around my body! Incredible

    Emma Blue

    watch out for the laser!

  44. Kali Becking

    Beautiful ♥ I love Odesza & Their featured Artists are always Great Too , My New found Obsession


    This track is PURE BLISS. <3

  46. alexdnaz

    there should be more songs like this in the world

  47. Michael Knight

    Little Dragon is life. Yukimi is the greatest

  48. ashtonjackfanny

    chilax we'll play some games, lets chat

  49. Dalisu Ngobese

    Top track

  50. Ben Lewis

    Just found my new alarm ringtone.

  51. Lalit Vaidya

    I wish ODESZA and Flume could collaborate together.


    They can if they want! Nothing stopping them


    It's been 2 years since you posted this comment, and I can say I agree fully still


    Austin I agree as well

    Jairo Joya

    We all do

  52. Sean Hilditch

    Easily my favourite Odesza song, I picture myself somewhere in South East Asia walking through a rainforest and coming across a fresh water swimming hole and just falling in.

  53. Ezio

    Awesome <3

  54. azzure sky

    been waiting new tracks from odesza <3

  55. TayRossMusic Artist/Musician

    brought tears to my eyes

  56. Pwl CG

    Okay... can I call it Eargasm ? :-)

  57. Casey Boyle

    gorgeous voice

  58. InSpadez

    Heard this on XM Sirius. Can't believe there isn't more views. This is killer.


    Same here, love that station

  59. khimim sagarb

    Totally th best beat!

  60. Dalton Odom

    I wish there was a way I could make this video my wallpaper

  61. kiira oasis

    this is orgasming

  62. BennyBoy

    I fuckin luuuuuuv this song. LOVE IT!

  63. Davis Falkenham


  64. PeepsILoveEllie

    Odesza in.. anxiety out.. <3


    I'm happy for you , Keep shining <3

  65. Andrew Patty

    Her voice added to this song is so fucking beautiful

  66. Conor Dufresne

    Hot song..... not so hot video.

  67. Nick Castellano

    I wish there was an 8 minute version of this song.

  68. Sektion9

    The aural and visual were made for each other. A perfect symbiosis.

  69. kityyslam S

    I love her voice you ppl are on drugs.. which u should be while listening to this amazing piece

  70. kityyslam S

    I love her voice you ppl are on drugs.. which u should be while listening to this amazing piece

  71. Carlos Avalos


  72. Leandro Escobar


  73. Charles Brown

    Just love this song. I think this song is so beautiful. Instrumental or not it's awesome

  74. Charlie Wang

    The hmming part coupled with the sparkling and fairy instrumentals in the background makes this track a joy to listen to, relaxes the heart, mind and soul. Love it!

  75. Cody Blaze Jackson

    Love this when I'm blowed and just wanna chill

  76. Tayane Reiis

    mtoooo top!


    Gorgeous !

  78. Shay Renee’

    love love love love 🙌

    Shay Renee’ love love love love love

  79. Tonya Wildchild Jones

    So in love with this song.

  80. Randy Mankoto

    I really like the video it is visually good

  81. geoleejohn

    seriously the best fucking song.

  82. Emma Blue

    The Masturbators called they want their song back! ;) just kidding, not that I would EVER do such a thing to this awesome tune!!! :D


    +Emma Blue Are you trying to tell us something Emma..

    Grimes Golden

    This song is pretty fucking sexy.

  83. axel0c

    I like Odesza from most of their older work but damn, Yukimi (Little Dragon) really makes this song amazing.

  84. chinewmarie

    I worked Lola and they were there. Liked them before that!

  85. Satria Nugraha

    1:06 Eargasm

  86. fan favorite

    why people hate on vocals

  87. Jordan Fennessy


  88. Destiny L

    Omgggggg. I needed a new odesza track to wear out :) i really hope i get to see them at electric forest this year!! I missed it last year and it nearly broke my heart !!

  89. S H

    This is god awful with this singer. Their first album sounds a lot different without sounding like R&B garbage. ODESZA, please don't give into what society likes.

  90. CanadianMaid

    great song!

  91. Noah Scrase

    Good Ski Edit Music :)

  92. Mr Kajja

    Little Dragon bought me here. Never heard of Odesza.

    moon tater


  93. Jessie Rae Moncla

    Little Dragon is my absolute favorite band.. ever.. everything they touch and that Yukimi is featured on is incredible <3


    +Jessica Perkins Yea she did some cool work with the Gorillaz

  94. Jonathan W

    Does anyone know any Artists that are like ODESZA or Uppermost? Or the Genre of this music?

  95. Jaqueline Rodrigues

    love love loveeeeeee song

  96. Hugh Legister

    OMG...I'm already in love with Yukimi Nagano...but her soulful vocals on this track...just melt me...whew!!! Then Odesza with the instrumentals...man...I'm done!!!

  97. Rob Schultz

    The beat though!!! 😍😍😍😍

  98. Takoda

    try meth n watch this, jk but go tell those 87 people who disliked it to go fuck off!!

  99. Pinta

    I love Little Dragon.. not familiar with ODESZA


    +Pinta I'm the opposite. Please familiarize yourself. You'll thank me later.

  100. Julie Keovongphet

    I'm totally in love with this song! 💞💕💞 can't wait to see odesza in concert in december @ home!