ODESZA - How Did I Get Here Lyrics

How did I get here?
How did I get here?
How did I get here?
How did I get here?
How it is true
How society say her life is already over
Nothing to do there

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ODESZA How Did I Get Here Comments
  1. Lightning McQueen

    When you walk to new York and then you find out that you're in London

  2. Cremelle

    The song sounds good layered as well


    Discovered this song years ago. Still listening to it.

  4. irene

    I was just scrolling through my liked videos and this was my first one

  5. Jugador

    I heard this song in Roblox Super Hero Tycoon

  6. Sanja Savic

    Nice 💖💕

  7. Shadow Lucky

    Yo ODESZA is this song copyrighted or can i use it in my vids?

  8. Gaming with Mighty_g

    HJow dij uj ust jet her dis ho w u spek w hen u drunk

  9. SoapyBoatman

    i could listen to this song forever ❤️💕


    Alguém veio pelo ML GAMEPLAY?

  11. Youssef Elsherbiny

    I am currently in grade 10 this gives me grade 4 nostalgia I want to cry its so beautiful

  12. Paulina Delacruz

    Love this, I have it as my ringtone

  13. Sasuke Official

    Shah kaizen 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Baljeet Gill

    2019 anyone?

  15. DarkZY

    Its Like You Are Dreaming But Its In Reality.

  16. Samurai 27

    Roblox assassin got me here lol

  17. Juan tomas carrizo

    Que temazo

  18. cherrÿx xmoonlīght

    When u take a short nap in Washington D.C and wake up in Baltimore

  19. Crystal Enrico

    Oh my goodness the memories.

  20. Cal Theorizes

    Justine when she broke out of her glass box just to be sent to hell


    Like si vienes por SalvatoreLQ

  22. Suvi Saukkonen

    this could be 20 minutes long and i'd listen to all of it.

  23. E. Emiliano Villa

    The modern day Sneaker Pimps.

  24. Kyito Playz

    Me  from bed to school:

  25. Joshua Dolo

    Ahhh sophomore year of college I discovered this song....great times

  26. Black Mickey Mouse

    They used this in rblx assassin.

  27. juan guerrero

    Can I use your song for advertising?

  28. N888

    Summers gone yet again.

  29. Marcus Perttula

    *instantly adds to playlist*

  30. Jhony Gomes

    Brasil ?
    2019 ?

  31. Lolmanplayspro 01

    I LOVE this song!!!😍

  32. Tsvetomira Kelleva

    Finally found it🥺

  33. Nikxa 夢想

    1:42 my ringtone

  34. J-sposed

    This is good vibes

  35. Frost Byte

    I still remember my first time hearing this, my ears lost their virginity that day and it was the best eargasm I’ve ever felt lmao

  36. JP Carnotaurus Dude

    Modern Massive Attack

  37. Haha :c

    When you fall asleep in class and end up at detention

  38. Groovy Tony

    Discovering ODESZA is like winning the musical lottery! 💎
    The atmosphere in this track makes me feel like the weather is neither hot/cold just the perfect temperature! 🌌
    This is TIMELESS! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    0:00 - 2:11 - 😍😍😍

  39. Анастасія Остроухова


  40. Grant R

    How did i get here (x4)

    I hope you're listening,
    But i think its true,
    This house of silence is so, so uninviting
    Nothing to do,
    I lost my friends,
    So uninviting.

  41. cristhian taborda

    depôs de uma bela foda vim escutar essa música ksksksk

  42. brickybear

    Well, i got here by looking up the assassin playlist, how about you?

  43. MilkiewayGalaxy

    Do you have 90 minutes?

  44. joshua ramirez

    2019 anybody else?

    No Fun

    joshua ramirez no it’s just you

    joshua ramirez

    @No Fun ?

    Youssef Elsherbiny

    Grade 4 nostalgia right here

    No Fun

    Youssef Elsherbiny no

  45. Miguel Huerta

    Im roblox

  46. 0xX Aurora xX0

    i believe i found this song from rob lox


  47. Rauking

    Back here after 2 years I found this song in roblox Superhero tycoon

  48. Tera Haryadi

    Brings back memory <3

  49. Nobandile Mguni

    I feel like I can travel any dimension with this song 😍😍

  50. alex pro3000

    Roblox song

  51. Ellen Lucas

    Who is penny from big bang theory

  52. Abderrahman El Bakkali

    Those songs make me enjoy my depression and go deep down in it

  53. PIOTR Mareński

    Really good 👌🏻😄👍

  54. Bepis Doggo

    The nostalgia of playing assassin is flooding

  55. Urmom LMAO

    how did I GET here?


    Кто с Ifreazze???

  57. Small Gal

    Me in school

    How did I get here?

    Jennifer Torres


  58. DaxM.D


  59. Carina Lorandini

    Like si vienes de salvatoreLQ.

  60. Juamer69 7w7

    Salvatore LQ <3

  61. MakerzLQツ


  62. XxRobloxloverxX

    When the match finished in assasin

  63. Its_not_matt Oof

    This is so relaxing

  64. S Swashis

    Do you have 90 minutes

  65. AwkwardRainbowPotato

    6 years and I’m still wondering how the heck I got here.

  66. Dillan Catley

    Rick N Morty lol

  67. Nick Garcia

    When you take a 10-strip of acid and wake up on the top of mount kilimanjaro....when you live in canada

  68. Supershadebam1234

    I'll submit a recommendation to get this in Horizon SoCal

  69. lil xxsavagejonathonxx

    Roblox assassin anyone

  70. NoiseTheory


  71. Rahul jariwala

    It was not possible without YouTube.. We gotta admit that

  72. Hite5h Dalal

    The beginning gets me everytime

  73. FoxyCobra

    Came from SynthesizeOG 😂

  74. Deyvi Loquendo Play

    SalvatoreLQ <3

  75. lucas espindola123


    lucas espindola123

    @SalvatoreLQ jajjaja lo sabia el primero y ensima es el famozo salbatore :v

  76. Some kid

    Thank god i trying to find this at least 1 year

  77. kiros

    i haven't listened to this in years... brings back nostalgia

  78. Helen Mei

    this was from 2013?!

  79. Thaisa Silva


    Paulo Games terツ

    @William Do carmo 🖒

  80. skoopaz

    actual song is 22 by Lily Allen!

  81. Kozumeen


  82. Paul Stamm

    When you wake up from sleeping and you’re on the ground

  83. hieu phan

    How did i get here its over 9000 time!!!!!!!

  84. Ed Compton

    still legendary - dont think anything can top this for afters

  85. Anni Bean

    This reminds me of the time I went to the Grand canyon and we where driving threw deserts at night smelling fresh air. I want to drink this song.

  86. rad 1331

    When I hear this song this give me the memories of that city which I have not gone by ....

    This song is heard on the headphones when i walk through the walkways of the city.

    Yes the WORLD's MOST RICHEST CITY ......



    But........ But there is a doubt
    """""""How did i get here???"""""

  87. Mackenzie Parker

    2019 anyone?

  88. CF· WIIZ

    Pupuporipo pu

  89. FL4KERKK


  90. I am Jenny B

    My sister has this as her background music for YouTube and this brought me here ☹️❤️ How’d you guys get here? ⬇️ Comment.
    P.s. I miss my sister soo much. Watching her videos makes me miss her more

  91. Hᴇʀᴠᴀʟ FFϟ

    2019 ???

    hieu phan

    Doesn't matter this song already Old like telephone

  92. Hirotaka

    no time brother 😎👍

  93. LordOfWaffles32

    I was on roblox because I was so board and I heard this song and I was like huh I like this!

  94. anty styler

    Its amazing😍

  95. Cledson Moura

    Cadê os Br nessa porra