ODESZA - For Us Lyrics

It feels like its perfect
I know, I know
It'll be like the first time
So take it slow

It was as if the song was written for us
When we sang along to the chorus

For us
For us

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ODESZA For Us Comments
  1. Snazzwagon

    you guys i am so high...

  2. Filthy Peasant

    Im socially awkward and dont have any friends (doesn't bother me often). Im a night cleaner and was listening to this on my big headphones one night when I thought all the staff had gone home. A few had stayed late and I danced when the beat dropped and they saw. Showed them the song and there like 'oh'

    I made some friends now :)

  3. Ariciul Canalelor - Dinu AGx

    Îmi pare rău!

  4. Bronwyn Louise


  5. Nick Currey

    ODESZA never gets old. Love how there music is very different from others.

  6. Nick

    so yes! bring on the molly!

  7. heartliz

    This is perfect as I study for my stats test

  8. Nkosi Sibanda

    pure sound ;)

  9. FrankDavid Barrios Fasabi

    2019 ?? Someone

  10. corey Newman

    This beats awesome

  11. shatteredamethyst

    This brings me back to the gold old days in 2014 ❤️

  12. Error exe

    odesza is literally the best thing that's ever happened to me.

  13. sxms

    this was my freaking 6th grade alarm ringtone

  14. Kristine McCowan

    ♥️“ It feels like its perfect “♥️

  15. vine_lizzy


    Odesza and a Porter Robinson collab would blow my mind

  16. QuickTech

    Sept. 11, 2014

    Sept. 11, 2001

    *its supposed to bring tears to your eyes.*

  17. Squink

    I don't own Spotify so I usually just download music from weird (probably illegal) sites. But I'm TOTALLY not doing that with your music!! All your songs are amazing, and each have a different message. TAKE MY MONEYYY!!!

  18. Elizabeth Napier

    That beat drop so hard!

  19. Ariane S B.

    So good

  20. Judah Israel

    So perfect

  21. Mark Heydenrych

    How can u not love this song

  22. Mark Heydenrych

    How can u not love this song

  23. Jack Waddle Fotografía.

    I really Love u Briana Marela, with odesza, perfect combination!

  24. Niklas

    Can I use this in my video?

  25. Giuliano

    gran bel pezzo

  26. The Vegas Girl

    Totally random but I found this song while walking through a Sears... it's been my jam since

  27. Trell Hicks

    I love all odesza song they describe my life n how it will end

  28. Kibo

    odesza makes me think of drop-out, and i love it even more

  29. Eoval

    How doesn't everyone know this?

  30. Gladeseason

    I wish my friends didn't call me weird for listening to these songs. They all listen to Taylor Swift and Ke$ha crap while I'm over actually listening to something with meaning. At least I know I'm not the only one with this problem. My only wish is to meet someone who loves ODESZA too, because I think we all need that in our friends.

    Dennis Wingo

    fuck, all the comments here are literally me. guess we all been through some shit

    Pink Dolphin

    MEEE TOOOO all my friends are like its weird but it is literally the best!!

    Alisa Jeffery

    Someone called it Barbie music. Honestly? These rappers play dress up and sit on cars that they rented. Who’s the Barbie now?


    @Alisa Jeffery Barbie music.. lol. That's a new one. Some people just don't feel the Odesza vibe I guess. I've only met 2 or 3 people in my life who are also into this music

  31. Pink Dolphin

    when ODESZA and BIG WILD and SOKO meet.... well.... that will be a glorious day.

  32. TSquared52

    Is everything really going to be ok? 💔

    andy greenwood

    TSquared52 no

  33. VarunaFX


  34. xLama777

    Odesza produced this song for us ecause they know we love them no matter what
    and real fans that remember when we first heard summers gone EP know that we can wait another 3 years for them after "line of sight" and "late night" and still love them with all our hearts .
    the one and obly true love is OSEDZA and theyre songs 🎧🎵😍

  35. The-Loft

    Who else got here from Paul Rabil

  36. Obinn Magic

    Ooooo great!!!!!!

  37. Sarah Beavan

    I have fell in love.. Love you Odesza

  38. Jese D.

    no it's not "hard"!,it's what you make it!

  39. Sentinel Ex

    All these comments from a year ago eh. I guess I missed the party :'(

    Dennis Wingo

    guess how long ago it was when you wrote that comment?


    and now here I am, a month behind you but still wishing to connect.. time is a very strange thing

    Connie G.

    @randomazed same :(

  40. aireen

    This is so eargasm

  41. Lisabe S

    This song got me thru my harvard supplement essay. Bless

  42. Izi Gabel

    I listen to this music late at night when Im really deep into thought.. Just sitting at my window, this music on, thinking and watching cars drive by.. Perfect! I also listen to ODESZA's music while in the park or travelling to take it all in and associate the music with beautiful things! I'm going to Brighton soon so Imma have this on replay while walking down the beach and everything!

    Cuban Flower

    Izi Gabel Sounds great! I hope you had fun!

    Eric Frisbie

    I loved reading this comment! It was so happy

  43. Sam Thomas

    How did I miss this one, its amazing.

  44. Riima r


  45. B.M.O DaPlug

    Listen to rhis after smokin 5 blunts 🔥🔥😴

  46. Fabrice null

    the feels the feeeeels! why is she so damn good??


    It's two dudes..


    Nope - google briana

    Silent Solace

    Joshua Barnett Odeza is two guys, the guest vocalist is a woman.


    I was actually saying that; so was OP

  47. Ninaad Dhuri

    PASHA <3

  48. anti nine

    Uma das minhas músicas favoritas desse álbum. <3

  49. Nad Ranem

    This music is something like hyper-mega beautiful trip on LSD, all that feelings, all that sounds - beautiful composition. I never hear anything better in this type of music.

  50. Magda Dudek

    it is so peerfect

  51. anissa 1997

    heard this song while at work (I work at Sears) .. fell in love with it.

  52. Jair Almeida

    Odesza just goes better through the time.

  53. hj Speedy

    brings meback tomydna 💗

  54. catstelllation

    I was playing this in front of my mom and brother and they were laughing so hard
    they thought that there was a lamb going 'meeehhh' in the background


    Bro... I think theres something wrong with them.

    Lisa S

    nice profile picture. what's ur fav character from overwatch

  55. Guizz •

    Pasha 💪


    pashaBiceps? :d

  56. Nina Sasithorn Björnsdóttir

    I just love this song so much. everytime i start listing to this song my body makes me move, and is so free and peaceful😊. I really wish I could hear this song live. But sadly they this song is not on there setlist 😯

  57. catstelllation

    Came here from Finchwing, and I love it!

    • Rorico •

    same here XD

  58. Ethan Porter

    ODESZA feat. Passion Pit

    That'll be the day


    Oh yes!

    Fazed_Mario_ 94

    Like a sleepyhead oh god that would be great 👍

  59. Lewis Williams

    This song was featured on BBC Click!!

    After about 30 seconds

  60. DallisTM

    I like to close my eyes and listen to this

    Prince one

    omg Famous Spaghetti I do the same especially close to the end.. when it mellows out i go to another dimension. Amazing

  61. Brett Begley

    This is so sick oh my word!!!

  62. khimim sagarb

    The music can make you feel in paradise, alone yet calm. Beautiful! 💕

  63. Scott Hamilton

    thought I was as jaded as they come, stumbled onto this during an impromptu acid trip, this is bringing tears to my eyes. simply beautiful.

    Noah Sawyer

    +Scott “ResistTHIS” Hamilton I can relate so much


    I can't imagine how this impacted your trip.... lmao... godspeed

  64. Герман Плентайтис

    K P A C U B O

  65. Tejus Gk

    goddamn !!! 😨😨

  66. Shayla Sanders

    I love this song!

  67. Manoj M

    fusion of tabla beat, awesome

  68. Alexa ASMR

    i'll never get off my earphones again... ♡

  69. _ SAM

    i like it all and already downlaod it thnx

  70. Pirex



    +~Pirex | Free Intro :D

  71. foox foxy

    you are just goooooooooooooooooooood

  72. foox foxy

    you odeza are like soooooooooooooo good and I like all you songs you are the best no like little best you are the big best ever

  73. luis miguel de castro


  74. Ozzyáš

    Like => Share => Add to favorite => Rape "Replay" => Love it 4ever <3
    Tones of freedom! <3 <3 <3
    Excelent song!
    It's can be better but only Bass Boosted!

  75. Eoval

    Also DJ Dimi Rise Up, Jose Padilla Que Bonito, Ulrich Schnauss Between Us and Them, Nitin Sawhney Falling, Karsh Kale Milan - all kinds of different good stuff out there.

  76. Eoval

    Also - check out an early 90's album - Paul Van Dyk Seven Words - the B sides - might have to actually buy the CD idk - you will like it if you like this

  77. Eoval

    Recommend me a better Odesza electronic manipulation please; haven't found one yet.


    +Joshua Barnett I'm at least 30 of the views at least btw

  78. Cristian Mancillas

    All of their songs are fucking good. Like STOP 😭


    +Cristian Mancillas uhhh, nooooo... ODESZA dont listen to him, dont fucking stop please


    You’re crazy these songs aren’t even close to good, they’re far off beyond the scale , it’s already reached heaven and came back just to share with us what it’s like

  79. Justy ⚡

    fantastic track

  80. Murphy Momoh

    Your music is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Silion

    2:37 Full Control from PaszaBiceps. <3

  82. I_Broken_Machine

    Pasha 4k

  83. Mihai Broscaru

    PashaBiceps :D

  84. Paranoia 乡

    I used to listen to many of ODESZA's songs when i was in love with a girl...
    listening to them again makes me have the feeling of love,and i miss those times...

    -Vertical Push-

    "Say my name" Was my girl's song as well, the lyrics were like her speaking out to me

    Rhianna Hogan

    That's beautiful coming from a True Man.


    The past always feels "better", "nicer" than it actually was. It's a psychological phenomena. Better focus on living in the present, cause that's where you always actually are.

    Ninja Dominator

    @Ezoka Thats true but also life would be nothing without memories. They are pretty much all we've got. So just enjoy your memories even if they can make you sad. But that doesn't mean we should get caught up in past memories either. Also enjoy the moment.

    Ninja Dominator

    Paranoia, that sucks but don't get caught up with one girl. If you move on, then its pretty much guaranteed that you'll find someone else you love.

  85. bluspy

    I think I just travelled through space and time.

  86. Benjamin Kestner

    This isn't the song I was looking for, but as a man who spends alot of time rolling around an icosahedron I can get behind this song.

  87. Juan Lizarraga

    Great sound and lovely  voice y makes me feel going thru another dimension.



  89. Jasmine nava

    Is it just me or do you just dance nonstop to ODESZA'S music.. Like what do I do.. It's just amazing music 😱

  90. Night Core

    Omg I love odesza so much her music inspired me to start thinking outside the box and be true to myself


    @Emma Avelis her? It's two dudes

    windell tucker

    @silenc3x coming to Tulsa Ok! I cant wait!

  91. BigMike MR2

    R.I.P. reply button

  92. b1shopp

    Good Eargasm :D

  93. ExNihilo24

    You're...one of a kind ODESZA

  94. Disney Matt

    Pure bliss

  95. jnthn

    Wer kommt auch von Dner aus? :)

    Silver Lowell

    @Jonathan S. Iiiiiccch ^-^


    Haha ich xD