ODESZA - All We Need Lyrics

This is not a tactic to expose you babe
I'm just trying to see you in your moment baby
No this is not a tactic to expose you babe
I'm just trying to see you

I could be down on it
You could be all we need
I could be down on it
You could be all we need

I was thinking you and I could
Skip the part where we small talk each other
Turn the beat up, turn it real loud
Turn the beat up, turn it real loud

Hold me to my word this time
I'm gonna take another ride
Call me on my bitter side
Call me on my cell at night
Take it to the limit babe
Don't ask me to commit a thing
If no one gets hurt, what was it worth what was it worth what was it worth

I could be down on it
You could be all we need
I could be down on it
You could be all we need

Just wanna fast forward
Just give me the damn controller [x2]

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ODESZA All We Need Comments
  1. jj Mac

    who these fools illuminating cause yall preplanned like skank fucks lil fYii

  2. Liam Gasser

    I had my first kiss to this song. I Remember playing this from my portable speaker on our first date as we were ending our picnic. I distinctly remember being extremely passionate and slow and singing the lyrics “just wanna fast forward” in my head and thinking about how much I wanted time to freeze at that instant so that I could kiss her forever. Unfortunately we didn’t last longer than a year. I miss her to this day.

  3. Musix

    Jon Skywalker... A day in the lift video ?? :))

  4. Nikki R

    Still listening in 2020!!! ❤

  5. F L O W E R

    This song makes me more appreciate life. ☺️💓

  6. Jaxon Philips

    who are shy girls the high pitched voice?

  7. Mikan Tsumiki

    The ending needs to be extended 😣

  8. Shabbar alee

    The rest of 2019 ima owe your ass

  9. isabella hurd

    I’m mad this isn’t a official video.

  10. ToY sToRy

    Here because of Dan Bilzarian :D

  11. We'reAll MadHere

    I was thinkin
    You and I could
    Skip the part
    Where we small talk each other...
    Turn the beat up...
    Turn It Real Loud!

  12. We'reAll MadHere

    Def one of my faves still....
    🎧🎧 Make all the difference in your listening pleasures... 😎🎧😋💜

  13. ella milne

    oh my god i listened to this song all the time in the summer of 17' dang i miss those times

  14. Hailey Linchangco

    i fucking love odesza uwu

  15. Mike Scarborough

    Does anybody know if Odessza uses Ableton?

  16. elia sonnen

    Smile Bitch!!!

  17. Take Flight

    Anyone here Dan Bilzerians Snapchat story? 👀


    Dan Bilzerian brought me here

  19. Alexandr Atalay

    🙋‍♂️#Odesza Best, Music Popularita

  20. Cory Del Rey

    I L❤️VE #odesza XD 🎧😎

  21. Kd Coalson

    Not gonna lie, this kinda sounds like Nick Jonas XD

  22. baby chagas

    Em 20100000 Irei Curti♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍

  23. H I

    I used to listen to this 3 years ago when I had moved to San Jose, Ca. I'm no longer there and so much has changed. I miss those times.

    Fazed_Mario_ 94

    Oh shit nice man I live in San Jose

  24. Monasia Badger

    Lil duval😂😍


    But all we have been longing for was the right place through which the right thing is done in the right time. And we found it here in the universe and embraced it embraced it positively.

  26. Pablo R

    This song never fails to disappoint. Massive good vibes! Life is great!

  27. ForestFam 24


  28. 一大粒人妻

    May I use this Beautiful music as my video BGM ?
    If is possible how to do or how to buy ?

  29. Kids2Teens2Adults Records

    All we really need is a good beat
    Something to make you move your feet
    I’m in the back baby girl rolling tree
    I swear to you
    I’m as high as I can be
    You remind me of my homegirl Nancy
    So fancy & like a ticket on the dash
    I got to pay it now
    So why don’t you listen
    To what shy girls got to say
    Tell them shy girls

  30. Raquel Chagas

    Nunca CANÇO De Ouvir Sempre Seram Meus FavoRitos em 2019 em 2000000000000 Amo D+

  31. Orgasmo

    0:18 You gon' smile bitch!

  32. Ashir Aleph

    APRIL2019 <3

  33. Rodrigo Rocha

    This song reminds me so much of my ex-girlfriend and the times we were traveling by car while listening to it. Those were the days... :/

  34. James Honore

    This song fucking bumps. Gawwwwwd 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  35. heartliz

    This song makes me so happy

  36. Carlos Eduardo


  37. swish831

    Smile bitch

  38. Tanz

    in return is by far the best album

  39. Mr. king Ram

    Here because of brett conti

  40. chriZZZzzzz

    haven't listened to this in a few years. still good

  41. Ashtar Vrillon

    Who in the world dislikes this????

  42. Ricky Saenz

    I hear nick jonas in the background

  43. Dak DTK

    Its been 4 years and im still here..

  44. Nevaeh Murphy

    Cant wait to see ODESZA at Bonnaroo this year


    LOVE THIS SONG! We even put it in one of our cosplay music videos last year! ( Link Below - Fastforward to 1:23! )


  46. Liz Beauty


  47. Simply Lamar

    Anyone else tried to hit the high note? Lol

  48. Jeff Greenberg


  49. Bubbly Hippie

    Smile bitch 😂 love this song tho❤️

  50. Dr aw

    I cried to this live!!!!!! Amazing, thank you Odeszaaa!!!!!! 😍🥰😘

  51. Victor Bueno


  52. Wero Rey

    Iphone xd

  53. LeChelle Green

    Thank you Lil Duvall!!!!!

  54. BAK– Bilal A. Khan

    Why ODESZA WHY??

  55. Bilal Pickid

    Idk why but I keep hearing him say, "how much do you weigh".

  56. Mr HusSlaying

    S M I L E B I T C H

  57. Mr HusSlaying

    This song would be mad on Fifa

  58. amanda robertson

    I'm just tryna see you in your moment baby yeah that part sexy

  59. Rich Randy

    Oct 2018 and its still one of my fav song ever

  60. slick Ace

    Smile ....... Kill'em wit the shoulders haha little Lil Duval

  61. Cristian Padilla

    Me encanta esta canción !!! I love it!

  62. 曾俊傑


  63. Lovedark

    Love this! :*

  64. 4evernate28


  65. Zachary

    Those drums tho

  66. Fruwah Boma

    Omg...it's almost 3am...I am in love with this song...Repeat, repeat, repeat...

  67. toni gatica

    My son got me in this just very recent. Im old school grew up with house music. I described this as EDM with a lil twist of houseand some sass🎼🎼🎼🎧🎧🎧🎧
    Super excited that this is something my son and I can share together. Was bummed to know I missed them in MI tho...
    But Ill be ready next time for sure💗

  68. ixMatrixx _

    Smile Bitchh !!

  69. Diego Gonzalez

    Realmente conocí esta canción en uno de los mejores programas que he visto en tv. Rupaul's drags reace

  70. AT5films



    So pissed iv only just discovered this song.... OMG

  72. Rager454

    If I could get a remix of the very end of the song at 3:13 I'd be in heaven.
    Good song, that part is just my favorite

  73. Mike Coleman

    Lil duval brought me here. YOU BETTER SMILE BITCH!!!

  74. Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2019

    Ive been listening this song for almost 4 years. Long live Odesza!!!

  75. Kristen Osborn

    Brings me back to summer 2016 love this song!

  76. walter cozart

    OMG!?? I can't stop listening to this song, Its a all occasion song with a great happy and life vibe

  77. Niesha L.

    Is it bad that this is the first day I’ve heard this?

  78. King Toolie


  79. Keli McClure

    Smile b*tch come on!!!

  80. willatmiami

    Smile bitch!

  81. Bora ZX


  82. Duckyplay’s UwU

    Me: love you mom goodnight
    Mom:love you too
    Me: sneaks headphones out:
    And plays odesza and falls asleep..... zzzzz 😁

  83. M.H. L.

    This is not a tactic to expose you, baby...

  84. Jeanie K

    I love this! Love Odesza!

  85. Fabiano Brasselotti

    when I listen to this song I feel in another dimension

  86. HoshiVideoDesign


  87. FruityUnicorn17

    So glad I found Odesza a few years back and til this day I still enjoy their music so much. Music is timeless!

  88. El Dele Alejandro Sanchez

    Lil Duval brought me here....... SMILE BITCH, SMILE BITCH!!

  89. Bibiana Martinez

    This song makes me feel lucky for being alive and could listen to it.

  90. roc margiella


  91. Bartomeli Sanders

    *_2018?_* <3

  92. Byron Carroll

    thats good music.

  93. Jhen & Guh

    Meu deus 💞😫 que saudade disso.. nostalgia pura

  94. Brandon Parker

    Lil Duval brought me here, go check it out if you just need to smile

  95. Swayed Archer

    Lil Dual dead brought me here they need to have a remix together good beat and everything but I wanna Smile Bitch 😂😂😂