Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) - Splatter Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Wolf Gang be on that wrist split splatter
Snortin' coke pattern misfit'll hit Mick Jagger
Me and Jasper bangin' Bastard, beatin' midgets up with ladders
Nigga don't give a fuck, that's that Wolf Gang swagger
Don't give a shit so my dick fuck bladders in your ear
Radical shows that Wolf Gang's radder
With a staggerin' pack of cocaine in the sack of my dick
Where the lips of your teen daughter sits, bitch
Fuck Tyler, I'mma change my name to Uncle Phil
Cause every girl I deal and fuck, it's always against her Will
Dope enough to snort crack and sit the fuck still
In Nellyville's old folks home searchin' tip drills
Get my fill on with this grandmother named Jill
Takin' shots of poon juice to the head for a cheap thrill
Hopefully my dick don't shrivel up, when it's time to bust
In this rusty cunt, that won a cup in collectin' dust
Boogyin' with Jesus and a bunch of Nazi hoes
In the front row at a holy Justin Bieber show
Slowly my Ritalin is kickin' in and Jesus left hand
Begin to make me feel like a little kid again
This isn't rape, this is fuckin' without a condom on
Throw her slightly to the right, so dyke I'm kinda wrong
Wolves is out past dawn on your front lawn
Me and Juan ensurin' you that your slut daughters gone
At the pawn shop, tryna sell this Baume watch
She's a white vegetarian, I'll get this blonde cock
Lip balm she's some nun bitch from St. John
Told her that her pastor was a faggot and he likes John
He's a janitor recreational rectum manager
I am not, let's consider me a little pecan
That'll get your chest nutted on with an acorn
They swore that I was all fuckin' nuts like a gay porn
Cause I disregard the white dress and the perm weave
And the headrest had to have about eight thorns
I was born back, Wolf pack, nigga fuck that
Somebody tell Satan that I want my fuckin' swag back

[Verse 2]
Box logo on my muthafuckin' chest
Left hand staggerin' on her muthafuckin' breast
Deep down, I'm an emo fuckin' faggot that's depressed
So the fuckin' school suggested me a therapist
I confessed bein' atheist, they said I was possessed
By a demon, cause I wanna see a bitch infested
With my semen and oppressed by my give a fuck less
Of the baby not bein' digested by a fuckin' hungry punk
Feedin' kids to slutty nuns with his cum
Got a fuckin' blog that needs a post? I can get it done
2DopeBoyz I know you like this
(Like what?) This hot cum that's from my dick
Call me a clown but a week from now
You're goin' to hear this and begin to ride on my dick
Like how the fuck did we miss this kid's shit
Oh yeah we're old as fuck, we didn't have our glasses
But fuck y'all, I don't need y'all help
I got 20 thousand views of French itself
I did the video for really though
You silly rabbit faggot tricks are for kids so we go, Abracadabra

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) Splatter Comments
  1. Projj

    Who came here after seeing dualipa 😂

  2. Alex Gusman

    Was a amazing song till that guy at the end started talking

  3. Akira S


  4. Alex Nieto

    Damn I was a freshman when this dropped and now here I am years later in the military as a grown ass adult lol

  5. Oziel

    Bruh I was in 10th grade fucking shit up when ever I’d listen to this song 😂

  6. thrash

    this song is definitely not being left in the last decade

  7. Kayde Jenner

    How good though ? 2020

  8. FuZy_ASS

    Only real OG's are still listening

  9. Andale Lets Go

    *I see jack in the box I click*

  10. KayNicole

    Still listening in 2020 🤷🏾‍♀️

    ryu egawa


  11. Fabricio Domingos


  12. Tom R

    The fact that this song never had a video is a tragedy on par with human trafficking.

  13. Sundance Simon

    Wolfs barking viciously

    Tmann9ne Salazar

    Sundance Simon 🔥🙏🏽

  14. Godyys47

    Hodgy beats...

  15. jonathan ramos

    All the way to 2020

  16. Jarid Knapp

    2020 and this one held the test of time like no other o.f. song. Thier growth is astonishing

  17. Mutetobecontinued

    Merry Christmas OF <3

  18. christian Hargrave

    Still hits till this day 🤟🏾

    Mason Jeffrey

    christian Hargrave factual

  19. Trace Baker

    it has 999 dislikes

  20. Alexx _smith

    Middle school days...

  21. SymbolxOfxPeace

    Why is this not on spotify

  22. Samuel Bellenchia

    Crazy how u absolutely CAN NOT get away with this shit any more. Bitches in the basement, the hard R and everything

  23. josh

    “i had jill jack me off”
    that’s the best line wth

  24. SayyBaddy

    Omg I’m like hard and shit to this listening, it go 7

  25. Maxwell Moller

    Got it on vinyl, syrup.

  26. young goube

    I like this song more than the original. Is that bad.. idgaf.


    Odd future music was not meant to play out loud tbh this sounds way better with headphones on

  28. Shuriken

    1.25x speed, that’s all I gotta say, just try it

  29. Mark Foggy

    So Good

  30. rainbowgirl

    8 years ago, damn

  31. elijah williams

    Nigga we raps alpha team!

  32. random guy

    After I herd feet of clay i had to come back here

  33. peachy

    these comments convince me that all odd future fans were incels in high school

  34. Tyler Durden

    Check em' son.

  35. Yeete

    if you're here in 2020, leave a like ✌️


    shut the fuck up


    Yeete nigga it sill 2019

  36. Ricardio Rodríguez

    Why is this song NOT on apple music? Wtd


    just pirate ur music instead lol


    God damn the nostalgia. I was like 14 when I first heard this shit. Never gets old 🔥

  38. Mitch Webster


  39. ThrasherBoy Tae

    Ahaha RAWR XD

  40. Shotgun Palmer

    this song gives me an erection

  41. Calv

    this song still smacks tho

  42. jack kough

    Anyone elts remember 2012

  43. Usagi Ishida

    imagine if odd future got together again, and did an album with all their styles

    Odd Future Tape vol.3

  44. Lolo

    lost my erection and found it in an aggressive nun, fucking BARS

  45. Василий Доманский

    этот трек будет качать в любом году)))

  46. trippy_ nation

    “Lemon on the chain with V cut”😂

  47. Evan K

    This shit still slaps in 19

  48. ghostmp3

    The memories

  49. Real Slim Bobby


  50. Emma Crilly

    this shits wayyy better then gucci's lemonade ha

  51. Mac Coombes

    Why tf is this not on Spotify???


    From a mixtape, and most mixtapes arent on spotify

  52. Christopher Ozorio

    Was this called “orange” or am I trippin?

  53. Marsel Music

    I stumbled down a hill then I had Jill jack me off
    Harder than my dick when Taylor Swift is in my basement
    Cause I've been doing this since Pooh fucked Christopher Robinson

    I d e k how amazing that was

  54. Penny Hardaway

    Still one of the hardest songs I've ever heard


    I found these niggas when I was in middle school, now I’m 22 this shit still hit

  56. Vive.Vive

    2019 bitches

  57. Pepsi Cola

    why is earl keep getting bullied

  58. crusty sock

    Imagine old school Tyler the creator and Rico nasty LIKEE YGgauahajwwjjw

    Comment Control

    you ok therr

  59. Louie Quintero

    August 2019

  60. CHRISPY68


  61. Sammy SlamDance

    Wish this was still a thang

  62. alvssia

    I’ll never forget this song and how it made me fall in love with these guys :)

  63. RichHomieRick

    If you’re here in 2019 leave a like 👀


    RichHomieRick 👀

    Barnacle Boy

    RichHomieRick 2020

    Trey Clapsaddle

    here in 2020 foo

  64. Junkrot kso

    Idk why but the piano reminds me of the pokemon op lol

  65. Jamie Hanfeezymahneezy

    great production

  66. Emma Redding-Noel

    There was a version of this that was with a slow beat.... anyone have an idea?

    Mathew Kolb

    lemonade by gucci mane?

    Emma Redding-Noel

    No.... it was a different beat but the same lyrics as this song! Thanks tho!

  67. Niall Conlon

    That pianO!!

  68. Jaden Jordan

    He can’t rap on beat at all 😭

  69. Juan André Barbosa Nuño

    This is better than the gucci mane one

  70. Nick Moseley


  71. Zai B

    Anybody notice they named the song orange juice and it's the lemonade beat......jus me?

  72. J C

    Was courage cowardly? 🌶🔥

    Had to edit : 2019 IN HRRr 🔥

  73. Noah Selkirk

    God 2011. I was a junior or almost one

    Jose Diaz

    Noah Selkirk pretty sure this is older than 2011, not sure tho

  74. KaylaVlogs

    thxs to the adults for passing this down to me lol

  75. The Prune

    Keep expecting Gucci Mane to start rapping.

  76. Lil Duckboy

    Lemon pepper wings and a freeze cup

  77. Jkurro *

    This beat.

  78. Mary Pantling


  79. SOBEK

    This song was my SHIT back in 8th grade

  80. John Thomas

    Get em gucci mane

  81. Chris

    Of fans are gay af this song slaps tho

  82. JaKobe OG

    More like Old Future..

  83. Nathalie Kleinepier

    Why isn't this song on Spotify?!

  84. Ishaboo l

    Now Earl on some existential bullshit man. Not the same raw shit like this.

  85. Eric Blair

    Bass stops stright piano earl eattts the beat shit give me chills

  86. anonymous666

    2019 lets go i remember listening to this in computer class in middle school jesus

  87. Corigan Ferris-Baker

    Earl sounds so young LOL

  88. Bearded Poketuber

    Almost 8 years later this shit still fucking slaps so hard

  89. Caleb Cochran

    Tyler a goat.

  90. Jake Hammond

    still smashing this song in 2019

  91. Zab The Dab

    Still my shit 😎

  92. Tedoku

    Rip X. he wouldve loved this song LLJ

    ya dude

    nigga what

  93. Diogo R. Acapellas

    Still fire af thanks YT recommendations for reminding me of this 🔥

  94. Sambha Ham Da

    Still sick af

  95. nick malewski

    Anyone here today?

    Michael Joyner

    Of course lol

    mentally ill vince