Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) - Salute Lyrics

[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]
I don't think that I ever changed, ball hard or spark spliffs
And when I'm in the booth, it's super like Clark Kent
Competition fails to ever place an event
So when I step up to the track, you consider my shit a win
Never gonna stop, Genesis is the begin
All about the money, I'm changin' my name to Yen
Swagger so tall, check Yao up in the chin
Stay reachin' for the sky like a nigga can't swim
But I'm on my two and my pivot lookin great
Tell Z to have 'em rolled when I touch down in the state
Tell them we eatin' well and we never scrapin' plates
Stealin' bitches from they niggas just becuase I like the chase
Odd Future wolves, full moon, salivate
Look I done made it, the same nigga that you hate
Salutin' the game, pilots all up in the place
Fly niggas do it all, y'all grounded like bad grades
Never said thug, but my niggas will pop
And if it's Louie V or Gucci then my niggas will cop
Wait for the summer, Rolling Papers will drop
And hatin' and speculatin' is the shit that will stop
I'mma go hard, or I'mma do nothin'
Like a beeper in a toilet, bet my shit buzzin'
Hell yeah I'm the shit, just take a whiff, cousin
Now you all frowned up, thought I told you I been stuntin'
I get my highs and lows like NASDAQ
Spit up addiction and bag that, pass crack
Livin' the life, you lames remain wack
If I ain't gettin' laid, I'm gettin' high and watchin' Flapjack and that's that

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) Salute Comments
  1. 25bananasaday

    all about the money im changing my name to yen

  2. Ege Pehlivan

    Rick Ross - Mafia Music

  3. tmvrocks

    Odd Future Wolves, Full Moon, Salivate

  4. xJoBoy

    My fav song off Radical!

  5. Adam London

    Same beat as Mafia Music, still dope as fuck


    I love this beat!

  7. metalahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Get Rolling Papers!!!!

  8. Ganna Said

    Radical is awesome.

  9. Clinton Clark

    I get my highs and lows like Nasdaq

  10. Logan Konrade

    Damn, only 18,589 views?

  11. bobbey smith

    wolf gang!

  12. Ben

    Thumbs up if you heard jasper at 0:32

  13. Jasper Thomas

    Damn, only 13,637 views?

  14. Visus89

    1:12 ?!

  15. 1kzz

    so good

  16. Uche Smif

    cus its the same beat, domo just goes in harder than ross

  17. Evan Whalen

    Siiiick Beat holy fuck

  18. Tides

    Damn, only 9173 view?
    Domo still underrated <3

  19. Trevor Mack

    This is probably my favorite Domo solo song

  20. Andy Kent

    this beat sounds like mafia music by rick ross but that shit suck this is dope

  21. chav steele

    Rick Ross shit!

  22. lobbdem

    dead fire alarm at 1:06?