Oceans - Would Lyrics

Know me - broken by my master
Teach thee on child, of love hereafter

Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
Try to see it once my way

Drifting body, its sole desertion
Flying, not yet quite the notion

Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
Try to see it once my way

Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
Try to see it once my way

Am I wrong?
Have I run too far to get home?
Have I gone?
Left you here alone
Am I wrong?
Have I run too far to get home? Yeah
Have I gone?
Left you here alone

If I would, could you?

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Oceans Would Comments
  1. I got you triggered huh?

    I'm an agnostic... but this song gave me the chills... Can you guys recommend me songs like this?

  2. Arriane Rose

    Lord help batangas province, Philippines

  3. jasper sanchez


  4. Truth for Jesus


  5. Sonica Van Niekerk

    True and beautiful song

  6. snEk

    am i the only non religious person here who listens to this because it's beautiful and reminds me of so many people that have left me ;-;

  7. Jared Waldorf Eras


  8. Cheyanne Kamau

    im not religious. just depressed lol

  9. valantina beauty

    I feel broken sad lonley alone i hope someday everything will be just oky

  10. it's me melanie :3 :3 :3 :3

    This song has suck a BIG MESSAGE AN MOST PEOPLE DONT EVEN SEE IT but our god OUR AMAZING god He is so POWERFULL An mighty HE TRYS TO REACH FOR US HE DIED FOR OUR SINS! An some people DONT even give jus a bit back but the people who do WE NEED TO SHOW HIM WE ARE HIS WE DO WANT TO REACH HIM WE DO WANT HIM! WE HAVE TO SHOW SHOW WE LOVE HIM! We have to show we realy want to be there.. WITH HIM he is so big an so special u can't even imagine WE WILL WE WILL CALL out his name...💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛❤❤💛❤💛💛💛❤💛❤❤❤❤💛💛💛❤💖💖

  11. Kay Kay123

    JESUS is rlly powerful he overwhelmes me ❤👏

  12. Tephie

    God bless to everyone who is suffering right now! Don’t worry God has a plan for you and God has a reason for everything❤️ Please have faith in Him!❤️

  13. Elisa ArrivillagaMendoza

    I’m a child and you guys still were able to show me the truth and now I’m living a life with me savior biside me

  14. 金色の闇.

    This song give me chills

  15. Briii Babyyy

    i mean i’m not religious so i don’t see it the way y’all do it’s just it matches my depression

  16. ThatOneNarwhal

    Before 3:31 think of a person u miss,or loved,or that passed away and then close your eyes and say the lyrics. If you cry,you really missed that person and you should call them if they’re alive and if they passed away,say some words of prayer. Everything will get better and I hope y’all know that.

  17. Lah Shee

    This song is a legend

  18. David Basel

    I am here in 2020. this song will cover the whole era.

  19. C.A Cullens

    It just pop up in my feed, i think youtube knows im depressed.
    I'm tired.

  20. savannah faulkner

    i love this song

  21. The Ace Fan

    I love this song who’s with me? The ace family should do this song for there other babby!

  22. Denise Andrews

    I love you Jesus

  23. Zac Hayden

    I lost my safe cousin I miss him very much because he is very good person because he believes in jesus and God and we miss him very much because he is very nice person and he is very funny person and he makes me laugh all time but I wish he still lived but he is in heaven with jesus and God and he watching his family and his Nehp and his Nehp and he is my best angel

  24. Melissa Rambert

    From Trinidad and Tobago best song I heard in a while

  25. TROCHU style

    ADHD and PTSD and social anexiety and low self esteem and depression . I'm lost

    Joy Lee

    You must feed your soul w/ the word of God everyday.

  26. alexis brantley

    2020 anyone?

  27. alexis brantley

    2020 anyone?

  28. Josie Stover

    This song made me so emotional.but I love it🙏🙏

  29. skyl0450 skyl0450

    God bless u all

  30. Kylony Loredo

    Although I'm not close with God and my faith is shaky, I tend to come to this song as a way to help.

  31. Keeping Up With Jenny's Vlogs

    My new years resolution is to be closer to you God please help me achieve that!!!

  32. Bïg Bøy

    *I'm here because I'm lonely💔😞*

  33. Mary Morales

    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 MY JESUS 💙❤️🧡💛💚💜🖤
    IN . 2020

  34. Nadia Frank

    I love this song☺️

  35. jordan reid

    Just recently refound my faith no not fully but still starting to and this song very much so stuck out to me at the last service. Much love❤️❤️

  36. Maricela Hernandez

    My Sister passed away on December 18,2019 2 days before my birthday this was one of our favorite songs.... I open my Snapchat and can’t chat with her... Feeling so heart broken....

    Ian Lauthner

    Take this https://youtu.be/F77v41jbOYs

    Ian Lauthner

    And this https://youtu.be/ZB0ReTpA6Gg

    Ian Lauthner

    God bless you

  37. Masha Anna’s videos

    I love god so so much

  38. Bless Victoriano

    I love you Jesus

  39. Tail Snatched

    I loved this song until I realized it was about Jesus 🤷‍♀️

  40. Devie Detomal

    In the presence of my Saviour 💗

  41. Izzy H

    In love with this song and Jesus ❤️❤️ good morning all. Have an amazing day!!

    Garvey Ramsook

    Morning friend

  42. 368400368400

    Somehow these lyrics make me feel uncomfortable and the images of Christ on the cross all over these waters does not help me.. Who is the Savior referred to if Jesus is still dead?
    . Jesus is alive! The cross is empty! And my faith is not without borders. My faith is focused on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ alone.
    A very Beautiful voice and melody.

  43. Chidoeh Chaks

    I enjoy this song. thank u Jesus

  44. Renegade MT

    January 2020 , still gives me chills 😫💜 the power of this song is unbelievable and undeniable ! I love it 🥰

  45. Bee Roldan

    2020 strong💪

  46. Jayr Eudela Vlogs

    Thankyou for the lyrics! God bless ❤️🙏🏻

  47. Awkward ._.Fighter

    This made me want to be a full devoted Catholic again

    Joy Lee

    You shouldn't seek after religion but seek relationship w/ Jesus Christ.

    Awkward ._.Fighter

    @Joy Lee nope religion, you're absolutely right but when you grow up with tradition it's just the way it is.

    Joy Lee

    Many Catholic traditions are not Scriptural.

  48. ms sjnrdn

    Sedapnya lagu nashid dia

  49. Cee Jay

    My relation with my maker havent been strong of late,but this song has surely reminded me of the much He has done in my life,3 suicide attempts on my early teen life but i am still alive in 2020 blessed to the extent of lifting the lives of the people who led me to try commit suicide.

  50. RGM Eddie

    i need jesus.

  51. Valerie Chinedu

    This life is nothing without Christ Jesus.

  52. Marie Marie

    Lord i know im not often going to church every sunday. But my faith is big and i will worship in my room.

  53. paxina phiri

    I have given my life to him...2020 is for Jesus Christ.amen

    kpop_ trash14


  54. Bobby Murphy

    Instead of asking why did the bad things happen, ask why have YOU been blessed with the strength, courage, and faith to concur the hard times. God bless all of you, let Christ lead you to the promise land in 2020, whatever that means to you.

  55. Cooper Varnell

    I lost my best friend not to long ago and this song makes me feel a lot better

  56. Void DO0M

    Everyone who sees this needs to live today like it’s your last, tomorrow is never is guaranteed❤️

  57. Tonte Lopez

    God is so gracious 💖💖

  58. Seini Williams

    taking with me to 2020 💪🏾💙

  59. Thayanne Gebrim

    This music is beatufil 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. Christine Cupino

    Lord heal me i owe you my life😩🙏🏻 im drowning to this pain pls hear my prayer🙏🏻

  61. Itsy Bitsy

    People dislike bcoz their hearts have been screaming out for too long but all the get are people smiling back at them thinking they're ok.

  62. Lisa Twum

    I love the song and really wanted to know the lyrics my Antie will sing it every night before she goes to bed

  63. Adam Higa

    My brother passed on the third of January. He wanted to meet god so bad and couldn’t wait for the day. He battled mental issues for so long but couldn’t escape his mind attacking him. I am just happy he isn’t struggling and fighting anymore. And now can rest with our savior


    So sorry, ,,,,, No more pain, no more tears.......My HIS peace give you peace today my friend.............

  64. dorcas mutua

    2020 and i still it so new

  65. Bertha Chilel

    God bless you guys🙏🙏🙏

  66. Melanie Valle

    128M veiws 👌

  67. amiel freddy plays Roblox

    who is penticostal push the like button

    Joy Lee

    Jesus don't like division.

  68. Glory Lisa Rosario

    Crying while listening to this song rn 😭

  69. Keven Cuyos

    Whos with me listening to this day? January 2020

  70. Asad Sohrab

    Is there any one Indian who listen this song hit like

  71. Nathaniel Shavings

    Sometimes I wonder why I don't get to be an uncle, I wonder why god took my nephew, my beautiful nephew. He was cold when I last touched his body on my hands made me cry hard I wish my dad knew my pain that he doesn't think about. I wish that my Dad was a better person who was very very religious. I need help and prayers I hope someone sees this I want to go to heaven to see my nephew! I wanna see my beautiful nephew! My Grandfather! I WANNA SEE ALL MY FAMILY! THIS PAIN I'M SO TIRED OF IT! THIS SICKNESS AND THIS PAIN! I WISH THAT I WAS ABLE TO SEE MY NEPHEW! I WANNA SEE MY BEAUTIFUL NEPHEW, MY GRANDFATHER! THIS PAIN HURTS A LOT INSIDE! I'M TIRED OF IT! IT'S HARD TO FORGIVE MY FATHER WHO HURTED ME A LOT THOUGH MY CHILDHOOD, MY TEEN YEARS EVEN TODAY!!! I NEED HELP WITH FORGIVENESS AND PRAISING GOD AND JESUS!!!


    GOD can lead you to forgive,,,,, it happen for me,,,, it was supernatural.... when I
    asked another to forgive me even when I was not sure I did anything wrong....but by HIS supernatural intervention,,, I could not stop myself even if I had wanted to,,
    it was as if GOD had taken control of me,,,,,,,,,,,,, praying for you today .... forgiving will truly set you FREE

  72. Sebastian mora

    Who still listening when its 2020😥

  73. Chadville tv

    Keep God first in any situation ❤️❤️❤️

  74. angelic chimmy

    Having an unstoppable panic attack/anxiety for no reason and i cant catch a break 😢 this song gives me comfort

    Joy Lee

    You can eat the word everyday. The truth shall set you free.
    Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart

  75. jasmyn marie laguer

    was feeling down & this song gave me goosebumps when singing it. god is great.

  76. Valerie Rodriguez

    Does Jesus press that button👇

  77. ChirpieChirpsMia

    This song makes me cry, I love God and I pray for those good souls who’ve died. They’re in a beautiful place now with God😭🙏🏼

  78. Dana Govender

    I absolutely love this song♥♥
    If u love Jesus push this button....

  79. Jessica Lowry

    I have been struggling with my past so much and the fact that my dad died tore my heart into pieces this helps me find hope

  80. Violet chinanayi true i second you Violet chinanayi

    Praise the lord I'm still here if you are with me hit like

  81. Leilah H

    I will keep my eyes above the waves, my soul will rest upon Your grace. For I am Yours , and You are Mine.

  82. Drew Drew

    Those words are so powerful the normal mind will never comprehend half of what she is singing, I’m literally covered with goose bumps. Thank you Jesus. 😭😭😭😭

  83. Jey Theyprey

    Who else is here trying to cover the song?🙏

  84. Manuel Mintoor


  85. Jayden Banker

    This song from breakthrough 😍

  86. Kristianna Marie Espinosa

    Welcome your part of my 2020💏💏💏💏💏

  87. Crystal McKinney

    Dear , God & my otha love ones in heaven I'm in deep depression I've lost all my family these past years and I feel very lonely Im stressed and 2020 need ta be my year full of blessings and otha things that will make me happier in life💔😢

  88. Cristina Gansas

    I see the Lord to my Mother the Lord speak to my Mother

  89. Kelsie Fools

    ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ god loves you and always will

  90. Marian Changco

    Jesus is the only god who can protect as who can feel us safe who can give his life just to save us from are sins and jesus is the only way to world that pain and suffer are not allowed to excist amen
    👇click that like uf u trully accept and love our god☝😇😇😇

  91. Beautiful Ramos

    If God has been to you smash the like button

  92. Elier Hernandez

    I decided to live my life to Jesus ❤️❤️❤️

  93. Luis Macias

    Everyone listening to this song and using it with religion, I’m over her thinking, how about we just use this song as a song in which the words, no matter the intended meaning, gives you strength :)

  94. Cineitra Marshall

    My favorite the lord always knows when I need him because I call him and cry to him about everything in my life he has been more then a blessing to me and my family compared to where I was 2-3 years ago. My life is blessed due to him and keeps being blessed thank you lord for your greatness and your power.

  95. Callista Hurter

    God never allows pain without a purpose❤️🌻