Oceans Ate Alaska - I, The Creator Lyrics

This is our battle cry!

Make them run for the hills.

Men plagued with selfish minds, around every corner.
Reduced to rats, living life without wings.

What do you have to say?

A Mothers torment as her child leaves home.
Soon turns to lies on her husbands throne.

What do you have to say...for yourself!?
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

I, the creator, hold the key to life.
(Hold the key to strife)
Burning cities to the floor,
Growing forests strong and tall.
I, the creator, and so much more!

Children living spoilt lives, taking all for granted.
With turned up noses, treated like royalty.

What do you have to say?
They strayed from the path,
Never was what we were,
Never will be what we wish.
How can I lay waste to my own creations?

They broke all expectations.
Exceeded all my dreams...
But the seeds I planted so long ago still have yet to show.
They grew minds of their own, tried to overthrow their creators.

This is our battle cry!

I, the creator, hold the key to life.
(Hold the key to strife)
Burning cities to the floor,
Growing forests strong and tall.
I, the creator, and so much more!

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Oceans Ate Alaska I, The Creator Comments
  1. The Beautiful Dark Night


  2. Nikos dmk

    Old Oaa <3

  3. Young Artz


    David Ll

    This is pur battle cry

  4. djentBOI5000

    2019, where you at?

  5. wuldntuliktono ptb

    So far ahead of there time first time i heard this was cinco de mayo 2011 trippin on shrooms...

  6. michael Ratcliff


  7. ExotikNinja_ B

    In love with this song preview was chill asf then heard it all the i was like oceans ate boner

  8. farxat abdilei

    When you though that i wouldn't turn around

  9. Sucrose Mother

    This is my fav song from this album

  10. Henry Wylie


  11. mariah Norris

    Imagine a re-recording of the album

    Denis Nehalem

    For what? Quality is good!

  12. Szabolcs Kotormán

    "This is a butterfly!"

    senyoret Core

    Саболц Которман this is our battle cry


    senyoret Core -.-

  13. Menetetty_

    fist me daddy

  14. Breeboi J

    I met these guys twice, they are honestly the best live and some of the nicest guys you will ever meet

  15. Kitty Kelly


  16. BOB

    Post hardcore chords
    Deathmetal riffs
    Post hardcore screams
    Death metal growls
    Post hardcore subject/lyricism.
    Post hardcore look
    80%post hardcore 20% metal.

    Chris Miller

    actually its technical metalcore, part of the metal genre. and only core genres have a bunch of subgenres? that's ridiculous, let alone these guys don't go around calling themselves metal, just because they're playing instruments with screams doesn't mean they're tryna be metal or something, making what they enjoy, bug off elitist


    Reptar King Of The Ozone so... metal core?


    @CatBugCat Yes? But Deathcore vocals revolve more around highs and lows like these guys. Opposed to most Metalcore bands that main mid screams.

    Disguise of life

    No just no.

    Disguise of life

    First metalcore is metal stupid,second where do you see the death metal elements?

  17. Neil Fletcher

    These guys are so freaking talented it's crazy. They need to be bigger. I'm a drummer and this drummer here has got some serious skills

    Daniel Luxi

    Yep Im a drummer as well and chris turner is a fucking beast!

    Hippoponese1 Cheese

    +Neil Fletcher eh hes ok isn't the main focus of this band for sure


    Theyre big band now xD

  18. Matt Bird

    I love how bands are using that sort of AA stand up and scream sound but making it more progressive and adding more unique musical elements too it, really creates a new and original sound. (not sarcastic)

    sing along

    CatBugCat and i bet you disliked the vid too

    sing along

    @CatBugCat I always see you say I've disliked so I assumed and that didn't make sense


    @Darkness Falls I disliked X-ray because everyone was celebrating that there was no dislikes

    V&J FOREVER 666

    Matt Bird anyone know any songs that do that lol

  19. RaiXVortex

    this is a butterflyyyyyyyyy

  20. Ben Wade

    the cleans are so good


    The scream is also very good.

    Yuri Aniki

    This is good! But,
    The cleans from *Burden Of a Day* are still my favourite one!

  21. Vair ity

    reminds me of count your blessings <3

    Kitty Kelly

    +Vair ity OMG


    Vair ity that’s a good album

    David Ll

    What? This is better than cyb

  22. Evan Humphrey

    Still so good

  23. Nick Michaud

    That fucking Bell though.

  24. Donny Perison


  25. Márcio Bruno

    best song on EP

  26. Lameniac



    @TigerPlaysGames hahahahaha... :'))

    Tye Jones

    I can hear clear as day that he says "This is our battlecry"

    josh angelsberg

    This made my day omg

    James Midnite

    @Tye Jones It sounds more like butterfly.

  27. CoversAndSuch

    Yes, eyes are butterfly

    Erik Silhavikm

    -.- "This is our battlecry" ...

  28. Jason Matthews

    You guys are fucking awesome. You'll definitely go far. I've already told loads of my mates about this. You have a lot of talent and are already one of my favourite bands around. Well done.

    Sparky _09

    Jason Matthews same :D

  29. Sofía Saprissa


  30. Sean Taylor

    new album anytime now...cant wait to hear new stuff :)

  31. Sean Taylor

    new album anytime now...cant wait to hear new stuff :)

  32. Lola W

    My favourite song by OAA. <3

  33. Kierra Williams

    my friend jandy told this is her fav song by oceans ate Alaska and I was like awesome im going to listen to it and last night I did it was awesome!!!!!! and im listening to it again

  34. wildbunnyz

    obviously havnt heard enough music alike.

  35. tedcontatoss

    i hated the sound track
    its horrible

  36. CactusFantasmo

    ...? I wasn't being a dick about it, it's surprised me more than anything

  37. u8fc

    so you have no friends then, and if you only asked your parents what do you expect.

  38. CactusFantasmo

    As if these guys are from my hometown and pretty much nobody knows who they are here

  39. Jesse Courchesne

    Bro can you pls message me a couple of tips o: I can scream a bit though, but I would like to get a bit better.
    So if you're really good and u have a minute or 2, it would be fucking nice if you can message me. :)
    You can go on my channel if you want too, I have a cover out ^^

  40. Fermo Oficial

    Brazilian Breakdown: /watch?v=yDWvQNrWNcw

  41. jordan52xx

    saw this band live a few days ago....my god they're even better live

  42. Jakob Jenkins

    these guys are completely amazing! i've been obessed lately..

  43. 12CcTm

    These guys need to be on warped.tour '13...NOW!

  44. Andrea Rodriguez

    You guys are so good :D

  45. RangerGibsonTX

    Dont listen to ANYONE telling you it's impossible to learn how to scream. Its just a little different from singing, although you use the same muscles. Check out my old band rehearsal videos. I can scream like this guy and I've taught countless people how to scream correctly. Shoot me a message and I'll help you out.


    biiiiig liiiiiiiike

  47. BlackTearsFallen BTF

    omggggggg *oooooooooooooo*

  48. Blaise Brown

    I love these guys they are amazing this song gives me the chills!!!!!!!!

  49. rubix sixonenine

    apparently warm water or orange juice will help with your screaming

  50. MrROK2012

    i know it's not wat u wanna hear but it can't be taught, all i can tell u is to use ur diaphragm and push, the only way to be able to do that is to practice over and over lol and drink lots of water

  51. Ryan Willison

    Who the fuck cares it's just YouTube.

  52. Jostein Bjerkeli

    01:13 Burning tittes to the floor

  53. captin bry

    i love how this band has a nice melody must bands don't have that any more

  54. Ayy Ry

    Wait nvm.

  55. Ayy Ry

    Do u think they sell there CD at a bestbuy?lololo

  56. Brett Page

    I really don't know why people think these guys sound like bring me the horizon, they really don't, he has a similar scream to Oli, that is it. If you look into it some more you will see most english screamers have that scream

  57. brandon robbins

    Dumb ass name.

  58. badd1hero

    i was joking haha ;)

  59. ohhorizon

    im pretty sure he says this is our battle cry

  60. badd1hero

    its actually what he say,

  61. Griffin Welch

    Oceans Ate The Horizon sounds better.

  62. Ian Fullen

    Fuck no

  63. Weronika Nie ma

    < 3333 . *__* .

  64. Josh Lopez

    haha its as simple as fucking that. way to shut those fuckers up and make em realize how stupid they are caring for appearance rather than the awesome music. Oceans Ate Alaska = epic

  65. orkan.esin. Harmony

    nice song Oceans Ate Alaska hope u guys get more famous cause yall deserve it :)

  66. augustburnsred fan

    I'd buy that t-shirt bro :D

  67. Rian Luke

    Battle cry is not an ability for hunters sorry mate

  68. Kingwadesky

    Hopefully they don't suck ass after the first record

  69. RaiXVortex

    Dem Drums :)


    Bring me the alaska (=

  71. Brettreno

    No this does just fine. I let the big shit go. Think about it.

  72. Brettreno

    How can you be stupid enough to fuck that up? Yet again your parents were clearly stupid enough to fuck up pretty bad as well. Best part of you is still on my dirty sheets.

  73. Christian Matalik

    In my mind the best band out there today.

  74. Brian O'Leary


  75. Brettreno

    Rather a sad sack of shit in your worthless opinion than a fucking fairy in mine. You give good music a bad name you little baby girl.

  76. Alexander Berman

    you are one sad piece of shit

  77. Swift Genes

    love this band actualy my new favorite band, this is like all ive been listening too lately

  78. Allie Sanchez

    Even if they dressed like hobos, I'd still listen to them.

  79. Nate Torres

    This reminds me of a couple of bands, not going to say their names as I don't feel like being trolled over a comment by no life users. I do like this song a lot tho. :D
    Big up!

  80. Brettreno

    Down syndrome with a side l dumb ass. Well I think it's safe to say we can count that goof ball out right now.

  81. Brettreno

    No one cares about punctuation on the Internet. God damn I just call someone a hypocrite and you have to come along with shit like this. I'm a grown ass man talking shit to kids when I'm drunk I work all day and night and support a family I make more money in a week than you do in 4 months. If you were in front of me I would shatter your rib cage with a hammer right now. Idiot.

  82. Quickscript Creations


  83. Brettreno

    Yea yea yea your a hypocrite.

  84. CourtneyBrianna200

    LMFAO A fight over YouTube? Seriously what the fuck?

  85. Brettreno

    My strange days are done, but you are incorrect. For certain.

  86. Brettreno

    I'm done with this. No one say any more to me. And in done commenting.

  87. Isaloser

    Even if they were gay or something, who cares?? Its about the music, not their fashion or sexuality!!

  88. Mariee

    Just stfu ._. no one here cares what they look like or how they dress.. ._. Just enjoy the music.. -_-

  89. Brettreno

    Yea and your a faggot scene kid ruining good music. Why don't you go to your local hot topic look past the wiz ka faggot shirts and grab a Chelsea grin one. Fucking tool.

  90. Brettreno

    An the world can open all it wants gay and all the above are wrong you sick perverted fucker. Hahaha. Un turned in brains amuse me.

  91. Brettreno

    Yea you will all grow up one day. And realize nothing you care about matters. It's normal to be confused. One day, you will realize I am correct. And btw I like death metal not clean vocal girl shit. But to each his own. Fags.

  92. SuperDeerdance

    Man this is awesome stuff !

  93. Nicholas Bishop

    why does it matter what they dress as. just stfu and listen to the music.

  94. Zach Shapiro

    Shits heavy.

  95. augustburnsred fan


  96. JJ Cinematography

    And that these guys have more balls than him. Right?

  97. G Williams Media

    i see a butterfly

  98. C4138 -5104N

    0:00 - 0:03 "THIS IS OUR BATTLE CRY"