Oceans Ate Alaska - Hikari Lyrics

Down foreign paths and uncharted shores
The beauty lies within these wars
Overcome the wilderness, with countless failures
For I'm not living just to exist
I'm on the verge of discovering this person I'm meant to be

Im on the verge of discovering
This person I'm meant to be
Im on the verge of discovering
My calling

Sometimes loosing yourself is the only way back home
Believe in me, its all you need
True happiness
Is the greatest discovery

Forget the ones who tell you how to feel
It's crystal clear once you know it's real
Been here all along, right in front of you
Stood in resounding opacity
It's the greatest discovery

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Oceans Ate Alaska Hikari Comments
  1. Yuu Asano

    When you're on the train leaving to school and blasting this song on your headphones... Bliss

  2. Timmy Greene

    Headphones in sitting on a mountain top smoking a joint

  3. Seldom Needy

    Oh shit. Those last few notes just end it? Damn.

  4. Adrian Barbara

    https://youtu.be/Tw87O4ufL0w i did this vocal cover, check it out guys

  5. Alejandro Heredia

    I see Oceans Ate Alaska I click.

  6. Reshant

    Music is my life 😁👍

  7. Stick Ikan

    Hikari mean Light in Japanese

  8. Carl McJimson Jr.

    The opening reminded me of Tenchu! 🤘

  9. Adib Pranata

    Every once i a while i come back to metalcore songs and listen to the screams. It always gave a goosebump everytime legit and it also makes me sad because now i mostly listen to hip hop. I fear for this genre, it slowly becoming my childhood memories.

    Peole make fun of this genre and the screams. They just cant see the beauty of it

  10. David Ll

    I wish this song can be played live :(

  11. TatamiMusician

    If anybody knows songs which sound like the jazzy peaceful intro of this song, please let me know! It's so beautiful! :)

  12. Jan Michael Portugaleza

    this is one of the most beautiful things ive heard. Love the jazzy feel at beginning and the core towards the end

  13. Simon Lyons

    .. Just beautiful! Art.

  14. YS DG

    Trying my best not to be sexist and no offence to the vocalist, but this song will go very well with Female vocals. Try featuring a female vocalist for the next album. And i have seen Chris' Instagram, you guys are making an Album. 🤘🤙

  15. Rodrigo Romero Motions

    the clean part is so longed for man

  16. Reformed Stoic

    I listened to this probobly 30 times in a row tonight. Wow.

  17. Arthur Ms

    Maybe I just haven't heard too much metal, but this to me is literally the most melodic and well written song in the metal genre I have ever heard.

  18. Denden

    I wish they would make a whole song just like the intro.

  19. hezell hezellnutt

    man, this song has something special.. whenever i heard it... its slowly reminds me about myself when i forget it... thanks Ocean Ate Alaska! 💞

  20. David Arroyo

    10/10 would like again

  21. Kiyorra

    I miss james :(

    David Ll

    Get over it.

  22. not- Timmy


  23. GNZ

    Name of the font 🙏🏻

  24. Titus Rahardian


  25. Gabriel López

    Sometimes losing yourself is the only way back home

  26. Elijah Torres

    Dude the bass line at the end made the song!

  27. evieamity

    Every time something important to me is on my mind and I hear this song, it's like I suddenly know the answer. It's about what makes me happy no matter what barriers make me feel it's not worth it. I feel something different every time I hear this song and it's always something beautiful.

  28. Ted Wahtola

    That note that’s belted out from 2:21-2:25 👌

  29. Brian Bureau

    This songs a piece of art

  30. Jordan Chance

    Blown away by the lyrics in this album.

  31. Riccardo Vaccese

    Check my lyric video of this beautiful song! https://youtu.be/mH2OXLDvgIQ

  32. Ade Farhan Jatmiko

    Oceans ate alaska did u OOR fans or Babymetal fans?

  33. Rejahilman Suwandana

    I love this song \m/

  34. Steve Zinck

    literally the most inspiring song I know rn

  35. Jamie MacMullin

    This is fucking icredible

  36. J Rooster

    Literally my favorite song ever.

  37. pepe p-2

    ocean ate alaska bitch

  38. Isabella Austill

    this song makes me cry at the line " believe in me, its all you need, true happiness is the greatest discovery." this song is truly beautiful and amazing. thank you Oceans ate Alaska for being there when I needed someone.

  39. Gafur Askarov

    I like to crack open a cold one with the boys and listen to this song, blaze it

  40. Arerif Adham

    epic bass at the end 🙊



  42. AlphaLeader772

    Man i love that jazzy intro, wish jazz music was more serious not so obnoxious.

  43. The HeadBanger

    Can’t even begin to describe Chris turners technique on drums it’s beautiful 🤘🏻😝🤘🏻

  44. Sym

    This song deserves more attention than it's gotten. Its so good!

  45. inSanity753

    fuck this weeaboo shit


    Ok I actually like it now, sorry guys

  46. Yaumil Putra

    i love this song

  47. Slėėplëss Öcëån

    they are just something else.

  48. Tim Beken

    beautiful, reminds me of Blue Lungs

  49. Luciano Univaso

    probably, this guys could do any type of music <3

  50. isaac geer

    Weeabo core

  51. Shiqari145

    love their artstyle

  52. MirzanDo

    Hikari is my brother name tf

    Timmy Greene

    MirzanDo your brother has a unique name hakari means light in Japanese

  53. Dream Drop Sora

    Tfw you look for Kingdom Hearts but get some edgy weird shit instead

    Alex Bancroft

    Dream Drop Sora tfw you stumble across music that isn’t your taste and then go out of the way to comment negatively, what a massive cuntlord you are lulw

  54. rendy otnay

    So beauty 😭😭😭😭

  55. Omar Shabaneh

    I am actually liking this better than their old stuff. It seems to have a bit more variety on first impressions.

  56. Carmen Blázquez Vara

    nice song!

  57. Garrett Gregory

    listened to this song sitting at my lake.brought me into one of the most euphoric energy ive ever felt,brought me back to a full blown acid trip...

  58. AESSES


  59. Shawn White

    4/10 not a fan of their new-er sound.
    good to see their still making music though!

  60. Gabe Ochoa

    fav song

  61. Berker Üçler

    damn dat opening

  62. ChibiTheChibi

    the only thing i'm upset about, is that the album is too short... almost like an EP... but otherwise this is THE shit man keep it up OAA <3

  63. Talking in Whispers

    amazing song! What's it about though?


    Talking in Whispers well the band said that Hikari means light and the Lotus flower represents how they feel. They all feel mentally and physically great and feel like the band is in a great place right now.

    Now for me this song has a very positive message. Usually people throughout their lives go through bad moments where you feel lost and at the very bottom but the band says that "sometimes losing yourself is the only way back home" which means that we learn from this experiences and become stronger as an individual which helps us to ultimately reach true happiness, or in other words, feel like youre at the very top. Is a very positive message this song deliver. Is simple: no matter what dark moments you go through, or what other people think of you, never give up because youll make it through and you will become a stronger person.

    Talking in Whispers

    great reply, thanks!


    Mr.Keiser wow

  64. ObiDabKenobii

    Wow this song was just beautiful

  65. No1

    omg, why is this song so short? can't stop listening it

  66. Ven Noel

    I thought they were covering Hikari by Utada Hikaru. You know, the song from Kingdom Hearts?

  67. Charlie Miller

    loving the peaceful vibes of the new tracks so far, but they're lacking something to me. I think i just liked the fast-paced brutality of Lost Isles

  68. Dgen846

    Honestly im really disappointed with this album i have respect for jeka i just feel like he doesn’t fit this band like james did I personally dont like the cleans whatsoever but his growls and screams are ok they kept the beasts basically the same to lost isles and i love that but sadly jeka honestly seems to not have the voice for the band sadly


    Dgen846 he compleyely fits in the band idk what youre talking about he even gives them a more melodic sound and his cleans are way better than his screams. James would never do a song like this. His cleans were not that good man. He was a beast screaming but its time to get over him man hes gone.


    Mr.Keiser ik ik i love jekas vocals I just gotta get used to them his growing is decent just needs time and a bit more practice on the highs once he masters that he is golden


    Dgen846 James is better


    You see there's mixed feeling with both Jake and James. James was better with the high screams and the growls were ok. Jake on the otherhand is so good with his cleans. Yes he can work on the growls a bit but I don't seem why you think he doesn't fit in the band. This was his debut album with the band and he did great. I look forward to the next one. Jake is an amazing replacement for the band and their future.

  69. mrbluejean

    wage war = decent screamo band
    oceans ate alaska = god tier

  70. My Namu Chef

    that intro is so fucking jazzy i love it

  71. Jonathas Oliveira

    bass tabs?

  72. luke bailey

    That intro is one of the coolest things i have heard reminds me of cowboy bebop waltz for zizi kinda like a chill bittersweet mood to it. ooa are absolutely amazing super talented!

  73. pug_on_ya_rug

    Can we appreciate 3:01-3:16

  74. Sus alphonsus

    japanese jazzcore

  75. Dayton 6

    I think james on screams and this guy on cleans would be insane or combining the twos screaming would be gr8

  76. Alexander Parsons

    Extra special cause I live in Alaska : )) But seriously I recently got into this band and I am really impressed ^ ^

  77. Tiffanee Blue

    I'm on the verge of discovering this person I'm meant to be

    Elijah Torres

    You're always the person you need to be sister.

  78. Truf Mois

    OAA is my favorite band. And of course they never let me down.

  79. StrangeBird OfQin

    sounds like early color morale...... nothing new.


    lmao obviously not


    This does not sound like color morale


    That was a great album but it sounds nothing like this...lmao

  80. Xaki

    Cum so hard from this beauty 👍

  81. Deviants Music Productions

    Well this is different but pretty good

  82. TurtlePlays RBX

    I love it! 🔥🔥

  83. Albdruck

    2:30 I love his vocals so much in this part

  84. Giaochino Geronimo


  85. A True Djentleman

    That bass tho ! Good job Mike!

    Slėėplëss Öcëån


  86. simjo1311

    Can we talk about the outro for a second. Cause that slap play was really nice maybe nothing insanley technical but still it reminded me quite a bit of Animals as Leaders and that is always a plus.

    Daniel Luxi

    simjo1311 yes glad someone else noticed that! I love this outro just as much as I love AAl


    simjo1311 I agree fully I love it..as for the intro it was ok for me, but I was waiting for the vocals and maybe it's just me. I always like to dive into the vocals.

  87. emocobra666

    love this :)

  88. MrLoLoZoL S.A

    Aún no me convence la voz, pero muchos nuevos vocalistas empiezan así y luego evolucionan y mejoran su voz siendo aún más brutales

  89. Jack_FFZ

    Anyone else expecting them to shout "HIKARI!" after the line "discovering this person I'm meant to be"? I mean it kinda works.

    Jayvee Diezmo

    Jack_FFZ no one is expecting that sorry

    Jayvee Diezmo

    Jack_FFZ no one is expecting that sorry

  90. LEVRAN

    FINDING OUT THIS ALBUM HAS BEEN RELEASED is. the best gift EVER for 17# birthday!....

  91. Colton Arrington

    Does anyone know of any bands/artists that have the same style that's at the beginning of this song?


    Colton Arrington I would say any Math Rock band like TTNG, Covet, Chon, Etc.

    POS Joe

    Colton Arrington Protest the Hero my guy

    Daniel Luxi

    Joe Zito yeah love them too! Should also check out Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.. they are so great.


    Lots of Japanese music has this style. Especially Japanese Jazz.

    Elijah Torres

    Listen to polyphia they use jazz drumming in practically every song.

  92. Isabella Rodriguez

    Vocalist on point